Itea Cafe

15435 Jeffrey Rd, Irvine
(949) 551-4832

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Worst services ever

Raging Demon

I used to love itea; it's been a staple in Irvine for 10+ years. The quality of food really worsened, and the price is getting ridiculous. They changed a lot of the authentic ingredients to something else along with the way they prepare many of the dishes. For similar tasting food, I suggest going to tofu king.

Atmosphere: 3

Food: 3

Service: 2

Brandon G.

One of my favorites casual Taiwanese restaurants in Irvine area. They did a good job with typical Taiwanese-style dishes like popcorn chicken, porkchop rice, etc. however, for the past few years, they raised prices multiple times. Every time they raise the menu prices, they also cut down the food portions. It getting to a point that's ridiculous. Now, for dining in, they serve the food in smaller disposable to-go containers, give each dine-in customer a single piece of napkin. We started questioning why we keep coming here.

Wilber Liu

Arrived at 11, door is locked. Look inside and see a worker shuffling around. Knock on the glass, she sees me and she just waves me away. See another worker walking around and he also decides to not open the door. Waited 5 minutes and then left. What a joke

Service: 1

Michael C.

Don't buy their tea, they are not honest with their price.Bought 2 drinks for about (1 milk tea and 1 icy) which cost about $13.50.However the price on their drink menu (right in front of cashier) shows it's ~$9.When I ask why the price difference, they said that's old menu pricing.This is BS, then why it show it to customer.Show the updated/correct pricing then.

David W.

The food here makes me so happyBut y'all need to be consistent about providing tofu and the marinated egg with your lunch bento--opening the box and seeing no tofu, no egg is like finding out you're missing parts in your IKEA furniture halfway through the build. Like... I'm mad about it, but not enough to be mean. Just do it right and we can be cool, ya feel?Do it right.Provide the tofu and egg.

Louis Huang

Very disappointed with the foods at this restaurant. Not environmental friendly- they use plastic plates.

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 1

Service: 1

Heather C.

Service is not good but food tasted good. Went in and was not greeted... sat down and waited for a bit until I finally had to ask for a menu. I like that they have specials though. The green tea was delicious.

Yansha Y.

My go to lunch spot in Irvine between work breaks!! I love they have the daily special with free drink on side for Monday- Friday! Makes deciding what to order way easier and it's such a good deal! You get carbs veggies and protein all packed into one nice delicious meal the drinks r great too comparable to an actual boba shop!!! And the staff is always very straightforward and accommodating to my extra requests which I really appreciate too! Anyways I tea cafe = FAVVVV THANKS FOR EXISTING I love Taiwanese food

Jin S.

We came here on a Wednesday for lunch and ordered their Wednesday special which was a buy 4 get 1 free deal. We got one of each: Taiwanese pork chop, old fashion sausage, Japanese fish fillet, popcorn chicken, and chicken steak. Each order came as a platter with rice, veggies, and an egg. We also got the pig ear and oyster pancake. Everything came out hot and tasted very good. Casual cafe style spot for some authentic and reasonably priced Taiwanese food! The shopping center has other great Taiwanese restaurants nearby as well.

Benson L.

Had it today very good. Fish steak so good. Pork chop very good. I think it's their fish steak that stands out. Fish steak rice very good here. Nice little spot in Irvine for Taiwanese food. Highly recommend very pricey but worth it the fish steak is bomb.

Leo Lai

Kinda figured why their business is getting worse. Too bad, there are few expense you're not supposed to save, hiring expense is one of them.

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 3

Service: 2

Jenny J.

The first and second time coming here have both been very positive experiences! The food is fairly cheap (with weekly deals) and also filling. The food is very simple but very delicious! One time, my boyfriend went by himself and ordered the Taiwan sausage with rice but he claimed he got a weird looking piece that scared him so he was unable to finish the food. That was probably a one time occasion, though. Overall, if you are looking for a quick meal that's worth your money, come here!

Brian C.

As a regular patron of I-Tea Cafe, I highly reccomend this spot for authentic Taiwanese food. I called ahead, as I always do, to order my two go to dishes: the three cups chicken and the Taiwanese fried rice noodles.The three cups chicken is packed with flavor and spice, while the fried rice noodles are a perfectly savory and filling accompaniment. Together, they make for a meal that hits all the right spots.Overall, I-Tea Cafe is my go-to spot for quick, tasty, and satisfying takeout. So whether you're in the mood for Taiwanese cuisine or just want to try something new, I highly recommend giving it a try.

Dave L.

This place is not clean. The pork chop I ordered was old and smelled bad. Theservice was slow. Years ago this was a pretty good restaurant. I think they have givenup. Now, you take a risk at gettingsick.

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