Trattoria La Siciliana

2993 College Ave, Berkeley
(510) 704-1474

Recent Reviews

Fanny Garcia

Best Italian in town. Gotta try out their Spumoni Gelato.

Kogswell Cycles

The second best restaurant in Berkeley (behind Chez Pannise.) Solid cooking staff. Great food. Kind and generous wait staff. If you like Italian food then this place is nearly impossible to beat.

lene Grimholt

Best pasta I’ve ever had

Penryn Haugen

Family friendly, cozy, and delicious Italian food!

R Andres

Casual dining with traditional Italian cuisine and a fabulous wine selection. Expect to pay around $100 on dinner for two.

Derek Cross

This spot gives superb service and delicious menu. One of the best spot around here. The food and drinks arrived quickly and the prices are fair. I recommend this place.

Denise Gunn

The food is authentic the waiters the cook are so nice and friendly it's a family owned restaurant so nothing is frozen nothing is pulled out the Box everything it's done from scratch perfect a Italian food- delicious

Pancrazio Auteri

Excellent dinner, the true Sicilian experience, with a warm welcome from the passionate hosts.

Jeremy Yoches

Great food, unfussy service


Walking in i had a slight sense of being in NYC's Little Italy district, the smells, the ambience, the noise it was all wonderful. We shared appetizers, and our forks found each others plate to sample all the goodness on the table. This little restaurant should be on your list next time you're in Berkeley.

Indira Fernandez

Porcini mushroom ravioli is the best ravioli Ive ever had. You will get an authentic italian meal served family style. The sauce is so rich and filling will leave your palette satisfied.


a favorite for years. fun, delicious, not stuffy.


DO NOT eat here under any circumstances. Please take the time to read why;


DO NOT eat here under any circumstances. Please take the time to read why;

Ashley Thomas

Excellent food, well-prepared, good service, good environment. Great place to take a friend. Can get noisy.

ben ciceron

Good seafood large generous portion. Friendly amd helpfull staff. A bit hot by the window so had to pull down the curtain.

Diane Clark

Great restaurant.


We love this place from the bread and olive oil mixed . herbs to every dish we’ve had. They serve family style. so you get to taste lots of dishes. My favorites are eggplant roll ups, pesto with gnocchi, pasta Norma (red sauce with eggplant).. They have a tasty Caesar salad and delicious Tiramisou for dessert. If you are wine drinkers, you can bring your own for a modest $15 charge. They are cash only and can be noisy if you’re on the second floor with a large party next to you. Make a reservation or get there when they open for a little more quiet time.

Arthur Calhoun

Great food in this long-established, popular, cash-only restaurant featuring Sicilian and southern Italian cuisine.

Rins Joustra

Nice food and very friendly personel

Margie Winn

Huge, family-style portions. We had a Caesar salad, an appetizer, and two wonderful pasta dishes. We couldn't finish the pasta by far. (We were a party of three.) It's a bit crowded, but definitely worth it.

Kirty Wadhawan

Went to this place on my birthday, they made it really special. Also ordered pesto pasta which delicious

Nancy Willis

It was great. I will go back and hopefully soon. I recommend.

Judy W

There are so many rave reviews for this restaurant and there were positives.The pasta was obviously homemade and delicious. The breaded eggplant antipasti was especially good. The white wine crisp, the service prompt. And there was a rousing delightful happy birthday well sung by two waiters at a nearby table.But I found the Caprese salad lacking. I have had far better mozzarella AND tomatoes at home. My guests seemed to enjoy the asparagus and prosciutto, but it appeared grilled which made the prosciutto tough.The waiter told us that for our table of three it would be better to order family style which was three antipasti and two entrees (which would be 1 1/2 orders each). This is what we did. We ordered the linguini al pesto and the Risotto all Gatinara. Now, I tend to eat and cook more Northern Italian food than southern or Sicilian. But I have never seen Kelly green, soupy pesto (maybe it was in honor of St. Patrick’s day?). The taste was okay, and my granddaughter loved it, but there was no texture to it….the pine nuts, rather than ground with the basil, were afloat in the sauce and I didn’t detect any cheese. It was available separately on the table. I’m still trying to figure out how it was made. I also found the risotto soupy and not al dente, which was a new twist for me as well.But the coup de grace was the check. It was handwritten/scribbled and difficult to figure out. I tried, twice, to get the waiter’s attention, but he looked right through me. (He could tell we were having trouble deciphering the bill.) I read here in another review that the restaurant had a service charge, but we were not informed of that. We were charged $28 more than we calculated the bill to be. Now if there were a 17% service charge cranked into the total, we still would have been charged $9 too much.Since we are honorable folk, we added a tip to the total, though not the usual 20%.

Ryan Hanzawa

The prices currently listed are wrong! They are around 30-40% higher than what’s listed on Google Maps. Expect to pay around 40 per person.

Thomas Weld

Great Italian food, good vibes

Dolan Murphy

It’s a classy, unpretentious restaurant with excellent Sicilian classics. Service is good too. Would not recommend it if you’re in a hurry as the wait for a table can be long at times, even with a reservation. It’s worth the wait though. We brought my girlfriend’s parents and they had a great time. They’ll serve their dishes family style in larger portions if you come with a group.

Mike Nolan

Fantastic. Feel transported to Italy with house made pastas and authentic dishes you won't find elsewhere. The service is very European so, do not be in a rush. Instead, relax and soak it all in. They are very accommodating, be sure to ask for what you want.

Waleska Herrera

You want to eat real Italian food... Fresh.. Made on the spot. You have to try this place. Ohhh... Bread and olive oil are to die for.

Betty L

One of the best restaurant that serves Sicilian Food! They were also opened on NYE. ❤ #HomeCooking

Elizabeth Macris

We got pre fixe. Steak and lasagna and bread were great.

Rebecca Mosbarger Moreno

I saw lots of super mixed reviews about this restaurant before going there, but I was really content with my experience. When you go there, don't expect to have a quick dinner. For our occasion, that was perfect and we didn't feel rushed in the slightest. Very quaint, cozy, and kind service, although the were a bit pulled in many directions. (Again, for us, it wasn't an issue, but I can think of others for whom it would be.)


This is the go-to place for celebrations, because if we have a crowd of people we can get more dishes and have family-styleservice. Their olive oil and spices dip for bread is awesome.One of my favorite dishes is gnocchi with pesto - divine tasting. I also like sphagetti and clams, the Caesar salad, and the desserts.It gets very crowded but if you have 6 or more you can make a reservation. I don’t know if they still have cash only.

Leonardo Perolli

Amazing place with amazing food!!!

Armando Epifani

$20 risotto was so soupy and acidic. Tasted like tomato juice. Yuck. Service was friendly.

Matthew Grimm

This is the second best restaurant in Berkeley. If you want Italian food then this is the place. If you want a fun, noisy place for a date, ditto. If I'm in line outside, leave.

Richard C

We had dinner here last week for a party of 5. I haven't had Italian food this good since we spent 5 weeks in Sicily a couple of years ago. From the appetizers to the main course it was delicious. We shared Insalata Caprese, Frito Misto, and Rollatini de Melanzane. $8; $14, $9 respectively. Main courses ran from $14 to $23. Pasta Puttanesca to die for. Don't remember what all the other folks had but everyone loved it. Washed all down with a couple of bottles of house Chianti. Total bill $287, so less than $50 bucks a piece. They now take reservations, which we didn't know, so we had a long (45 minute) wait. They also now take credit cards. (it used to be all cash).A hearty recommendation for this place.


They don’t take reservations per se, but you can call after 4:00 pm and “put your name on a list.” I’m not sure what their reasoning is, so maybe they use the info for planning purposes. Cash only!! The food is so fresh and delicious. The asparagus appetizer is perfectly prepared. We enjoyed a chicken dish and beef dish. Beer and wine only. The atmosphere is friendly and everyone seemed to be enjoying the evening. The lemon sorbet was a tart and refreshing end to a great meal.


We went there on a extended family visit with friends to celebrate a new job for one of the party. it is like eating in an Italian family house in Scicily. The dishes are generous (made for sharing) and very well made. Great wine list and such a happy place

Tony W

Generally excellent Sicilian food . Thoroughly enjoyed my crab and pasta with sardines. But it just misses out on 5th star as my companion's salad, which I also tried, had much too much salt in the dressing.