China Garden

14825 Jeffrey Rd, Irvine
(949) 653-9988

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Michelle Nguyen

We used to come here often for dim sum and overall it has been good. We came after 1pm and majority of the dishes we ordered were cold. We thought dim sum is cold because we came late so we ordered Peking duck. It was cold and the bread was dry. Very disappointing!! I’m done with this place.

Richard Chen

Best dim sum you can get anywhere near Irvine. They also serve geoduck (its so hard to find a good place that does them)The best experience is on the weekends where they roll out the dim sum carts. The most authentic way to ear dim sum!


Dim Sum Brunch. Try their mango pudding desert. Very busy and delicious.Food: 5/5

S C.

Rude and cold Dim Sun or they forget to bring what you had ordered. Food has gone downhill. I'd rather drive to San Gabriel or L.A. for really great Dim Sum. Since I was forced to give one star I gave my own real rating. !!

R G.

I've only been to China Garden for dim sum. I've always gotten great service at different hours of the day. If you go closer to the dim sum hours ending they run out of items. But this is usual. The hot tea is really good too. To go has also been good for dim sum also. I haven't had any problem with items that were added to my bill. I've only had this problem when friends come and over order. Overall I'd recommend coming here for dim sum. I'm not sure how dinner is, I've never been. If you want it how your mother or grandmother made it have them do it or make it yourself. If you're rude to servers don't expect the greatest service, they're people too.

Kristie L.

I've been picking up take out from here for the last couple of months every time on my way home from San Diego after leaving my parents place in Orange County. It's right off of the 5 freeway and a perfect pit stop. Service is generally fast but not all that friendly. I call my order ahead of time and pay and pickup when I get there. The price point is reasonable considering a siu mai order in San Diego is 30% higher and definitely not as tasty. I'm definitely keeping this on rotation. Parking lot gets full/crowded but there are 30 min spots by the bank for quick pick up only.

Bill Youse

Haven't been here in several years but the dim sum is as good as I remember. Best in Irvine that I know of. We had a bit of confusion with 4 orders of one item when we only meant one. It was taken care of. I enjoyed all of the wheat-gluten free selections I chose and everyone liked the other items.Parking: Always busy in this Jeffrey/Walnut center but we had no problem finding a couple of spots.

Bobby B.

The quality of dim sum really surprised me! Makes sense why there is usually a lot of people waiting outside. Besides being concerned about the cleanliness of this restaurant, the food was pretty good. Everything was super fresh and piping hot! The Siu Mai was my favorite.

shirley w.

Got dim sum to go a few weeks ago and they were decent! Usually we drive to Monterey Park for good dim sum but didn't want to drive so far today and give this place a try... everything was pretty good and I will definitely come back to dine in to try again!

Chung Fai S.

The food isn't bad but quality and quantity wise not the greatest. The restaurant is a little on the older side so you can surely see the wear and tear of the place. Prices are still high but that is given in Irvine.

Mia Kuo

Just wanted to share that Dim sum is every day until 2:45pm!My family has been going here since before I was born. Typical Chinese Canto style cuisine. Service is good but don’t expect to be babied or have your hand held.Good food, good portions, decent market price for all dishes and specials and live seafood.

Nieves AJ

Consistently good dims sum. Only complaints are the prices that have gone up and they don't have the dim sum passed from the carts. Now you have to order from a piece of paper.

Shirley G.

Vegetable was not fresh, you can tell from the dried end on the stems, this was served at 11am, also over cooked. Everything was super super super salty, no one was interested in taking anything twice. Heavy MSG used, felt sick afterwards.

Trilina M.

Hits and misses. Prices are appropriate. Food is ordered on a paper and then carried out. Yes. -Chicken feet: cooked perfectly and seasoned really well. Might be a tad salty, but I enjoy the strong flavor -Shrimp rise paper roll: its not anything amazing, but it was solid. I wish the sauce was stronger on the flavor. -Shrimp Har Gao (?spelling?): pretty solid. Thin wrapper and juicy shrimp. MAYBE -Eggtart: The flavor is really really good. I'm only dinging this because there was a bit too much of the flaky pastry. NO -Chinese Broccoli with Oyster sauce: served as a dish of broccoli and seoarate container of oyster sauce. Honestly, they fed me a tree. The stem pieces were SUPER THICC. Yep.. two c's. The thickness of it took away my enjoyment of the dish. Also, it needs more oyster sauce, or have it incorporated into it

Allie W.

We ordered sauteed rock cod filets, mixed mushroom w sliced prime rib, & assorted seafood w/bean curd to go. All 3 dishes were tasty, however, there were a lot more cheaper ingredients in two dishes, like lots of bean curds & mushroom but few meat & seafood. Overall, we liked the food and will definitely order again,

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