Taqueria La Familia

2971 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley
(510) 548-3420

Recent Reviews

B Mell

Great tacos at a good price. Their Baja fish tacos remind you of the ones in Baja. Sadly, without the beaches, lol. Nice and friendly people work thereFood: 5/5

Erica Watkins

Always delicious and friendly. Wish there an option for delivery. Doordash maybe?

Nick roditis

Rude staff. Wouldn't give us a bag for leaky gross burritos. I eat mexican food everyday. This place sucked.

Mary Romero

This place isn't good anymore, the food is terrible & the service is bad, It seems that it has different ownership. They were known for the best fish tacos, Not anymore, and still can't sit down inside. at lease have a bench outside. Was very disappointed with food quality. The last owner was amazing nice and knew how to cook authentic Mexican cooking. Will not return.

Ruth Ruth

If I'm craving for a shrimp burrito this is my spot I go to, Usually order on the phone but they also have online orders. It's a take out and very easy to grab your food and go. Very polite and professional customer service. I only tried their shrimp burrito and it's worth the price and tastes good.

David Bunson

Tasty fish and shrimp tacos at a very reasonable price

Vice President SWEA SF

Superfriendly place. Great and quick service And the shrimp tacos are delicious

Putri Emelli

loved the crispy tacos, will definitely come back when I'm in town

Tamra Rubin

Always a hit. Fresh, high quality, authentic Mexican food. A wide array of choices. Love, love, love this place.

Eloise R.

The ladies in my office were doing a lunch run to this taqueria. I got 3 crunchy stake tacos. It comes with lettuce, meat, sour cream, guacamole, and cheese sprinkled on top with a side of chips. I also had some horchata. The tacos were a good size (sorry I didn't get a picture of them) but they were not as flavorful as I would have expected (I guess you can call me spoiled. I live in a Mexican food capital). But they were still good The horchata was ok as well but I am sorry to say this place will not be on the top of my list when choosing taquerias in Berkeley.

Ryan O.

Super friendly family-owned and run business. The food is great.

Jennifer L.

Friendly service. Vegan options. I got the potato tacos. Good, fresh salsa and chips.

Brittany K.

I absolutely love the bean, rice, lettuce, and pico burrito! It's hearty, filling, and so simple but the simplicity is perfect. 4.5 stars (if only the rice was a bit fresher)! I've tried the pescado (fish) burrito, and there was more soggy breading than actual fish which was disappointing. 2 stars.

suraj amancharla

Enchiladas suizas were very good, and the extra mini salsas were high quality. I will return often.

Andrew C.

Awesome fish burritos, very fresh salsa with a good amount of spice! I highly recommend!!!

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