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Crystal C.

After waiting in drive thru for 20 mins, pulled up and was declined my drink. I was told to pick up my drink in the store instead. Parked and went in to get my order. I didn't make a scene at the drive thru window or held up the line. But in the 2 minutes it took me to park the car and I got in the store, they already threw it out my order. This whole experience made me feel so insignificant and unwanted. This location made me feel as if I did something wrong, but I didn't do anything. I cried in the parking lot, in my car before I was able to drive away. I never visited this location before, since I'm never really in this area but I won't go back. Thanks, Frankie for this unforgettable experience. Definitely, "Creating a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome."


Good drive thru service friendly staff..Food: 5/5

slime t.

Rude ass baristas I always come here and pay almost 10 bucks for a drink and they always make it wrong... I hate wasting money like that but I hope they make it right for there customers They did remake my drink but the went crazy and put that much caramel and still didn't taste like my order stop messing with my money and hire better baristas if they don't like there job find another... never coming back to this place

Angelica Martinez

Evertime I go they mess up my order and this time I had told the batista she had an attitude.

Araceli V.

If you come here be ready to be ignored! I stood in line for at least 4 minutes and 3 of the batistas were just talking and messing around. I walked out and never plan on returning back. Starbucks has definitely gone down when it comes to customer service.

Julio M.

So unfortunate to have a poor, service manager working at this store. I learned he is very inexperience and do not understand why he was chosen to execute the store. Christian should not be maintaining this store. The old store manager, Tracy, was an excellent leader who treated the entire store as her own home. The current manager was behind the bar and made my drink. The results were not the expectations customers would want. I ordered a grande, ice caramel macchiato with foam and was given 2 inches of space of nothing in the cup. Why are you not filling the cup? I ordered a grande, not a tall in a grande cup. Fire him. He has not integrity. If he cannot be a role model by having the capabilities of those he leads, then he should not be doing what he claims to be. If you want great service, please request for Jackie A. who provides extraordinary, unique assistance that goes above and beyond by giving customers more than they expect like a laugh before walking or making the experience just right. PROMOTE HER AND LET EXCEL HER SKILLS AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL

yuni cobian

9/10 times they get my order wrong! I go there when I'm in a pinch, its closer to my house. Today I sent my husband to get my my coffee, the label is right but they forgot the milk and the sweetener ? Could've made plain coffee at home for cents. Always a WASTE of time and money at that starbucks. This is why I prefer the 10 minute drive and go to Artesia and Lakewood, they get the drinks right everytime.

Eileen G.

I wish to give no stars!!! Be sure to have your order skipped knowing you ordered way ahead and still have to wait 15 more minutes after the expected time to arrive. So irritating and the management needs to do a better job at this location. They all have bad communication and be sure to have your morning to start off bad! Never coming to this location and I don't know why since it's the only one on my way to work. Also, don't bother to have them make your drink that they should have had ready. Especially if it was 20 min ahead.

Renee Raines

Drive thru experience was top notch the wait was pretty fast. Assistance was quick she came up to the car friendly smile pleasant attitude really kindFood: 5/5

Tina F.

So RUDE! It doesn't happen much with other employees but always with a specific person. Wish I had gotten his name but ugh mad I didn't. Don't rush through peoples orders please and then have us wait for 15 minutes to then tell us I was never charged for something that was ordered upon arrival.

Alyssa Rosales

This Starbucks is a great option for working. There are way more outlets than other Starbucks and a lot of seating.

William Orozco

Drive thru line was quick and friendly service

Lexy H.

There is nothing I dislike more than asking for my bagel to be extra toasted and it still being squishy. The past two times I've come in Tue/Thu 9/13&15 whoever toasted my bagel has been doing the lords work!! THANK YOU my drinks have been good my bagel crunchy and toasty. I love y'all keep it up please!

April M.

Yelp says it's open until 11pm. I would expect the lobby to close at 10pm, but not 6pm. Do yourself a favor and call before heading over to this location to study like I did. It's a major inconvenience, especially if you're taking an Uber. Also, notice that there's no reason provided why they closed early.

Erika Morales

Very busy drive thru, so I went inside. 5 people working. Cashiers were great.

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