Sichuan Style Restaurant

1699 Solano Ave, Berkeley
(510) 525-9890

Recent Reviews

Abiud Amaro Diaz

Very good. Food is well seasoned and not greasy. Love the cumin beef.

Dave Monk

This is currently our favorite Chinese restaurant in the area. Consistently excellent food. Large menu. Large portions.

David Mateer

I'm no expert on Chinese food. But this place was good. Whole family agreed. I especially liked the veggie chow mein. Not greasy. Good flavor.

Eva L

Pre-COVID review: Great Sichuan style food - if you like numbingly spicy and everything slapped with peppers then it's for you! I love the Chongqing 1000 chili pepper chicken (with bone), their sauteed lotus root and cauliflower, sliced spicy tendon, and cumin lamb! Service is great and friendly. Ambiance is nice, clean and serene. Menu is vast with a lot of great, legit, Sichuan options. I definitely recommend this place for anyone that wants to have some great, spicy food.

Corey K.

I decided to try Sichuan Style because of the 4 star ratings. I ordered the sesame chicken, green beans and house special duck and both were delicious! The sesame chicken had a great sauce to it. The house special duck was extremely flavorful and tender. I thought some items were over priced but it was worth the price after eating here. Will definitely be back!

Mario C.

I've ordered from this place a number of times since COVID, and I have to say, the food is fantastic. A tad on the oily side, but, OMG, so tasty.Definite must dos: the pork shoulder, the chow mein, and the sesame bread. The Spicy Szechuan Water-Boiled Fish and dry cooked green beans are wonderful. And the cured meat eggplant and walnut prawns are delicious.Just FYI: portions are generous!

Sen S.

Nom nom nom!We ordered szechuan spicy boiled fish fillet, hot spicy cumin lamb, vegetable deluxe and hot spicy prawns.WOW! it was sooo very. very delicious. It literally bursted a lot of flavor. The shrimp was tasty and I really liked how the flavors all blended well together, the red chili,peppercorn, garlic and some chili oil. For me the peppercorn flavor wasn't overwhelming nor was there too much chili oil. My fiance and I thoroughly enjoyed the dishes very much, even the vegetable deluxe was flavorful. Flavorful but not salty.This was definitely a winner! Reminded me of how much I missed the delicious food in nyc! Yes, this place is LEGIT gooooood! Will be ordering again and this is already bookmarked on Yelp!

A Y.

This is our go-to Sichuan restaurant that offers a range of satisfyingly spicy and umami-rich flavors. Nowadays we get takeout for which the portion size is usually generous. All of the various fish soups and boiled fish variants are great, and their harder to find offerings like Lotus root or pea shoot and garlic (when it's in season) are perfect complements to their main dishes. Also, they do a very respectable zha jiang mien / jjajangmyun, which is not Sichuan per se but delicious regardless.

Doug Zhang

Terrific food and good prices. The menu is huge and the chef cooks up the orders very quickly.

Leroy Pratt

Definitely a place worth stopping by, the food is awesome and fresh, the cost is reasonable and it is always neat here. Highly recommended.

James K.

This restaurant isn't far from me and it's been on my list to try for a while. I love spicy food but can't always take it, but I finally got to try it recently. I ordered for the boiled fish and beef stew to be delivered. They were both so yummy! The textures of both proteins were perfect - soft and melts in your mouth. The spice was a great kick and flavor but not overwhelming. There's also some sourness and umami. Both dishes went so well with rice, and I didn't want to stop eating as the sauces start spreading and permeating in the rice. I can't wait to order and try other dishes. I'm salivating just thinking about it.

Sonny V.

Good food. Pork shoulder was amazing. Very tasty and juicy. The sour fish soup was pretty on point but I wished it spicy. The appetizer were a bit bland for my taste.

Jenny H.

Delivery came in a Costco box carrying two trays of food. The portion is very generous.Really enjoyed the grandmas fried fish with tofu dish. Couldn't stop eating until I finished half of the tray. Very juicy tofu with peppery and sweet sauce, and the fish is tender and fresh.Also impressed by the ham in the MaoCai (mixed veg, meat, beef organ hot pot), the texture is extraordinary and it is not so salty. Would definitely try other dishes and this might be my new favorite chinese restaurant at Berkeley.


Michelin-style taste and freshness. The meat in the 蒜苗炒腊肉 has an amazing smoky flavor and texture, the 水煮鱼 melts in your mouth with a numbing spiciness (好麻), and the meat in the 五彩大拉皮 is nice and tender.Their staff member was so polite and friendly.Will order again. Good parking for pick up.

Crystal Mathes

Authentic menu! I was craving garlic and veggies, this was on point. The person who prepared these dishes was literally cooking from the heart. Every delicious bite brought so much happiness! Thankyou for the memorable meal!

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