Pho Saigon Pearl

704 Spectrum Center Dr Suite 704, Irvine
(949) 789-5400

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Martha Esponda

la comida es impresionante de rica y el servicio super

Allie Hawker

Was a regular here and Leo would serve me and my boyfriend. Today during our meal he came to the table to make conversation then proceeded to tell me I got fat and expected my boyfriend to agree even kept going when I said to stop. Good food isn’t worth harassment. And after seeing 2 other 1 star reviews for his behavior I’m shocked he’s still there.

Mark Absher

I’m a fan! I love their fried rice, which I mix with their curry chicken. Incredibly tasty! Great location. Pleasant staff. Love it.

Sydney Wang

Friendly staff and tasty food! Will come again. I ordered the grilled pork pho, shrimp rolls, and three flavor dessert.

J. Duke

The employee that greeted us was genuinely upset that we showed up at 830pm, and they closed at 9pm. He angrily said we should just do take out. Not cool. As a business owner, service is critical to me, and this place failed. We decided to go somewhere else to eat and left. Bummer because we're huge fans of pho, but if your service is bad, then you don't get my money.


Went to pick up an online order mid afternoon over last weekend, had an unpleasant experience; this staff member, mid age, crew cut / grey hair who was also bussing table told me about 5 minutes wait time, after multiple 5 minutes gone by, I checked again see how much longer or should I keep waiting; he told me grudgingly and rudely to cancel it; the place was only half full, not even peak hour; I decided to cancel the order, and their wish came true not caring for more business …

Anjali Vohra

Very delicious garden rolls and vegetarian pho with fried tofu. Customer service is friendly and very fast. Ingredients are so fresh. I never had such a best pho restaurant before. I would definitely like to come again .

Oliver Pan

Spectrum location is convenient but the food is not as good as the other locations and it’s always understaffed. I recommend going to the Diamond Jamboree location instead if you can.


Only good thing was egg rolls, pho doesnt taste like pho, ordered 2 rice dishes, they aren’t vietnamese, tasted horrible old oil and lots of soy sauce, me and my friend got food poisoningI’m sorry but it was really terrible.

Matt Lashbrook

Leo is horrible and rude to me every week. I always walk in with a smile and leave with a frown. :( I come back for how tasty the food is but Leo may prevent me from coming back in the future now.

SpanishKvndy Benitez

Horrible service by Leo. You can tell he is very tired of working at the spectrum location. My soup order was done with only carrots and noodles and I said can I please get meat and right away he was very rude & said “You did not order that!” I said okay excuse me ?! I just want meat it’s no big deal. I felt harassed I told the other server I did not like his service & just wanted my check & left, I told the other server that I’m not happy. As I was writing my review, he asked are you writing a review ?! He even followed me to stop my review!!!!

Albert Lim

The best pho outside of westminister

Annie c

The best pho in Irvine. Food was amazing! The service is friendly and reasonable price! I love it sooo much?

Stephen F. “Millz” Miller

Excellent vegetarian options. I'm a bicoastal connoisseur of tofu banh mi and theirs is superb.


Good customer service and very friendly.Delicious PHO.Thank You!

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