Saul's Restaurant & Delicatessen

1475 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 848-3354

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Emanuel Tishler

$19 worth of fresh “hot pastrami” from their refrigerator. I wanted some from the steaming hot roast literally next to the register but was denied because it’s for “sandwiches only” and had already been handed the package.Sorry I know COVID is tough on restaurants but going home to heat up cold vacuum packed meat is not what I patronize these places for.

Jorry Cliffton

Sometimes I order double vegetables and sometimes I order a salad, but regardless of the sides, the dinner is delicious. Alan changes his order more than I do. Tonight he had a brisket salad, which was new on the menu and which he liked a lot. He also orders whitefish salad, which he has on bagels until he's used it up.

Brian Dalton

My faves are sliced Turkey (now packaged in 1/2lb air-tight plastic, so stays fresh longer), Challah bread (there is NOTHING like this bread toasted), chopped chicken liver (packed in well-sealed 1/2 pint container that lasts up to 6 days in fridge), coconut macaroons, and brownies (toast in oven so choc chips melt- AMAZING!) As always, SAULS delivers!

Dagoegsif Falorldik

Sauls is, like many places of its kind, a deli and restaurant. Overall I would say it is on a par with Canters in Los Angeles, except Sauls charges for pickles. The Brisket is awesome, whether you have the sandwich or dinner and the matzo ball soup is nearly as good as mine. Highly recommend.

Soumen Bandyopadhyay

Great find for one of the best chicken schnitzel sandwich that we have had. Been here a few times and never disappointed. The sabich pita is also our favorite, has a good combination of egg, eggplant, latke, hummus, and pineapple/mango salad. Will also recommend getting sides of Latke and definitely some of their deserts. Overall a wholesome experience every time we visit Saul’s. Highly recommend.

Ramiro K

Tried this spot before with a friend and I am hooked ever since. I enjoyed the great ambience and delightful dishes and beverages. Keep it up.

Brent Shinn

A neighborhood favorite. I almost always have a great meal from here and miss the steak! Anytime my food has been wrong, I’ve told them and they fixed it, and I didn’t go post how terrible it was because I was too — special not to tell them so they could fix it. But people are strange... love the hash!!!


Childhood fave. It’s nostalgic for me when my family and I would wait out the door to get a seat inside on the weekends.Now it’s a covid friendly place. You can order online, call in, or walk up to the window. No cash!Note: Thursday’s no parking from 1 to a certain timeI love their tuna sandwich on toasted rye and their large Happy Boy Salad with Russian dressing and add the tuna. Their sandwiches come with potato salad, slaw or chips and proportions are filling for their meals. Sara who helped me today was incredibly lovely.

John Chan

Really excellent pastrami. The bagels were also delicious. We should have picked up a dozen after finished one off on the drive home. Pickup super quick and safe.

Melany Brandon

Great potatoe latkes, knishes, chopped liver, Reuben sandwiches, potatoe salad, soups, bagels, whitefish, herring, service.

Desiree Weiss

I was super excited about coming out to Berkeley to try out this little Jewish deli, I’ve been craving Matzo ball soup , we ordered the quart along with sandwich’s. My Reuben was made with sourdough bread not rye bread. My QUART of matzo ball soup only had ONE matzo ball in it. Our Latkes smelled and tasted like fish. They are also charging 1.5% for “covid expenses” but no indoor dining. Also didn’t receive any forks / spoons to eat with. Will not be returning. Horrible experience.Edit to owner :: we ordered at the window. I was charged $18.25 for my Reuben (your website states 17.75)not a big deal everything else was charged correctly.

Briana Schiff

Their whitefish salad (which is so hard to find!) is made with whole pieces of fish and the schnitzel sandwich is delightfully balanced with a spicy and herbaceous sauce. If you’re looking for a Jewish Deli, highly recommend!

Steven B.

Honestly I love Saul'sBut ever since Covid they have gotten worse and worse. The person that made our Corn beef sandwiches could give a Damm about what they where doing. The cut of beef had layers of dense fat that had to be pulled out of each sandwich. Almost completely uneditable. And for some odd reason there was wilted lettuce in a corn beef sandwich. The worst sandwich ever. .

Nina H.

The last two times I got a corned beef sandwich from them, the cut was so thick that I ended up with a large, unmanageable chunk of corned beef in my mouth with each bite.Today I asked them if they could slice it thinner, and they did. It's so rare to have someone respond positively to a request these days, and I am grateful.

Anna Amador

Great Jewish deli food. We only ever did takeout from here even before the pandemic but it was always delicious. My friend loved the Pastrami. I liked their bagels.

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Saul's Restaurant & Delicatessen

1475 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94709
(510) 848-3354