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Krissy Hurley

I just bought a Brûlée Thai Tea with caramel Boba just now at 4pm and there were around 10 people at the store. I normally get the same drink each time I come visit.Today was really a bad experience and will never return. The wait was longer than it used to assuming this was the first time I see they have 10 people but only about 5 of us were waiting for our orders and the rest already have their drinks. Noted that there were three employees working.I will emphasize the inconsistency of the Brûlée Thai Tea Boba that I had today. It just taste like water. It doesn’t had much of brûlée on it and it’s was awful. I kept returning at this place because of how this drink I always get taste so delicious BUT today was pretty bad aside of the slow service.The Management needs to check on this as the employees cannot handle just this small amount of customers at the same time and please revisit the consistency of the drinks prepared. This must be a different employee who used to make my order.

Jackie Z.

Came in today for a quick bite and some tasty boba tea, food was speedy and the place looks tremendously better than the last time I was here, I believe they have a new management team. -Popcorn chicken is a bit spicy/ when I addressed the issue, the server, Jay Or Je was very friendly and offered to make another one, he was also very courteous and excellent in customer service. Looking to coming back soon! -Boba tea is superb

Adalinne Zachary

The Tiramisu foam is so delicious! I recommend with the red jade milk tea. Also on my first visit, the barista Neu was kind to go make a fresh sample upon my request. Definitely bringing all my friends and family!

Gloria C.

We stopped by after trying Quarters KBBQ and needed something sweet to end the night on a good note, and passed by this boba place. The aesthetic is so cute and minimalistic, and although our options were limited because of how late we came, their drinks that we were able to try were delicious. This is the Ceylon milk tea with no tiramisu (trying to be healthier ya know) and even though I finished my drink the next day, it was delicious. The employees were also so helpful and patient - what a hidden gem (hidden to everyone or just hidden to me).

Mingjie Xu (徐明杰)

Great drink quality but the store floor is a bit sticky and smells funny.Food: 5/5

Deb H.

So Tan Cha (their Irvine location) has really good tea! Their milk tea is really flavorful and the perfect blend of tea and milk. The sweetness level is spot on too. However, they were out of boba when I ordered from them! Aghhh it drives me crazy when a milk tea shop is out of boba like they have one job to keep inventory and they didn't have it! (especially the port isn't backed up anymore) Especially when I'm paying over $6 for a drink it should have boba! I tried the other add ins (the agar boba just doesn't do it for me - it tastes like shredded slimy strips to me...) but I really just wanted boba so that was disappointing. Also, be careful with their cups if you get a drink without an add on (like I had to when they were out of boba) because the cups have a really large straw hole (which is fine for when you have a large straw for add ons), but when you have a small straw because they are out of boba it can leak when you're driving in the car. However, their matcha green tea is super yummy though and I also like their Oolong. The foam has been hit or miss for me so sometimes I order it without. Overall, I will be back here again since their tea is tasty (but next time I hope they have boba)!

Wendy C.

One man show. Literally the slowest moving workers. Came here on a Saturday around 1pm and there is only three other customers ahead of me. TWENTY FIVE MINUTES later and still no drinks. Given we ordered 5 drinks, I know it doesn't take 30 mins to make them. We ordered their #1 drink, the Royal Ceylon. Milk tea with Tiramisu Puff Cream. This is my second time here and yet the same experience as last time. I won't be coming back here again.

Matthew Ruiz

Was already having a bad day and wanted some boba to cheer me up. Came in 15 min before closing and a worker said we’re closed. How are they closed if it’s 15 minutes before closing, the sign outside said closed at 10pm, and the door was unlocked? I told her this and she shrugged and walked away.

Emily J.

The guy at the front didn't say hello, just looked at us when we walked in. The place smelled like someone was smoking inside. A girl came out and took our order. The boba was hard, and the texture wasn't right. The matcha flavor was very light, which was a let-down.

Adithya B.

I'm from Orange County so I'm used to the drinks there, but I think I found my tea-based, boba place of choice and it's Tan-cha! They make adjustments, have a loyalty program, have great looking and tasting drinks, and their staff is polite and well informed of each drink! Go here if you don't know a good spot for boba and you are around the area

Sean L

drink nothing special, id rather go elsewhere..place has no AC and the care of cleaning is lacking sad, it makes u wonder how safe is food when front door and floor look like this..

Ying W.

Water was running. Nobody care. We are experience excessive heat and drought now. The staff in this place have no mind. Wasting water makes me so mad. Will not come back. Also this place is so dirty. Even though the decoration is nice. Nobody care. Who dare to drink their tea? Throw in the trash. Disgusting!

Kai Groschi

Love the Tiramisu drink here. I think they were one of the first ones to offer it before other tea places copied it. Staff could be a bit more friendly.

Craig F.

Take cash? No. Serve all of the things that they show online on the menu? Nope. Restroom open for customers? Nope. I went in the other day within an hour of opening and they didn't have the milk to make milk tea. You only make one thing - milk tea - how is this possible? Really sad..... Better options close by on Campus - not worth the time and it is massively inconsistent.

Nicole H.

Their milk teas with that unforgettable tiramisu foam--very tasty. I have tried their uji green milk tea as well as the red jade milk tea both with the tiramisu foam, and they are delicious. I usually like my sweetness level at 50% or 25%, but I never have to ask them to adjust the level because it's not too sweet to begin with. They even put little, tiny chocolate balls on top of the foam, so cute. I got the strawberry smoothie for the kids, and again, it was not too sweet. (I'm so happy because I forgot to tell them to reduce the sugar level by half. It didn't need to be adjusted because it was perfect. Unlike places like Tasty that make their fruit drinks so sugary. Even at half sweet at Tasty, their Peach Me Freeze, or whatever it's called makes me feel like I'm drinking soap.) Sorry, I digress. Every time I walk in, it does smell heavily of bleach. The decor is cute, but I wouldn't stay in there long because of the smell. It's nice, though, because the drinks are good, and I haven't had to wait very long for my drink. Service today was fine. The guy was nice and gave me good recommendations and took his time to do so. The gal in the back made the drinks. All in all, give them a chance. Their drinks are great. Drinks - 5/5 Service - 5/5 Smell inside - 0/5 Decor - 4/5

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