Trattoria Amici At The Americana At Brand

783 Americana Way, Glendale
(818) 502-1220

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We were a group of 15. We called in for a reservation on a Sunday and they delivered. So first off that was amazing. Offering reservations on weekends. Majority of the restaurants don't do reservations on weekends.

Fatin S.

Excellent food. We had a hiccup at lunch but the manager made up for it by sending us a salad and some warm bread to enjoy while we waiting for our lunch. Loved the short ribs with risotto. The meat was so tender and it melts in the mouth. Highly recommend.

Jess S.

Great food and great beautiful drinks. Antonio asked what we liked and delivered a delicious drink. Manager Luis came to ask how we were doing super professional and attentive making sure we were satisfied with our dinner and drinks. Definitely will be coming back!

Eatig Werolyn

Our business group of 12 dined on the patio here and had an amazing experience. The staff could not have been more gracious and attentive to our needs. Because of our group size, we had limited choices for our main course. The bread and salad were delicious and the pizza was very tasty. I ordered the spinach ravioli and despite eating bread and pizza before, it wasn?t too heavy to make me feel like I overindulged in carbs. Grazie Trattoria Amici.

Janice Melhorn

Expensive for Italian food, but very nice al fresco patio. Classy place. Validated parking in the Americana mall

Jaimie Park

Came here for a work event. Sea bass was tasty, but wish I got pasta! I'll have to go back, maybe!

Niu L.

I ordered the Pappardella with mushroom and cream sauce. It's the best pasta I've had in LA! The smell is so good, filled with mushroom and minced meat. The sauce is creamy and really tasty. I was also amazed by the pappardella.

Rebeca M.

Arrived on a Monday night around 7pm. Sat at the bar and ordered basic pizza and drinks, we were offered bread and butter while we waited for our food. The pepperoni pizza was okay, I think it could have used less tomato sauce. Ordered a Hennessy sidecar and it was disgustingly bitter and not made properly. What really turned me off about the service was we had literally just finished eating our pizza when the bartender comes over and starts cleaning up our plates.... mind you my boyfriend and I are still snacking on the bread and butter, doesn't even ask if we are finished or if we needed anything else. My reason for writing this review is I have honestly never experienced a bartender with that kind of service no apology or acknowledgement for his wrong doing. Will not be revisiting this place again.

Mark B.

Been going here for 3 to 4 years. I like how they are friendly, have decent prices and the food and serving sizes are great for what you pay for. Moreover it is beautiful on the inside and in their patio area. They have a great view of the Americana fountains too! I like their assorted cheese appetizers and the small breads that come with them. They also sometines have handmade pasta! So cool!!

Mohammad R

The three of us had a light dinner there. My vegetable soup was healthy but flat! The server was nice not to charge for the soup. The other two got broccoli soup and pizza. Their melas were fine.

Rachel U.

Visited this Glendale location VERY DISAPPOINTED . First of all. Our waiter keeps blabbing to next table. Second Rib Eye steak, smells like rotten. The color is pile brown. For the price we pay, never to recommended this Restaurant to anyone.. We pick this place for special occasion . POOR QUALITY FOOD.

Edelwisa Esona Rivero

Wowwww love the ambience is good ...and the staff...just amazing

Sierra R.

Great place for fresh pasta in Glendale! This place is located in the Americana across the Barnes and Noble Bookstore. We come here we need to get our pasta fix because the pasta is fresh and just delicious! My fave dish is the Rigatoni alla Norcina, it's a creamy truffle tasting pasta with sausage and mushrooms! Only reason I deducted -1 Star was that they didn't follow up on us and messed up on our order by forgetting a dish. They have indoor and outdoor seating. We love sitting outdoors, sipping on a good Chardonnay, and eating pasta! What more could a woman want?! I usually go here with a big group or just dinner with a friend.

Tommy O.

I'm really not the kind of guy to complain about eating out at a restaurant. My Dad does it all the time and I hate it. The only reason I'm posting a review is because my ($17) glass of wine had five or six fruit flies floating around in it that I didn't notice until I HAD A SIP. GROSS! To begin with, when I asked the waiter for a wine list he ignored me and just pressured me into ordering whatever he recommended. Which ended up being the two week old wine with bugs in it. Once I brought this to our servers attention, I realized that he's not just the server but also the manager. He apologizes for the fruit flies and pours another glass of wine in front of me this time. I reluctantly drink the wine (bug free), my wife finishes her glass of wine and salad as well. Then we get the check. Which totaled to $68 and some change. My glass of wine had not been taken off from the check?! And honestly we were way over charged on the salad that was slimy and looked three days old. The wine I got (for $17) can be purchased at a liquor store for $9. The price difference is even worse for the wine my wife ordered. Although the salad was really bad and the wine was awful and extremely over priced, most of my issue is with the service. HOW DO YOU CHARGE SOMEONE FOR A GLASS OF WINE THAT HAD BUGS IN IT? HOW?! The bold gentlemen with the fake Italian accent doesn't need to be helping customers. Pressuring people to buy old wine at a hiked up price is bad business. He should know better than that. He should find a new position there. Dishwasher maybe. I'm honestly surprised at how calm I was during the whole thing. On a side note, the hostess sat us next to the only other people in the whole restaurant while many tables where open and not smashed up against people on either side. These are small things to consider when charging people $80 (with tip cause I'm not a piece of trash) for two glasses of wine and a salad on a Sunday. I will absolutely never go back to this place and I highly recommend you do the same. Loving fan of good food and a son of a mother in the food industry for her whole career - Tommy

Susan S.

We had low expectations, but we were pleasantly surprised. It's been a long time since we had a good experience at an italian restaurant, but this place reminded me of our trip to Italy and how much we loved Italian food then. We stopped by around 3pm for a light meal before dinner, so we ordered arancini and seafood linguini to share between two people. Arancini came first, and it was a delicious, lightly fried rice balls filled with yummy short ribs and cheese. Then the seafood linguini came out and it was so good! Just the right amount of seafood to noodles ratio and the linguini was cooked perfectly al dente. There was a perfect bite to every noodle, and the sauce had the rich, deep flavors of seafood that I enjoyed. The service was kind of meh. The hostess was kinda unfriendly, it looked like she was doing us a favor seating us in a mostly empty restaurant (it was 3pm). We needed to ask for water re-fills and the dish to be cleared away, but the food made up for all of that. I'd definitely come back next time I'm at the Americana, and there is happy hour between 4-7pm M-Fri too. That would be a great deal if I could ever make it out here then!

Shelby Jass

What a nice little quaint place to eat right in the middle of the Americana in Glendale!

Sarah Feighan

This was my favourite restaurant when I was in glendale! Waiters were more than helpful! Cocktails were ace and food was great!! Highly recommend!


Yum! Food came out in perfect intervals. We ordered the meat and cheese board which was very tasty and fresh. My husband got the lamb which he enjoyed and I ordered the prosciutto ravioli which was delicious! The pasta was fresh and it tasted amazing. I got the tiramisu for dessert and it was pretty good. We would definatly be back. Our waiter Brian was so patient and a pleasure to talk with! Thanks Brian!!

Oscar Valdez

Love this restaurant. Friendly staff, amazing fresh food made to order. Nothing negative to say. Keep up the good work. See you guys this weekend.

Dorotha Radke

Honest name, the pizza is very good, it is a very small location, just a few small tables inside, and some tables just outside. I've had better pizza, but this pizza is great value.

Ieda A.

Located across from Nordstrom, Trattoria Amici is a great place to take your date or your spouse of 16 years for a Monday luncheon. Place was empty at 11:45am on a Monday but filled up quickly by mid noon. Definitely recommend reservations especially during weekends or Friday night dinners. Totally recommend: -Lightly battered calamari -Linguini frutti di Mare aka linguini with seafood in tomato sauce -Tiramisu Do not recommend: Not impressed with the sole fish and the sides 5 star for the place and the service We will definitely come back since I want to try the home made gnocchi.


The restaurant was good with excellent service. I would recommend trying their Margarita Pizza which was crispy and their Spinach Ricotta Ravioli with Tomato Sauce (the rich sauce gave the dish a significant flavor). However, I would suggest serving CokeCola / Pepsi cans rather than serving it from the machine which made the beverage lose its carbon dioxide.

Reine Dominique Johansen

Best tiramisu in town. The pastas are also extremely tasty. The staff is thoughtful and checks on you... I highly recommend.

Nahid Khajeh

I ordered a veggie pizza and asked for an extra topping of mushroom. But it was so bad and smell too bad that I took off all those rotted mushrooms. They were not fresh and I never go back there.

RickMay Nolleblav

Food is good and the servers are very friendly and attentive, we really enjoy the food, the salad is very fresh.I will definitely come back again.

Daniel Soliman

Food has always been great not once did I have a bad experience, well only parking.

Mariah R.

Came by the other afternoon with my mom! We came around 1 and there was no wait -- we were able to be seated on the patio immediately. Service was quick and very attentive. If you check in, you are given a free glass of Prosecco and a side dish of focaccia! Both were delicious. My mom and I split their Amici salad and it was incredibly tasty -- not filling enough to split but would've been plenty for only one person. Definitely will be back and try some of their pastas next time!

Shelby J.

What a nice little quaint place to eat right in the middle of the Americana in Glendale! The greeter got us seated immediately and the waiter was at our table within seconds. Checking in via the Yelp app, afforded us a glass of Prosecco and bread snacks. Very impressive This was a quick lunch so we just split a salad that was very healthy and tasty. Service was very nice. Noise level was great. Price point $$. Nice place for a quick bite on the outdoor patio while enjoying the view of water fountains and music within ear distance.

Rubina Bina

Tables are few inches apart. You almost share your table with strangers and everyone can hear your conversation. The broccoli soup tasted worse than a packaged powder soup. The salad was bland and literally no dressing. The pasta tasted like nothing. Very disappointing.

Jani T.

My daughter and I were shopping and decided to grab a quick lunch. We went to Amici and were seated right away at their patio, which I love. It wasn't my first visit here, more like 4th or 5th but I never wrote a review. They have Happy Hour which I wasn't aware of, dishes are very reasonable and delicious. Happy hour drinks, you can have wine for 5 or one pick of the week cocktail for 6. I wasn't lucky because their pick wasn't my cup of tea. I ordered margarita which was great but on regular menu. Friendly server, good service. They validate parking ticket. Have a great location right in the heart of Americana!! See you back soon!

Rachel B.

If you are looking for great service, great food, and ambiance you need to visit Trattoria Amici! I have been here twice and have ordered the Amici salad both times because it is so light and delicious. I always look around and see others eating the pasta and it looks soooo good I will definitely be back to try it! My last visit I had Omar as my waiter and he was exceptional!! Speedy service on my lunch break from work and he was so friendly! He also highly recommended the Panna Cotta for dessert and I'm so glad he did because it was one of the best desserts I've had!! I would try and request him as your server if you can :)


My neighbor makes better Amatriciana... Not at all as expected. I guess the pancetta was in there someplace.

Tanya B.

This restaurant is in Americana, meaning you can't see it from the street when you pass by on Brand. They serve really good Italian food. Must try their gnocchi and chioppino. Great service, the guy with Italian accent was very energetic and attentive. First time here and we'll be back for sure.

Pren H.

I've been here couple times and ai can say everything here tastes great! Their appetizers are so good specially their meat balls and bruschetta! Their pastas are delicious too But their steaks are way more better! I'm usually not a dessert person but their tiramisu is amazing! And, last but not least they have a good collection of wines and they make their mojitos so good!

martha g.

My first time there and I was definitely impressed. The place was clean and the ambiance was casual. The biggest plus there however was the excellent service. I had the Rigatoni Alla Norcina and it was seasoned to perfection. Literally wasn't missing a thing! It was rich and creamy and the portion was generous. My favorite thing though had to be the raspberry mojito. Yum!!

Emilee T.

I can't even believe the experience we had here... The bread was amazing, the food was amazing (especially the Bolognese, pizza and Crème Brûlée!!) and the service from start to finish was so special...TOP NOTCH! We loved everything about our experience and will certainly be back! I can't wait to try more items on the menu!

Mary T.

Perfect place if you're craving Italian at the Americana. The food is so good. Anything you order you know it's gonna be great. The truffle pasta is so flavorful. The workers are really sweet and the place has a great outside sitting.

Logan L

After we were seated, our server disappeared and never returned. Finally, the manager came to get us water and our appetizers and food.

Alisa K.

I absolutely love this place and everything it has to offer. First and foremost, the service is just PERFECT! Every waiter and waitress I've had there has been amazing. They are kind, patient and so welcoming. It's clear they value good service. Next. The food. Simply wow. Every dish is just to die for. My favorites are the following: shrimp and mushroom risotto (not always on the menu but they'll make it if you ask); battuta di pollo (I sun the potatoes for broccoli and say no salt - simply delish and healthy); the classic chicken parm; and the gnocchi. You really can't go wrong. This is one of my favorite, if not favorite, Italian restaurants in LA. A MUST!

Dave S.

Been meaning to dine at Trattoria Amici due to the decor but earlier reviews when this establishment opened were underwhelming, I chose to avoid. Until I received a $25 Caruso rewards card from the Americana conceige after accumulating enough points. That's when I decided to take my girl friend out to a nice birthday dinner. Best decision I made ... cause the food is excellent and the very attentive service from Freddy, truly made our Saturday evening the best. I ordered the lamb chops which were cooked perfectly and I substituted the mash potatoes with the rosemary roasted potatoes (could use more rosemary to bring out the flavor - next time). And a side dish of sautéed broccolini (delicious!). The GF ordered the braised short ribs with risotto and fell in love with the dish even more so, when Freddy suggested adding truffle oil on her risotto - bringing her a small cup. He then proceeded to get me more sauce for my lamb and this gesture made a difference. Our dishes were paired with a glass of Primitivo a Sicilian red wine that went well with the heavy dishes. Another superb suggestion from Freddy. A sign of great service is when your server over hears you mentioning your GF birthday, asking her to get whatever she wanted in the dessert menu. He returned in a few minutes with a complimentary scoop of hand made ice cream with a lit candle and a chocolate tag written, "Happy Birthday!". That complimented well when we ordered the berries panna cotta dessert and 2 macchiatos (extra hot) to cleanse our palette. If you ever decide to dine in on a Friday or weekend night ask the host for Freddy's tables in the patio and expect first rate customer service - truly. Tip well, cause you don't get services like this in most establishments and a fantastic dining experience.

Trattoria Amici At The Americana At Brand

783 Americana Way, Glendale, CA 91210
(818) 502-1220