Fuji Grill

1185 2nd St SUIT I, Brentwood
(925) 954-7508

Recent Reviews

Marifi Buklatin

I tried it and did not meet my expectation. I will be back at shirasoni.

Will Minyard

Excellent food. Prepared fresh. Food is ready right when they say it will be Price is a bit high.

Michael Garcia

There pricey $20 for two item, without the saladI gave them two star because the salad was free before I shouldn’t give him tip instead that $2.00I should have just bought the salad. Other Japanese food give you salad and soup for $20Everything is going up with price taking advantage

Shawn Simms

Love the food, plus the cook it fresh.

Mike Mendoza

Good food, amazing price for a good size portion, they're very polite definitely will be back


Steak & scallops combo

Heysel Smith

Food is fresh good quality, comes out hot and not greasy!

Charlene Cameron

The food and service is amazing

Anthony Paoli (MasakiSays)

Fantastic place, came based on a recommendation. Food was absolutely incredible, service was fast and polite, and the prices were entirely reasonable! Will be returning here in the future, and quite frequently at that. Cannot recommend the steak and salmon plate highly enough!

Austin Sheldrick

Another great find in Brentwood. The food was good my husband turtle enjoyed that it was not over seasoned or greasy. It was clean and simple for him. I enjoyed the fried rice and veggie more than anything I can order just that next time.The pricing was reasonable to good food it was about $12-$15 depending on the combination.

Rosanna G.

Great tasting food! Great portion, food is tasty, very neat and organized meal presentation, fresh crisp salad with awesome dressing, dipping sauces for steak and shrimp were also very tasty. Small but clean restaurant, very proper and polite people, and very quick service. Teppanyaki steak and shrimp with vegetables and fried rice for $18.98, very satisfied!

Josh Isaacson

Food is ?? and they give you a ton of food

Tabitha Sanchez

Dinner was delicious and fresh!Best take out meal we have had since Covid started.


Ate there once. I ate the tonkatsu Pork they had. It enjoyed it. I haven't tried anything else.

Specialist J

This place has some delicious food and would highly recommend to anyone who likes good food and very great service!

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