Zaatar Factory And Bakery

2909 N Glenoaks Blvd, Burbank
(818) 859-7353

Recent Reviews

Hussam K.

Wonderful restaurant and amazing service from Fabiola , very friendly , talkative and helpful. My colleagues loved everything in tray . Thank you very much .

Sarkis O.

If you want to find a Middle Eastern bakery that has all the essential Armenian/Lebanese/Syrian/that whole region, this place has it all. Good stuff. The bald guy behind the counter is from Syria but most of the employees are Armenian. So between both of them, you are in trouble. Just joking, they actually are running a smooth operation. Stop and grab some spicy cheese bureg and enjoy!

Zareh J.

Terrible customer service. My wife ordered pastries for Mother's Day at 2pm for pick up (she was not told to pick up by a certain time). Arrived at 4:15pm and stood in a long line, only to be told "honey, you ordered at 2pm your order is gone. I can make it again but ya, you ordered at 2pm." Mind you, before the man approached her, my wife heard him yell at the back workers and tell them "that's the one you sold to someone else." Lack of customer service to blame the customer for your own mistakes.

Marida T.

I absolutely love Zaatar Factory. Their Kanafeh is so delicious and the hospitality was amazing. A must have.

Inter W.

Since they introduced online ordering from their website, I place my order just as I'm leaving home in the morning. I don't have to get out of my car with their pickup at the door. 2 egg Khachapuri my fav. Working my way through the menu....

Sean M.

Best khachapuri's in town. Came in here lookin for breakfast and left satisfied and full. The food was delicious and they cooked it exactly how I asked them to. Also the service was very welcoming and nice which is why I will be coming back very soon.

kotot 2016

Hi to everyone

Liliya G.

I love love love this bakery and their savory menu that is perfect for breakfast lunch or dinner - and even as a snack in between. Lahmajoun is soooo delicious and so is their boat khatchapouri. Every time i am on this side of the town I always stop by to have something and take some home as well. You wOnt regret if you try this khatchapouri!

Hugo A.

Can't say enough about this place, after my long bike rides, I look forward to their coffee and beautiful breakfast selection. Great service as well!!

Nancy Delgado

The coffee & baklava is freshly prepared. The Service is fabulous!!!

Richard Brooks

The best way to hit the ground running on a Saturday morning? Get the khachapuri *with soujouk* to kickstart your flavor run! This is a lovely bakery/deli with a cornucopia of delights to choose from.

Maria B.

Friendly stuff, delicious food and dessert. Especially Ashta is the best in this area.

Lucy C.

The food is amazing and fresh. The owner is the nicest guy and really takes care of his customers. I ordered for New Years eve and he helped me over the phone to organize my order for my party. I was so impressed I ordered again and once again great service. Highly recommended.

luai adamo

This place is the best !! Very clean and also the food is very tasty . And the owner malek is a great guy with outstanding friendly service . We will not go anywhere else . Thank you

Marine N.

My Favorite Place!! I could be there every day!! Everything is amazingly Yummy!! Awesome staff!! Very friendly people!! I recommend highly to stop by and try!! Everything is yummy!!

Eva W.

This was such a solid find that it'll be my first Yelp review! We were looking for food to bring with us on our drive back home to the Bay Area from San Diego (after getting through the LA traffic) and we are SO GLAD we came here. It's in an unassuming plaza but that means there's plenty of parking available. We knew nothing of what was on the menu and had to ask the very nice woman behind the counter what everything was, and she was so kind and patient and lovely. We ordered a half khachapuri (with soujouk (spicy beef sausage made in-house) added on top - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) to eat there and they baked it as we figured out what else we might want to-go. It was so fresh and savory and delicious and I'm honestly upset I'm not eating it right this moment. We also got: a green olive and cheese burek, a plain mashrouha (wrap with zaatar, tomato, cucumber, and mint), a tray of frozen kubbeh (bulgur outside, filled with ground beef and pine nuts) to make at home, and a small container of asha/ashta. The burek was fine, good quality but personally I don't really like olives. Was just curious if it might change my mind, but no. The mashrouha... I think it's really more about the zaatar, and that was DELICIOUS. I'm a big meat eater and generally prefer non-vegetarian items but this was so good and I enjoyed every bite. I think she said that they sell just the zaatar and I wish I'd bought some. Also, the wrap is laughably gigantic. They'd cut it in two for us and I really thought they'd accidentally given us two orders. She was very confident that the asha would be fine during our long drive back because they'd made it that morning and was even still warm. There's something really reassuring about people who are so intimately familiar with the (fresh) foods they're making - it's so much more personal and I have a lot more trust and appreciation for the food. Anyway. The asha blew my little mind when we sat down to eat it that evening. It's rich and decadent, the cream flavored with rosewater - the best, and cleanest, rose flavor I've ever had in a dessert. Not cloying or perfume-y at all, just beautifully floral. We finished it last night (we ate it over the span of three days) and I would very much like to go back to Burbank right now to get more. But I can't. You have to go in my place. We made three of the kubbeh in our toaster oven when we got home and those were also very, very tasty. We're looking forward to eating the remaining six. :) All in all the whole experience was enjoyable (eating and ordering there, and leaving with our haul of deliciousness), and we only paid like $36 for it, which is ridiculous. Please don't misunderstand - ridiculously low. I'm not sure I deserved all of that food at that quality for that price but I'm not complaining. If we're anywhere nearby again you'll find us there loading up on stuff to take home!

Liana V.

Best Ashta ever!!! It's soooooo good! Best I've ever had. To top it off, the customer service exceeds expectations every single time. Their mini lamajunes and other breads (olive, zatar, etc.) are also very good! Must try!

Mariam L.

This place is amazing! Their Zaatar wraps, boraks, and khatapuris are absolutely delicious! Always fresh and tasty. I highly recommend this spot for lunch or for picking up later for home.

Diane Lee

This is what an old fashioned doughnut is supposed to taste like! It has a good balance of crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The photos don't do these doughnuts justice! Try them and you'll c what I mean:-)

Lise Rogers

We stopped by here for late lunch on our way to burbank airpoort and it was delicious. We loved the different flavors. The woman behind the counter was welcoming & charming, she was very helpful with ordering our food & their service was excellent! We will go back again!

Addy B.

They had a big catering gig that they were preparing for when my preggo cravings wanted ajarski. They said chef doesn't come til 11 but they stopped what they were doing to make me one. That's some real amazing service and dedication to customers. Plus it was delicioussss made to order perfection. Thank you to all of you guys !!!

Renee Hiel

The best baked goods and the best service!

Mischi Arleign

incredible Katchapuri! I have never had one before but that was the most delicious baked item I have ever consumed in my life! wow xD

Rose A.

This place is the real deal. Authentic middle eastern sweets and more. This is the real type of middle eastern bakery. Not many out there but this is legit. I am Lebanese so I know when the sweets and bakery items are real and authentic. I would highly recommend this place for all your middle eastern needs. Sammy is the owner and he is sweet and helpful. Nice to be around good people! Parking is easy and fast. Try it out and you won't be disappointed!

Tara Quick

AMAZING. I can't believe I lived here 5.5 years and never knew I was 5 minutes from this place. I got the 2 egg and cheese khachapuri, spicy cheese burek, & soujouk and cheese specialty burek. Insane. I asked for the eggs to be runny because I needed it to-go, and it was cooked so perfectly that by the time I got home, my khachapuri was BEAUTIFUL. The 3 items I got were so big that they lasted me 5 meals! I wish I had taken a photo of the soujouk burek. It had so much cheese and meat in it, just a perfect middle eastern "calzone."


I went to California for five days, three of them I got breakfast from the zaatar factory. it was that good. I recomend you to go there cause it was all so fresh and different from what I"ve had before (I am lebanese as well).

Amaris Davy

incredible Katchapuri! I have never had one before but that was the most delicious baked item I have ever consumed in my life! wow xD

Yelda A.

Love this place. We always order take out. Specially when I have a group of people at my house. Amazing flavor. Everything on the menu is taste. Our absolutely favorite is the Lahmoajin, spinach pie and the cheese pie. I always buy extra so I can freeze them. Good to have at home when you don't wanna cook. Zaatar factory always a good choice.

Chris A.

The food is Amazing!!!!! Delicious... small bakery in Burbank the owner is extremely nice he makes you feel welcome I will definitely come back to try there another dishes

Daniel S.

I just had one of the most delicious meals of my life! I love to try new and different dishes because the world is full of great tasting and mind blowing food and today I experienced one of them! I had A Khachapuri & although it was my first it definitely won't be my last! The Zaatar Factory has earned a returning customer! I urge you to give them A try with all of their dishes you will not be disappointed! Can't wait to experience it all over again!

Alexys C.

Incredible food! So fresh and light. Healthy options, delicious baklava, wraps, and the dolmeh was amazing. The best middle eastern food in town. I highly recommend this if you want to try some yummy food. My family is vegan and they found many different options here filled with fresh veggies.

Erica M.

My husband brought home an assortment of items from here today and I was blown away. I've never had most of these items before but now that I've tried them I wish I had them sooner! The Lamajun was soo flavorful. Z factory pizza was incredible. I could eat 20 Kibbeh! Wow wow this is good food! Also- best baklava ever!! This will definitely be my new weekly spot!

Helen-Mia C. Park

Really sweet pastries... Not to my taste

Michael G.

This place is amazing. The food is very tasty, fresh and very reasonably priced. The woman behind the counter made me feel extremely welcome and explained to me different types of meals they can prepare. I will definitely come here for lunch whenever I am in Glendale or Burbank area.

Pavel Egorov

A great place to have breakfast. Khachepuri is a must eat.

Aziz Asad

Everything is perfect. service, quality and prices.

Mara S.

Super yummy, authentic, and amazing service -- can't get better than that! I love allll their beoregs and flatbreads... I highly recommend trying everything here to find your personal favorites. This is stuff that I am used to eating homemade so I have pretty discerning tastebuds, trust me you will not be disappointed!

Ketty Sayegh

Very nice and clean place , the food is very delicious, everything is maid fraiche, I recommend it to everyone, give it a try.


I stopped in to Zaatar Factory to get some strong coffee and chose to get their speciality -- Khachapuri with an egg. It was the best I have ever had.Fabiola was fabulous as a hostess, waitress, and educator to the various items being served to a first-timer.The restaurant was clean, friendly, and the food and smells coming from the back were splendid.The pastry for the Khachapuri was light as a feather, so it didn't weigh me down.I will return again and again.A must-try!

Sheila T.

First of all, the new owners are very hospitable. I went to get Ashta and Khachapuri but ended up getting more. I was given a baklava to try and another dessert made up of coconut and rose water. The walnut baklava was out of this world! I love it and ended up buying a small box. The Ashta was freshly made and was still warm. It was excellent and the Khachapuri, excellent. The owner said their rose water is pure and comes from Syria. I'll be coming back. They sell the best Ashta in the San Fernando Valley!