Bar Verde

102 Caruso Ave, Glendale
(818) 502-9922

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Megan L.

I eat here often but sadly think I had my last day today. I love the chicken tacos but they were so salty today that they were inedible. The food here is sadly so inconsistent but when it's good it's good :( I'm so bummed and am open to them making this up to me

Lawrence Lee

AUG 30-31. The chef has a special 4 course meal and it?s fantastic. And the bourbon cocktail is a must try. Bar Verde has always been a go to place for us. The kids eat well (butter noodles with a side of Parmesan cheese), it?s relaxing and the food is consistently good.

Sue Mahhad

Starting with the fact that I should be ashamed for coming here several times and not writing yet. Let the break down begin!

Al Gomez

Eclectic California fusion cuisine, excellent service, chill atmosphere and available balcony seating with an awesome view

Lorraine N.

Looooove having lunch here after shopping at Nordstrom. Their menu has wide variety to choose from and can also be paired with wines, beers or specialty drinks.

Lawrence L.

AUG 30-31. The chef has a special 4 course meal and it's fantastic. And the bourbon cocktail is a must try. Bar Verde has always been a go to place for us. The kids eat well (butter noodles with a side of Parmesan cheese), it's relaxing and the food is consistently good. Back to the special: you must try it for the crab cakes in the 2nd course and the roast duck in the 3rd course. I love crab cakes and I was impressed by them: flavorful, crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. My wife doesn't like crab cakes, but liked these. They have the crab flavor and texture with out feeling fatty or over fried. The roast duck was crispy on the outside and juicy inside. It was cooked to a perfect balance of flavor. And you've got to try that drink they've paired with it. It's smooth. It's the perfect buzz for the end of the week. Next time I'll take a picture of the menu. If you go, can you add a comment with the menu?

Linda K.

Great place to stop by when you are out shopping I n Glendale at the Americana on brand. There is also on at the Grove. Top level at nordstrom over looking the AOB when you are sitting outside. FYI they also have a inside area. The menu and the prices change so keep s look out for that. I come here for the chicken cilantro tacos, calamari, and the Romain caesar salad. My fave is the Chicken cilantro tacos are a little small so I would have to order 2 orders when they came in a bigger order but they did cut the quantity in half and upped the price on this so you end up paying more. The calamari is so yummy and crispy and make sure to ask for extra sauces on the side!! Romain Caesar salad is great and love how the char is so it have that charred taste to it. As you can see the photo below is picture worthy. The service is great over all and I had bo probs just good service. They have other food o baths menu but I stick with the norm because am I taco Queen . Stop by and sit outside and enjoy your day!!

Gemma H.

Totally overrated. Not able to understand the rave about this place. Nothing about it would make me go back.

Kira G.

I really like this place, it's locked at midl of Americana but the place is actually not really packed. We were sitting outside love the view there The food is good also we took couple non alcoholic drinks really refreshing The service also nice and fast

Jessica Hunter

The food was pretty good. Not as amazing as i wanted it to be but still ok. I thought the steak was a little small. The strawberry mint salad and the tacos were good. I enjoyed the bread pudding but not so much the key lime pie. The staff was nice. It's on the top floor of Nordstrom and they validate parking

Paula Mejia

Great food!,Great service!

Christina C.

Bar verde is amazing place, never got disappointed. Their menu didn't change much but whatever they serve is excellent! Very friendly service and Chris the manager goes extra mile for the customers. He always make sure that you get the best service and food is exactly the you want it. We are excited about Dine LA which is starting this Friday and Bar verde offering amazing 3-course menu.

Savannah N.

Beautiful roof top set up for a nice evening of dinner.. My salad was so fresh and so crisp. The wine selection was good. I got the shrimp pasta it was really good. My bestie got the steak salad and she loved her meal as well!

Namir Kanuer

I wanted a quiet place for a business meeting /lunch and on a weekday at the Americana, it was quiet peaceful almost serene. The fountains were following the music and the area near empty in part because of a windy day.

Ian Weatherford

Im the best bartender there come in and see me for good stuff

Lara H.

Great for happy hour! I would recommend sitting outside, you get a nice view of the Americana. Service is great and the menu is generally on the lighter side. Last time I visited it was 5 mins before happy hour ended and our server was so sweet and still let us get all our orders in before it ended.

Nelly K.

Awesome food and service! Everyone is so sweet and helpful. The food is delicious and the ambiance is very nice. You have to ask for their bread and butter if not they won't bring it . But, it's delicious and warm. Such a pleasant experience. Love the staff

Elvira D.

This is one of my favorite spots to hang out for some drinks and food at the Americana. Each time I've visited has left me super satisfied with their quality of cuisine and signature cocktails. The following drinks and dishes are all rated 5/5 in my book: DRINKS VINE STREET BASIL CUCUMBER COOLER AMELIA BILLIONAIRE All pretty sweet, but delicious. Not the strongest, but two will have you buzzing! DISHES WILD SHRIMP AND SAFFRON CHITARRA PASTA HERBED MUSHROOM FLATBREAD FRIES All so savory, light and filled with a fusion of flavors. The fries are perfectly thin and crispy, and not salty at all. We ordered two sides of it last time, it was that good. Not to mention, the service is always incredible. I love sitting outdoors and getting a nice view of the Americana.

S. L.

I love this place. The drinks are excellent. The food is always great. Delicious lunch salads with a reasonable calorie count. The outdoor patio is a little retreat. You feel like the ladies who lunch when you go there. The kids menu is really nice too.

Sarkis B.

This place has become my go to place with my family. The food is consistently good and the service always great. Today I was blown away by the manager of the restaurant. We have become regulars so the employees recognize us. The service we received by the manger even though they were slammed with a bunch of people was amazing. The cocktails are also always great and tasty. Thanks Bar Verde keep it up!

Namir K.

I wanted a quiet place for a business meeting /lunch and on a weekday at the Americana, it was quiet peaceful almost serene. The fountains were following the music and the area near empty in part because of a windy day. I picked the bar verde for a quick lunch because of the terrace and the view. The heaters were on so we enjoyed the whole terrace for ourselves and the server quickly brought the menus: I opted for the soup of the day as I wasn't very hungry: it was a surprising chicken pot pie soup ( everything without the dough).It was warm, comforting and the pieces of white chicken were generously served. It was a little too heavy on cream though. It same with a little Parmesan crisp. The BRICK OVEN STEAK SALAD for $17.50 was served with baby spinach, arugula, pickled red cabbage , pomegranate vinaigrette and grilled flatbread. The steak medaillons were tender and flavorful. The bill was accompanied with tiny mint chocolates: why not? For sure , not a foodie destination but a nice place to enjoy a quick lunch with a view on the Americana. I would come back again if I am shopping and a little hungry and tired.

Joanna P.

Was really just looking for a restroom so as I walked into Nordstrom I saw menu's for their restaurant. I enjoyed eating at Nordstrom's cafe in Brea so I looked at the menu and noticed they had a few food selections for happy hour. With five minutes to spare, my boyfriend and I decided to go. They seated us and let us order right away before the happy hour ended. We got the burger, tacos, and calamari. The burger was super juice and I love the thin fries. It came with ketchup so we didn't need to even ask for it. The calamari was good and asian flavored. Had some bean sprouts, peppers, and the chili sauce was spread on the bottom of the plate. The lime chicken tacos were served on a hard shell, really small portion, but still tasty. So glad we found this place, we shared all three and were content after eating our meal. Only paid a total of $23 including tip! We would come back again!

Stephanie M.

I didn't know this place even existed until my sister and I were shopping at Nordstrom and looking for a low key spot for dinner at the Americana, she suggested this place and it was perfect. The menu is similar to Grandville, simple delicious plates with healthier options. I ordered the tomato basil bisque and shrimp salad, both were delicious. The service was great. We asked for the table outside with the view of the Americana since the weather was really nice and the atmosphere was perfect. I would definitely come back.

Shirley Kirkman

Good food great service. Reasonably priced.

Robert Cruz

Nice little place to eat

Madlen Y.

One of the best restaurants in Americana which is also hidden and that is the best part cause it does not get crazy packed like Cheesecake Factory or Granville in the same area. Located at the third floor of Nordstrom has indoor sitting area as well as a rooftop overlooking Americana. The service is nice and friendly. In our last visit although it was late night and we were almost hitting kitchen's closing time but the hostess was able to convince us to sit and promised we'll make it on time for the food and drinks. I'm sure every business needs that type of employees who manage to attract customers and keep them happy. The food is very flavorful and there are lots of healthy-ish options which are also reasonable priced considering the restaurant's overall vibe (upscale casual). I loved the chicken tacos but with a bit less salt though. Also the steak salad was fresh and delicious. A few minor issues: - The bread that comes with steak salad was stale. I'm sure if it was fresh we'd enjoy it more. - At the end of our visit the host escorted us all the way to the main gate downstairs because the store was already closed, which was kinda weird, I wish they had a separate door so our visit to the restaurant was not affected by the store hours. This is one of our top dining choices in Americana and we are always looking for going back and trying more of their menu items.

Kyle Picha

I heard about this place on


I heard about this place on and that it was in Nordstrom so I was like "win-win". Shopping & eating are the two best things ever. I had the chicken sandwich with fries and it was fantastic. Great experience!

Colin Chiu

Over priced and terrible parking at the Americana. I wouldn't go back just to visit this place. Food and service was good but so are so many other places. The parking should have been validated but the system they have there of feeding in a 'follow card' - whatever that is, didn't work and 2 of us in 2 lanes jammed the exits for 10 minutes while we were trying to get out. Nobody was on duty and while it eventually took mine, I still ended up paying $8 for parking after validation and my friend paid $13 because she couldn't get her card to work. We both agreed, this is not a place to return to.

Cynthia D.

Absolute love the food, the workers and the view here. It's nice having a good restaurant in the same building that you shop at. The view towards the Americana is exceptional, the food is delicious, especially the soups, the customer service is amazing~~ very cozy.

Jon O.

I had a great experience with an exceptional server, she was simply fantastic and made my lunch awesome. Had the blacken chicken sandwich with fries and it was good, the service made it great. Chicken was a bit crunchy but good, the fries were perfect. Arnold Palmer was fantastic, the fresh lemonade and tea made the difference!

Myrtle P.

It's Dine LA season and of course my friend and I are all about trying to find new places to try. The menu consisted of a three-course meal all for $29. Not bad, right? Appetizer: Tomato Bruschetta: It was good, but I've had better. It has a good crunch, but very soggy in the middle. I was not a fan of the balsamic reduction they had because it was super sweet. Although it was good with the tang of the sauce of the bruschetta, it was too much. Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos: I wasn't even aware that this taco was Cilantro like. I did not get that taste at all. Typical corn taco, nothing special about it. Entree: Chicken Picatta: if you've read my previous reviews, you know I love me my picatta. This one was so-so. One the one hand the chicken was on the dry side. The pasta was very thick, almost like a noodles. I'm not a fan of noodles. On the bright side, the sauce is spot on. Loved the taste on the sauce and made sure that everything I was going to it was covered by it. I think the flaw of using noodles is that the sauce isn't sticking to the noodle as much, so you lose the taste. Overall it was an okay dish. Braised Beef Bourguignon: the beef was very tasty, but could use a bit of sauce because it was a little dry. Wasn't a fan of horseradish either, but our friends liked it. The roasted veggies were cooked very nicely. Salmon Farro: only tried a bite of my friend's order. The salmon was nicely seasoned. More Cajun than Mediterranean. The hummus was a weird touch since the salmon didn't have any sauce and the hummus just made it thick. Weird pairings. Dessert: Salted Caramel Cheesecake: I'm partially lactose but this cheesecake was BOMB. It was so creamy and the caramel was on the darker side and I LOVED every risky bite I took. I would come back here for this baby. Maple Apple Cobbler: definitely a miss for us. It was all a mush, but the crumble was good. I was a little disappointed with the cobbler because I expected more. Overall a rollercoaster experience for us. We do get a little picky when trying new places, but who wouldn't be when you're going to be paying $$ for what you're going to order. Would I come back? Just for the cheesecake.

Rita S.

Send your husband up here if you are in Nordstrom and he's nagging about your shopping, or you can go here after your done shopping, or come here for a date night whatever it is, it's a great spot to grab some food. The service is awesome. They are so quick to help you and come by to check on you enough times. Their food is OMG. I usually don't like cafes or restaurants in department stores, but they seriously have flavorful food. Their chicken tacos are My favorite, but everything they serve is rich in flavor. One thing I don't like is how the chicken tacos used to come with 4 tacos, later became 3 and now 2tacos/order. I guess it is popular.

Matt B

Found on the 3rd level of Nordstrom, Bar Verde is a pretty rad place with a great view of the Americana as well as excellent cilantro lime tacos.

Kevin Arnold

Food waz great server gave us bread with our meal late!! With the bread

Sandra Staffer

Great food, friendly staff!

Christina C.

Great as always! Best place to have a meal in Americana and not wait for forever. I love lobster roll. Great cocktails. Service is always fast and pleasant. Food outstanding and affordable.

Luz Jabiel

Promising until my mom hurt her teeth with a couple of small hard pieces (not edible, probably bone pieces) in the spaghetti and meatballs! The most unsettling part of this experience is that the server and Karina the manager were far from empathetic and/or apologetic considering the situation. They acted like we were at fault and we were the inconvenience. The server even got really rude at us at the end of the dinner. Very unpleasant and uncomfortable experience. I decided to let you know in hopes that this doesn't happen again and save you from a terrible experience at this restaurant.

Lidia Alfaro

Went for a quick drink with some coworkers before a movie. It was quiet and not too busy when we went, which was great. Drinks were fantastic and the bartender was nice. Gave my coworker a good drink recommendation.

Henry Miller

Decent restaurant top floor inside Nordstrom's