3803 San Pablo Dam Rd, El Sobrante
(510) 223-8015

Recent Reviews

Omar Saddiq

You gotta have the shrimp burrito.....awesome!!!!

J Faulkner

I visit this place a lot since I work close by. I must say the customer service is always great and they keep the place well organized constantly. Pricing is affordable and they serve big portions.

krislyn P.

I love Kaliente. The food is soooo good. Even my kids love it and they are super picky . It's also really affordable so it's nice to go out to dinner with the whole family. I can't wait for them to open again because me and my husband love walking down having a great meal and drinks. This is our family's go to spot.

Raymond Cobb

Last week was our first time we came to that excellent restaurant. But It is surely not the last time. We enjoyed the evening a lot with the attentive service, with the magnificent cuisine and booze and with the friendly charge. We will no doubt come back soon.

amy aron

I just enjoyed their food. I always get fantastic customer service here. The place is well kept and the cashiers are always very friendly. Will visit here again.

Lilian C.

I ordered chicken soup the worse I ever tried I been in so many Salvadorian restaurants, and this is the first time they mixed the rice inside the soup horrible. Didn't even have vegetales just the few things. The worse when I order this delicious soup they even give the the chicken and the rice in a separate container. They never mixed the rice. And they also give me a salad on the side. I never go back there I couldn't even eat soup I didn't like it at all, and I live so far away otherwise I'll bring it back. Maybe that's the only thing they don't know how to make. But I'm. Ot going to find out because the one thing I want the most today was just NO GOOD

Attay Hodgson

Pupusas were very good before remodeling the restaurant, after that all the flavors changed, poor poor in ingredients, no cheesy, no meat, the only flavor I feel is tortilla. I think they change the cooker and is no good to making pupusas.

Rick S.

Cute lil place with parking lot. Clean, with an overhead big screen & a plethora of tables and chairs in a minimal size dining area. They have signature soups that I'll be trying, looks delish. Signature dishes looks awesome with pics on diff pages of the menu.

Nineveh S.

Meh. Food was not good. My mother got a burrito and you couldn't even see the chicken. I was hoping for better.

Lili Junus

Too over charge , everything extra charge and food taste not like Previous owner no taste

Archoo Deetwo

Tyis was a good Salvadorian place! Good food, good service, and great placement!

Maxwell S.

This used to be one of the best places to go to get quesadillas but the new management as changed it. In a bad way. They seem nice which is why this gets a 2 star review but only that. The quesadillas are bad now and they charge you $3.00 for chips. I won't go back for a while.

Manny Anaya

Good food,great prices,friendly service

Sandy O.

The place was empty. Thought the food would be as good as it once was. Silverware and glasses looked dirty. The menu was hard to read. Very sloppy. We were a party of three. Only one liked their entree. The papusas were greasy. The refried beans were so hot it burned the roof of one our mouths! Chips and salsa were not offered while our food was being cooked. No cabbage salad was offered either. Service was lax-a-dasical. We wont be going back. Its a shame. It used to be run by professionals.

Mark V.

I entered the restaurant and could not locate any employees. I found a menu and sat myself. other people did the same. When the server came out, she seemed surprised to see people sitting down. Customer service was not very good, and unfortunately the food wasn't much better. I prefer the last owners over the current ones.

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