Zaatar Factory And Bakery

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2909 N Glenoaks Blvd, Burbank
(818) 859-7353


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Tara Quick
AMAZING. I can't believe I lived here 5.5 years and never knew I was 5 minutes from this place. I got the 2 egg and cheese khachapuri, spicy cheese burek, & soujouk and cheese specialty burek. Insane. I asked for the eggs to be runny because I needed it to-go, and it was cooked so perfectly that by the time I got home, my khachapuri was BEAUTIFUL. The 3 items I got were so big that they lasted me 5 meals! I wish I had taken a photo of the soujouk burek. It had so much cheese full review

I went to California for five days, three of them I got breakfast from the zaatar factory. it was that good. I recomend you to go there cause it was all so fresh and different from what I"ve had before (I am lebanese as well).


I stopped in to Zaatar Factory to get some strong coffee and chose to get their speciality -- Khachapuri with an egg. It was the best I have ever had.Fabiola was fabulous as a hostess, waitress, and educator to the various items being served to a first-timer.The restaurant was clean, friendly, and the food and smells coming from the back were splendid.The pastry for the Khachapuri was light as a feather, so it didn't weigh me down.I will return again and again.A must-try!

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Mashrouha Sandwiches

Zaatar Mashrouha Wrap Sandwich$8.99
Our special zaatar mixed herbs and tomatoes, cucumbers,black olives and mint wrapped on our fresh baked dough.
Zaatar Mashrouha Sandwich$8.99
Zaatar & Cheese Mashrouha Sandwich$9.99
Our special zaatar mixed herbs with chesse and tomatoes, cucumbers ,black olives and mint wrapped on our fresh baked dough.
Harra Mashrouha Sandwich$8.99
Our special pepper paste mix with tomatoes, cucumbers,black olives and mint wrapped on our fresh baked dough.


2 Eggs, Cheese & Ham Khachapuri$15.99
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