Tony's Sandwiches and Market

2813 N Glenoaks Blvd, Burbank
(818) 846-5863

Recent Reviews

Riko San

need to keep it real don't put sugar in the meat

Mike M.

Small market with a deli. I had the Cold cuts and it was good. Not the best I've had but a step up from the chain sandwich stores like Jersey Mike's and Jimmy Johns.

H B.

Great to go sandwich place! Very friendly staff! And I recommend the tri-tip if you are a first time customer! They have amazing flavored sandwiches! I go back every other day ! Third time already this week!!!! MUST TRY

Steve Smith

Best Italian sub anywhere.

Rafy H.

Been living in the area for years but never ate or shopped there. Stopped by to purchase a cigarette. The owner and the vibe I got from him will definitely go back to try some of their sandwiches.

Sergio Gonzalez

Food always great

Jim Grasse

Saturday Mornings BBQ and locals news!

Hit Me

Dominic is a real Gem. Like one reviewer said, he's a throw back to the days when the little grocery stores ruled America. We live just down the street and frequent this place when we can. Stop in and say hello! He has a piano in the store too, so go play!

javier rivera

Best sandwiches in town and Dominic is the best. I've been coming back for both for about 20 years and I ran into Jay Leno too (also eating a sandwich)

Rock S.

Good food, great people and a welcome that is so warm and friendly! My meatball sub was the best ever!

dave m

Oh man does this place make good sandwiches. Totally east coast old school with a fellow named Dominic who always has a good wisecrack waiting. Every Saturday they break out the grill to make their tri-tip sandwiches which are really good . I always say that the way to measure how good a sandwich shop is by trying out their cold cut sandwiches and these are off the hook good. If you are ever in the area give it a try but look carefully because you can easily drive by and miss the place entirely

Truman Chan

ClassicCharacterImpeccable attention to the food

June Gonzalez

Came in the morning and had a great conversation with Domini. Really great environment and great food

Alberto Gonzalez

Came in the morning and had a great conversation with Domini. Really great environment and great food

Andrea H.

The best sub sandwiches around. I've tried all of them! Dominic is the owner and he's a great guy! Very funny too!

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