bb.q Chicken Apple Park

10815 N Wolfe Rd Ste 105, Cupertino
(408) 320-2323

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Allan Kintz

Was looking for a quick lunch that wasn't pizza and this was surprisingly good. Tried the Hot Spicy and loved it. I think the 3 of 4 spicy rating was pretty accurate. I enjoy some spice and had just the start of a little eye watering. Tried the Secret Sauce too. It was good but not as good as the other. Maybe too much sauce? At least compared to the Hot Spicy. Would absolutely go again. Chicken itself was delicious too (if not just really hot inside).

Iris C.

This is my go to place whenever im craving korean fried chicken. Their ddeok bokki is good too. I love the original one and soy garlic and i highly recommend the rose ddeok bokki.

Kelly H.

I ordered online and got takeout from here a couple weeks ago. I had a couple orders of chicken wings, kimchi fried rice, and sweet potato fries. When I got to the restaurant, my order was ready and I picked it up. However, it was missing sweet potato fries (and I was still charged for it because I ordered it online). I called them for a refund after I noticed they were missing and the person who picked up said the manager wasn't there and made a note of my order number. A week passes and nothing happens. I call them again, and this time a different person picks up. She offers to make the fries for me right now but all I want is a refund. She says she can't do refunds and only the manager can, so she makes a note of my order number. Another week passes and still nothing happens? I just want a refund on the sweet potato fries that I paid for but never received. It can't be that hard right?

Vivian P.

I've had bb.q chicken often but last night's visit will most likely be my last. I had waited over an hour with my friends for our food when others who ordered before got theirs within a 20-30 mins wait. After a 45 minute wait, my friend went to go an update on our order and was told that they were just waiting on one more item. 20 more minutes pass by and it still wasn't ready. After waiting for so long, we finally got our order... and we were missing our French fries. I had informed the front of house cashier immediately after checking the order as we were eating in. He told me that it would take 5 minutes. 20 minutes have passed and there was no update. One of my friends went up to check again and this time, a female employee acted confused -- "you told us?" Because of this response, we knew that they didn't start to make our missing item. We waited another 25 mins before going up again and our fries were still not made. The female employee ended taking an order of fries from someone else's order and gave them to us. With COVID, I've grown to become a very patient and empathetic person as I understand that most places are understaffed. But if I can clearly head your back of house staff blast their music, laugh and joke around, making conversation, it gives me the wrong impression.

Jessica Z.

The chicken itself is pretty large and there's quite a good quantity for the price. It was decently juicy and had a nice crunch, but the original house sauce didn't taste that good and had a weird aftertaste. The radish was also a little old, as some pieces had become clear and a little soft.

Arafat Alim

This was Saturday lunchtime, whole plaza was packed and this was how many customers were in there,yet we still waited 30mins for our order. Average Korean Fried Chicken, so many better options, we first time here because it’s somehow famous, should’ve got the hint when saw an empty restaurant.

Thomas J.

Came here on a Friday night because I've been thinking of trying this place for quite some time, also because the K-Dramas always made their stuff look soooo delicious. Paid $50 for 8 wings, kimchi fried rice, and one beer. Actually ridiculous. Anyways: Wings: Ordered the secret sauce wings. Came drenched in sauce. So much sauce that all the breading and chicken skin was soggy and felt like wet crackers in my mouth. Absolutely disgusting. Kimchi Fried Rice: Decent sized portion for about $15. Tasted nothing like kimchi, more like too much gochujang and chili powder. There was pretty much nothing in the dish besides the rice and one egg. Kimchi and pork pieces were almost nonexistent. For $15, you can make a loaded version of this at home or just go to a better restaurant. TLDR: Skip this place! Hype always equals disappointment.

Kevin T.

There's good competition for fried chicken in the area, and it seems bb.q Chicken has a decent fry going even with their slight premium over other places. The chain is prevalently featured in many K-dramas (they even play back some scenes on their menu TVs), so it was amusing to give this place a try. That all being said, even if the texture and flavor of their fry was reasonable, their chicken just tasted really weird to me so it's hard for me to want to come back. The place is actually rather dimly lit so it feels more like a bar than anything else. Interior seats are spaced well apart and reasonably clean, but minimal service joint (water and dinnerware off on the side of the front counter); some outdoor seating is available as well (3-4 tables worth). Expect to place your order up front and wait for your name to be called, though they didn't really have a system for folks outside; our order was packed up assuming it was to-go regardless where we were going to eat it. Needed about 20 minutes for our order to get prepped. Since it was for two, we ordered their combo half and half whole chicken, but it seems the majority of their flavors are not available for this option. Golden original is sans sauce. I'd rate them individually, but honestly they were generally marred by a rather strange taste to the chicken meat (I'd liken it to that savory-ish flavor in cheeses since it tasted slightly pungent). This taste was generally present in all the wings, so it seems intentional, but whatever it is I'm not a fan of it. My brother was not too bothered, but he loves blue cheese so it was probably more to his palate. I've never really tasted anything quite like it at any other chicken joints. The chicken was mostly moist, but definitely had lots of dry patches. The golden original was nicely fried with a nice crunch and wasn't too greasy, though I'd probably have preferred something with a sauce on the side, especially given their full range of options. The secret sauce was also reasonably balanced as a lightly sweet and spicy option and clung quite nicely to the wings, though it fell a bit flat on the flavor part and needed much more oomph. All-in-all, it was fun to try this Korean chain out, but as it stands I'm not inclined for a repeat visit.

Tiffany K.

I have ordered here several times before but my recent experience was disappointing. We got Golden Original drumsticks and Galbi wings (8) pieces. Golden Original Drumsticks - what happened to being crunchy??Drumsticks size were fairly large but all of them were soaked in oil. Pretty gross. We ended up just trashing it. So disappointing. Galbi Wings - Flavor was okay. Nothing special about the flavor. Not sure why it's being called as Galbi wings. I think Honey Garlic or Soy Garlic is a better choice. I am not sure if we received a bad batch that day or what but I feel like quality has gone down. Disappointing.

Julianna P.

Honey Garlic -- this flavor is sooo delicious, it has the right amount of sweetness and saltiness. The chicken stays crunchy for a long time until the next day. Soy Garlic -- this flavor is delicious as well, not too salty just right. Rose Ddeok Bokki -- not too spicy, the ddeok bokki is very soft and chewy, also add cheese to it, very yummy snack to pair with the chicken.

Karen C.

With so many Korean bbq chicken options in the bay area, bb.q chicken provides pretty solid quality. Soy garlic- Classic flavor, well seasoned. Not too garlic-ky, so don't worry about having garlic breathe after. It is more of a slightly salted marinate with a kick of garlic to it. Can't go wrong with this one. Galbi- Sweet, just taste like the typical Korean marinate. This is the one that reminds you of Korean BBQ. We ordered boneless chicken, which maximizes the meat we are gonna get. All came out piping hot and the outside is super crispy, while some of the chicken pieces are juicy on the inside, some are a bit dry. There is some inconsistency on the tenderness across the board. Overall, most pieces are perfectly cooked. Located in a busy mall with many different restaurants, bb.q chicken definitely adds to the diversity of dining options here. Parking is easy. Although the interior is not that big, we had no problems getting a table at dinner time. The chicken is good but was not 'wow it is mind blowing' to me. If in the area, I would come here again. But at the same time, I would like to try other Korean bbq places.

Shane M.

Front door was sort of jammed. Thought they were closed, door handle had a realtor hide-away key lock container. Had to give it a good pull to get in. After ordering, had to let other people know a good yank was needed to much for the cashier who didn't care or mind people were struggling to get through. Was my frist visit here, order plain boneless to see what the naked truth was about them. Hot, juicy, slight kick of spice amd very tender. Was impressed. As I've learned at other Korean BBQ (aka fried chicken) locations, the sauce may be too over-powering, so I always order it on the side. Totally forgot how many pieces this was, scarfed it down so fast. Will revisit and recommend

Sandra N.

BBQ Chicken is featured in so many Korean dramas as the go-to place for korean fried chicken. They have locations worldwide but this is one of the first locations in the North Bay. The reviews seemed to be mixed on this location, however our experience was good. Chicken was fried well, perfectly crispy on the outside while the meat is juicy and tender even for the boneless wings. Soy garlic wings were fabulous- a touch of savory and a bit sweet and garlicky. I would have enjoyed it more with a bowl of rice perhaps. The flavor is similar to San Tung except lacking in spice. The boneless cheesling was my favorite of the two. I almost never order boneless but this was a pleasant surprise. The batter was tasty on its own, but dusted with that slightly sweet cheesy powder it just takes the chicken to a whole other level. Service was good, although the customer to worker experience was very limited. We ordered online ahead of time and the food was done in about 25 minutes. They provide clear gloves to customers which makes the meal so much cleaner and sanitary especially in covid times. Prices are pretty typical for fried chicken. $36 for the two of us seemed like a good deal. The korean fried chicken was delicious but I likely won't drive 25 minutes to Cupertino for it. If I am in the area, then I would come back.

Maureen M.

Dude, what happen to their quality of fried chicken? This was not our first time trying their chicken. We've had their fried chicken many times. So far this visit was the non-enjoyable fried chicken that we ever experienced. Still edible, but we were just not enjoying it like we used to. The culprit was there was a weird taste on the fried chicken right after your take your first bite. Their fried chicken was crunchy alright, but tasted weird. Lack of flavor is the second thing. I chose KFC or Jolibee or Popeyes even than Bbq.Chicken. This was disappointing though. During this hard times, we want to make sure we spend the money on the food we like and enjoy. If we can get a refund, we would :( What we had: The whole chicken original - This what we thought the chicken tasted weird. My husband is a longtime cook, he suspected there was something wrong with the brine they used, but we could be wrong. To make it even clear, it tasted as if the chicken had been frozen for a long time, then thawed in a room temperature and deep fried in a very hot oil. Honey Garlic Boneless Chicken. This was alright. You can't really taste the chicken since they are coated with loaded of sauce. Two rating solid. Not coming back.


Wings taste super! But I can see the blood in the wings clearly. Flavor is great but not equally great of freshness.

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