Safeway Liquor

1451 W Covell Blvd, Davis
(530) 757-4540

Recent Reviews

Alexis Z.

The staff is extremely rude. The girl checking me out was so busy talking to some boy about how she was failing all of her high shook classes that she entered my DOB wrong, and I decided not to wait for her to do 2 separate receipts, and said never mind on the wine. She was extremely rude and made a huge scene about having the boy she was flirting with take the wine back. Then as I was checking the receipt, she got a huge attitude and asked me to please leave. Extremely rude, entitled children work here!

Cindy S.

This Safeway has gone downhill and I'm disapointed with the employees. Loved the Safeway bread but my last purchase it was burned.

Emme E.

I received excellent costumer service today by Robert B!Everyone at the store is as very helpful. I will definitely be going back. They care about their customers.

Enoch M.

I usually come here for the 7$ meal combo that allows you to pick 1 entree and two sides... unfortunately one of their employees (a young Caucasian woman) thought this was sufficient amount of food for that price. See photo attached. It seems that every time I come to this location I receive less and less food than the time before. Really don't like writing bad reviews however I know that various students appreciate good meals at a decent price, so I would suggest going to the Safeway on the other side of davis. The employee also failed to offer to allow to pay for all of my other groceries at the food center... despite me holding about the maximum anyone with two arms could quite possibly hold.


Rented a carpet cleaner from here which did permanent damage to my carpet. They won't reimburse or pay for cleaning. Don't use them from here.

Adam W.

Rented a carpet cleaner from here which did permanent damage to my carpet. They won't reimburse or pay for cleaning. Don't use them from here.

Meera K.

Love this Safeway store! The staff are like long-time friends. A big-time store with a feel of a small store. I usually go in the middle of the day so there has never been a problem with lines or waiting. Because the prices are so competitive, the wait can be long late in the afternoon.

Nina C.

Lines are always long and there are too few cashiers, but while few the cashiers are always nice. I mostly come here for the in-store Wells Fargo mini-bank and ATMs. They also have a Coinstar machine. Safeway stocks a few things that CVS does not carry: Ivory dish soap and Mr. Clean rubber gloves. Random, but these are things I've used for years. Aside from picking up a handful of specific items or hot deals, I do my grocery shopping elsewhere.

Leanne M.

Pretty Standard Safeway! Taking away a star for the lack of hand baskets! I always feel like I don't need a big cart especially in the small Safeway aisles! But a couple heavy items are hard to juggle! Always super friendly staff and great pricing (:

Julia E.

Sorry for leaving 3 stars. Customer service: (cashier) is always rude towards me. Trying to talk to me but then realize I'm deaf, they will literally laugh at me. Laugh at a disabled person? I just can't hear.. just don't laugh. The place is clean and has almost everything but the people who works there is horrible. I'm sorry, horrible. I live in south Davis and I go to south Davis's Safeway and I love it there. I happen to work in north Davis area a lot and this Safeway is close by so I.. yea, dread coming here. Staff, please go google or take class on how to be culturally sensitive to all kind of people.

Yelp R.

Don't know who the current manager is but the white middle aged blonde one with glasses contributed to a toxic work environment by singling out employees in front of customers and once asked me for my dad's name and location because she felt like interrogating me on which Safeway he worked at after I used our family employee rewards phone number at check out. She was very rude and condescending. I've had 2 other bad experiences with employees who were also rude here, luckily also both cashiers, so I could avoid their line next time.

Diego G.

Only reason I'm giving it a 5 star is because the young lady named daisy is the most sweetest young lady very helpful very considerate with my bags

Greg D.

Well that's it. I've now shopped at every grocery store in Davis and Dixon and have nothing exciting to share. I call this the "intimate" Safeway. For with it's tiny little narrow cramped isles you are going to get real up close, personal and you guessed it, intimate with your neighbors and fellow shoppers. So close that you will be able to guess what they had for lunch as you can smell it on their breath. So close that you are breathing the same air in the same breath. Forget trying to get around someone else with a shopping cart also. How the fire department allows something this stupid is beyond me. There should be some safe distance required for isle placement so that if people had to evacuate they could do so without having to climb over other people. The deli here is larger than the one over at the other aging relic of a Safeway on Cowell. They make and sell sandwiches for lunch. This store looks cleaner than the rather nauseatingly ancient stores on Cowell and in Dixon but I think it's only because the floor tile is white at this store. You're going to want to get up close and intimate in the parking lot also, as there are so few parking spaces that when someone moves their damn car you are going to want to give them a hug. It gets dark in the parking lot here at night and it's hard to see that it's even open as they do not turn on the "Safeway" sign on the front of the store. Maybe they are just leaving that off to to save electricity or no one in management has enough spatial awareness to even notice that the outside lights are off.

Angelika C.

The bathrooms in this Safeway are way in the back, stopped here to grab a bottled drink and use the bathroom. I was terrified when I saw how the food was handled back there. Right nearby the bathroom there was two grocery carts filled with random food. I don't care if this was food they were pulling off of the shelves, customers shouldn't see expired food pilled into carts. This is a huge health code violation. There was huge boxes of trash right nearby the bathrooms as well, granted, sealed in clear trash bags. The back was a huge jumbled mess of boxes and trash. It's alarming how they handle food where you can see it, I can't imagine the kinds of corners they cut where customers can't see. I hate writing negative reviews but I was so grossed out I wouldn't buy any produce that's not prepackaged and doesn't require being refrigerated.

Ambercelia I.

A week ago today I went to this Safeway location on my way home from work. I had called a couple days prior or even a week before to make sure returning this defective charger at this location was cool. The woman said sure, it's no problem. I had the original receipt , the receipt replacing the new broken one as well as both of the original packages. The young man who's name started with. Kha - totally refuses to make the exchange -he was bouncing around gesturing so mush I missed his full names. He says " no I'm not doing that - how do I know you bought that here ? We don't do that. I told him I spoke to someone and have all the things so ... it's ok I'm sure. I sort of laughed. Thought he was just a sarcastic ass. He says " no , you didn't speak to me , did you speak to me ? I don't think so , this could have come from anywhere." He shrugs his shoulders. I looked right at him and said , oh I see you're a racist. There is no reason to not honor your return policy. " He smirks and shrugs his shoulders . And says " oh well , I'm not doing that , NO." I asked to speak to a manger in person immediately. I told him I was done with him. He gets on the phone line and begins to explain his point of view. I told him to not speak for me and to ask for the manger to come to me at that moment. He just laughed and repeats his accusatory reasoning for not allowing each to exchange the item. It's stolen and he can't read the receipt fully, there's a word missing and it can be for anything. That boy laughed , accusing me of stealing and misrepresentation of an item in order to gain something for free. One receipt had sun faded but the barcode and price and description of the item were visible and identical to the other receipt I had for the same item except for the date of purchase . When the item first broke - I kept forgetting to put it in my truck for the next time I was at Safeway. So I bought another one. That day it was going to be all settled . Car charger , apt charger . I was feeling organized , haha. (((. Working 10-12 hours 6days a week, I was proud of myself for having all of the items ready that day , Within in the time frame, for returns or exchanges. I was happy to be off work and having Sunday off. I'm also young , very fit, healthy , intelligent and attractive so I was feeling good to just be alive as a Californian. Thankful for mobility and all the little things. I had been feeling blessed with all the fire victims and victims of hate crimes as of the recent past as I listened to news radio..." I don't treat others badly. Simply because I care about myself and that means , kindness and respect to others. Haha- until it gets real and I can't replace a phone charger because this ass is comfortable being openly prejudice. This Ignorant adult Male child , snapped my brown self BACK into reality. Racism is an almost everyday occurrence. Yes it is. yet - I keep it moving and treat people with respect. I don't have that luxury to mouth off and openly hate. When it's easy to be angry and hate when it's the taste that soils the ambiance I strive to create for myself- wherever I am - because the atmosphere out there is overruled by jerks like this. Being treated that way, was complete BS. And in no way was his silly self instigated by me. Except for those racist who hate seeing a brown person happy or not upset. That's likely why he was so angry . That is considered instigative. My happiness likely made him mad. I forget about those types until you make yourselves known. ))) The manager Appears, I explained to him and showed him what I had with me and how I was treated. He is obviously embarrassed by this employee as he ought have been . Matt exchanges the item for me and assured me the issue would be seriously addressed. I told him I'd lea

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