Red Door Eats

2282 Fulton St, Berkeley
(510) 709-0009

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Isabella Farinelli

I don't review a lot of restaurants, but when I do they absolutely deserve it! This is the best sandwich place I've ever been to. Incredible food for a great price.


I don't review a lot of restaurants, but when I do they absolutely deserve it! This is the best sandwich place I've ever been to. Incredible food for a great price.

Isabella F.

Seriously just as amazing! I've been here two times since my first review. The first time was to get a chocolate chip cookie. I was charged for the price of one and give two! Sweet! The second time was to get another sandwich. I decided to give the Tunish sandwich a try. My goodness, it was the best tuna sandwich I've ever had! I visited Italy four years ago and it took me right back. The tuna was definitely packed in delicious olive oil and there was barley any mayonnaise. It was absolutely delicious. They were also out of the hard boiled egg, so I was given avocado instead for no extra charge. Every time I dine in, I am always asked how I enjoyed it. Everyone here is so kind hearted and accommodating and really wants to make sure you have the best experience possible.

Mandy A.

Tried ordering from here today - it looks like the restaurant permanently closed in September. It's a bummer, my office was a big fan!

Yesenia G.

This place is awesome. The guy is so nice and the place is super clean. I love the Crunchy Bird because it has a taste I can't find anywhere else. They also have buy 10 get one free which is pretty cool. I would definitely give this place a try if you're in the area!

Joanne B.

I cater a lunch meeting every so often and once again i am ordering from Red Door Eats as they are by far the favorite for my team. I always ask for a variety of sandwiches and that works out very well. Anyway, i just want to put out a good word for this place.

Go Fast Now 1320

While back in Summerlin I was wondering what new flavor Kono would have once I get back to Berkeley. To my suprise they've thrown in the towel for good now it's Red Door. Gave this place a shot because menu piqued me as I'm too a business owner (support local business). Red Door is exactly how I remember it just different concept. Got the Crunchy Bird with everything. The staff work together well with each other as one does roll and fixings, the other do meat and oven. I can't say good or bad just average sandwich made with fresh ingredients per order. There's no meat carving done here just straight package sustainable process meat. However, the veggies are fresh and crisp not drenched in water making roll soggy. I'm satisfied with what they do and hopefully they'll stay longer than previous business. Don't mind coming back to try another sandwich before heading back to Summerlin.#downtownberkeley #humongouscookieinjar #semifreddisrollandbread #limitedseating #cateringandparty #closesunday

Nathan A.

Came here because my wife and I got hungry while strolling around. Didn't expect to find my new favorite spot. I got the Crunchy Bird sandwich and it was ridiculous! Soo good. I might go back today and try something else on their menu! If you're in the area definitely grab something from here.

Zakary R.

Came here for a quick lunch when I was down in the area. I must say I am impressed. The urban cowboy was Fuego de manzana for sure . Just make sure you get extra napkins. Might have to come back soon to get a small platter of sandwiches for one of my accounts. Next time I'm back in the area I'll have to stop by again. Want to try their club sandwich. The spot itself is very quaint. Definitely Berkeley sized. It was busy when I came as it was right around lunch but service was quick. I got mine to go as I was in the road. Thanks!

Randy T.

Red Door just makes excellent sandwiches. The freshness of the produce is requisite for a decent sandwich, but it's the quality of the bread that makes the difference. The Crunchy Bird is a signature sandwich and I loved the Cal Club. Overall, an excellent neighborhood sandwich shop. I need to go back soon to try the salaeds.

Erica K.

Wow, nice work on creative fresh tasty sandwiches. I got the smoked salmon & bacon (Blast), which was a killer combo and SUCH a good price. That much smoked salmon would be $15 elsewhere. And with sprouts and avocado! Amazing. My partner said the Berkeley (vegan) was solid. I'll be back to try the tuna and the one with chips!

Amanda C.

Came here on a Saturday afternoon and parking is not easy, but lots of metered parking. Upon entering, this place is very modern and clean with food illustrations and graphics on the wall. There's seating in here but not lots. The sandwiches that are most popular is the Cal Club and Crunchy Bird. - The Cal Club: comes in regular bread but all the usuals to a California club sandwich with bacon, lettuce, onions, avocado, ham, and turkey meat. Not bad but if it was toasted, even better. - Crunchy bird: love Dutch crunch bread so this was off to a good start and the thick chips inside definitely gave it a crunch. The chip could be a different flavor as it overpowers the meat and other items inside the sandwich. Filling to just eat half so I was happy to share with someone else. - Joe's Mango lemonade: reminds me of Snapple's but sweeter. - Joe's Peach tea: reminds me of Snapple's but sweeter. Friendly service and they recommend items for you if needed. Zero waste establishment too! Overall, solid sandwich but nothing unique or impressionable.

Ria R.

Pros: tastes good, clean, good ingredients Cons: small and expensive, early closing time Now I understand that they use "quality" ingredients which is why it's expensive but the sandwich is really small! I'm a small person, 5"0 115 pounds. But if I pay $10 for a sandwich and I'm still hungry, that's a problem. I also wish it wouldn't close so early in the summer. Sometimes I crave a sandwich for dinner but it's too late by then. I probably wouldn't eat here more than once every 6 months because honestly as a student I can't spend $10+ on meal and still feel hungry Update: if you get a roll instead of sliced bread, it's much more filling!

Isabella F.

Good sandwiches but they are a little expensive. I also think the open hours are ridiculous. You don't really assume that a sandwich shop right next to campus would close that early so you'll be met with a locked door if you don't already know. The combo of prices and open hours kinda gives off the impression that the business is having trouble. Edit: owner responded passive aggressively. I thought people were on yelp because they wanted honest customer feedback. ‍

Anita Donnell

The best sandwiches in downtown Berkeley. All fresh ingredients and innovative selections. A must try!

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