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Reviews for CK BBQ Cafe

At a point this restaurant was very good until I was very disappointed of the numerous of times I kept finding hair and other items in my food. If you go into their store you notice how they do not wear any gloves or hair nets. I did ask one time politely for my money back for having hair in my food once again, and the manager yelled at me accusing me the costumer, for putting my own hair in the food. I was shocked and was very upset of the service I received for the owner. full review

We ordered the roasted duck and steam chicken a few times. The foods tastes good and the service is very friendly. I am mostly surprised by the portion compared to the Deli in Ranch 99. Their half duck is almost as much as the whole one at Ranch 99. It just tastes better with more foods, costs less and is conveniently close to home. I love the place. I would make this place my top choice for takeout.

The food upset my stomach and my girlfriend stomach. the noodles were old and hard the chicken sat in liquid all day. When we got the food in there, we could not see anything in the tray. When I tried to refund, they yelled at me and said I had â??high expectationsâ? well no , I just want my food to be eatable. I suggest not to come here.

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