Peet's Coffee & Tea

692 Freeman Ln, Grass Valley
(530) 272-1958

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Millie Delaney

Always friendly staff. Nice variety of drinks and munchies. Seating area clean. Good place to sit and chat, check your computer, or just people warch.

Donna D.

Raleys does NOT enforce the wearing of masks!! Small businesses are closed and failing due to the strict regulations. And yet, essential businesses are allowed to stay open without meeting the sates requirements regarding covid19 safety. Even Kmart makes random announcements about wearing a mask! Raleys needs to be safer!!

Amber N.

Let me just say, the Courtesy clerk Brunette curly haired girl who made these bouquets for my mother and grandmother was so kind, sweet and eager to learn and did a great job making the bouquets. I love that she had the gentle confidence to try though it wasn't her area of work:) My family got something extra special thanks to her!

Gigi G.

This is a very great location when ever I am in the area I like to make a special trip here I also really enjoy the Pete's coffee here soo good the bakery staff definitely achieves making great delicious coffee they also have very delicious bakery items some of my favorites are the maple bar donuts the French bread and the Dutch bread the individual cakes are very good this location is a very clean establishment very clean atmosphere I Also enjoy the service deli here it is very good they also Make very delicious sandwiches the meat department is always beautifully displayed they have very great quality in all of the items that they prepare they definitely achieve great presentation of delicious foods they also have vegan options which I think is awesome since a lot of people are vegan and I think it is great that they have added this to there stores this location Also has very wide aisles which makes shopping that much easier and the staff here is amazing if you need help finding a item they will walk you over to it they won't just point like other stores I definitely appreciate when a store will go above and beyond for me it is very nice they also have A very beautiful display of flowers in the floral department it always smells so good the restrooms are always very clean and the parking lots as well this store is very clean I highly recommend this establishment for anyone looking for a store and great shopping experiences I will definitely be coming back here again soon next time I am in town thank you raley's was

Carol S.

At self check out at 2:30pm September 5, 2020 I asked if checker could scan the 25 lb bag of carrots. I thought she had a wand but she didn't. Instead she came over and said yes she could telling me as she lifted the bag "YOU have to lift it" and then slammed the bag with all her strength back into my cart on top of my groceries. It was a stunning display of an anger management issue out of control. We wanted to just walk out but didn't because we'd then have to go shopping elsewhere. We are new to the community but certainly will not be returning. For management she was about 35, brown hair, and neither the union nor manager should be tolerating this type of behavior that costs customers. Thanks to managment for responding. I worked at a large grocery chain for more than a decade so I understand that people have bad days, and customers can be a pain but this was so over the top I had to respond.

Laura O.

Today there were quite a few unmasked shoppers despite postings and announcements saying they must be worn. Why doesn't Raleys make those people leave? I don't feel that safe anymore and I'm angry.

Sara H.

Used to love coming in for the burritos about 10 years ago, 100% my faves. Now I'm not hoity toity enoigh apparently and dont feel welcome.

Gabbin K.

Raleys has been price gauging during a crisis! Shame shame! Raleys is a disgusting corporation that has raised their prices across the board, even though sales have doubled for the last few months. Disgusting. Boycott Raleys!!!

Tom Harper

Always cheerful baristas making great drinks.

Ryan C.

Done with these guys completely now. Prices are already outrageous here, and now they're adding insult to injury by refusing to continue to absorb this state's ludicrous bag tax (they've been able to afford just fine from raising the price of every item in the store by a good buck since last year, I'm pretty sure). That was pretty much the only reason I was going here over Safeway anymore. You folks know people don't have any other choice but to get screwed by one or the other around here. Shame on you and your greed.

Tom T.

I'm starting to dislike this Raley's store particularly, they always run out of the baguette bread by noon, even on weekends. No more baguette for the rest of the day. Why bother have a bakery if you can't make bread for dinner?? That happens repeatedly, and I brought it up to management multiple times. They have so much of the French bread left over setting on the shelf all day. I told management make less French bread that sits on shelf and replace it with baguette bread which customers want. Raley's can profit while keeping customers happy and coming back, anyone knows this... Also, they used to sell chicken by the piece in the meat market and I could buy 2 pieces of dark & white meat, but they don't do that anymore. Now I have to buy packs of 3-4 pieces of each. I shop Raley's cause I thought they cater to their customers, but now they're acting like Safeway, they shuv their own crap to customers to buy whether they like it or not. I'll have to find my local market. The staff are super friendly and amazing.

Wendysuenewday S.

I love this store even more now. When we had a power outage for several days they were on fire with excellent customer service. Food ice and smiles were plenty. I love you all. I told them in person how impressed I was but need to be sure it's publicly displayed. We're about to experience another outage and I know I'll be spending a lot of time there again.

William C.

Five gold stars for Raleys. Tom Raley would be proud how the Freeman Lane store is handling the power outage. Fully operational, 17 check out stands, employees everywhere answering questions and welcoming shoppers. Far cry better than the monstrosity at Safeway. The difference between a locally owned and a national chain. Good job gals and guys. Thank you.

Jim A

They have a lot of good food here from sushi to Chinese to sandwiches to cooked dished like tri tip and chicken. It has become my go-to place for a quick lunch or a dish for dinner.

steve rhodes

X positively awesome

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