740 N Pacific Coast Hwy, El Segundo
(310) 647-3181

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Aracely M.

This place is horrible! They barey have a line and now I know why. I been here twice and both times I had to pull over to wait for my order. They have about 20 employees out in drive thru doing nothing, not wearing masks or not wearing them properly. I am used to Chic-fil-a being professional and extremely nice. This place is not up to par.

Laurie H.

I came to the drive thru on 9/21/20 and I was met with such pleasant attitudes through the whole process. My sister had the same experience on the 18th and she said although it was hotter than blazes everyone in the drive thru line and the person who brought the food out to her car were all so wonderful! You have a great staff! The food was excellent, and the brownies are so yummy!

Mare V.

I drove thru this morning and picked up breakfast. Service was horrible personnel rude no finesse in educated. Literally just pushed out the bag to me. Food cold. How sad. You would think in El Segundo you would get better food and service. This was my second trip and both times a big disappointment. I will never return

Diana J.

This location is a hot mess. When it first opened and corporate management was in town to get them going things were smooth. Now it's a total disaster. The location itself was poorly chosen as if you are not on foot you need to turn from PCH onto Maple and basically traffic gets backed up at a major intersection. As for the food, orders are consistently incorrect, slow to come out, and as you can see from the attached photo, fries are not filled all the way. This is a medium and it's maybe 1/2 to 2/3 full and in this particular instance they forgot to put sauce in the bag. Drive thru window orders are given precedence, so if you order on the app and either drive up or go inside to pick up, expect to wait longer than someone who just drove up and didn't order ahead.

Shagz Main

There food was good and there sauce too

De Abreu

The staff was quick, friendly and accommodating. The food was fresh! The line can get a bit long but they move very fast

Tommy Vohan

Overall pleasant experience. The app works wonderfully.


In the drive through right now. It looks like Chick-Fil-a, but it does not feel like it. The team members have some of the catch phrase customer service language, but clearly not the attitude or philosophy. I am use to my experience being warm and fun. Not hearing "no" on a reasonable request for condiments. I would recommend the team members emulate team members from stores in the Atlanta area. As I said, looks like it, sometimes tastes like it, but the service is definitely different. I miss what I fell in love with as 7 year old.

Ryan S.

Clean restaurant, bathrooms immaculate and open, great chic filet quality and service. The breakfast bagel with strawberry or grape jam IS the jam...suuuper tasty. And breakfast for 8 bucks with a large tea and's a breakfast time win!

omid kalani

All the employees were working efficiently and courteously to get the drive through line moving quickly. As always food was good too a little salty for my taste though.

Monica R.

Wait times during COVID for a busy location near the airport is not a fair way to judge this location. The food is good, considering it's fast food. The wait can be long depending on the time you arrive. I've been there for lunch or dinner and sometimes the wait is less, but during busy hours the lines can get long. They try their best to move traffic along the driveway; not very convenient but efficient. This happened more often before restaurant dine-in was an option, but not enough to be upset about since Chick-fil-A is a popular restaurant and this is so close to LAX that lines are just as long as the LAX In-N-Out. If waiting is not an option, I recommend ordering ahead from the app or walking in for takeout. Overall this is a good place to eat. The restaurant is cleaner and parking is much better than other chick-fil-As in the area.

Charlotte K.

If I could leave less than 1 star I would. Horrible service, cold food, non existent customer service. Whoever runs this clearly has no restaurant experience, it's mind blowing. Literally ordered from this store every which way- pick up, drive through, walk in, 3rd party delivery service- and EVERY SINGLE TIME there is a glaring issue. It's typically someone forgetting your order or 7 people in the drive through line "taking orders"/socializing with their friends. The typical wait time has been 20 minutes for pick up and 2 HOURS for 3rd party delivery. The food is never hot. Mind you, this is is an order for 2 people and not complicated. This store needs to get their act together or they will lose business based on their inability to operate a restaurant.

Kristina G.

Ordering through the drive through is RIDICULOUS! You have to come in contact with at least 4 people. 1-takes your order2-person you pay3 -tells you to pull up and park because its not really a drive through its a park and wait situation every time. 4-this person FINALLY brings you your order BUT make sure you check it because more than likely you'll be missing something.

Ravneel L.

The guy working the drive thru with the blonde spikey hair needs to check his attitude and go work some where else so he's not so miserable. Dude was mean mugging every customer that was in front of me.

Karen Heard Meadows

The food was awesome... The workers... Not so good. Wearing gloves touching everything in sight!! Playing with the signs playing in their hair fixing their hats and picking up your food! Ugh

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