Kensington Circus Pub

389 Colusa Ave, Kensington
(510) 524-8814

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Derek R.

I am so very glad that the Kensington Circus Pub has been open during the Covid-19  Pandemic . It is hands down my fave place to get my take-out and enjoy a beer whilst awaiting my dinner. The Fish and Chips are as authentic and equal to the best Ive had in the British Isles. I am also a great fan of
"the best Fish Taco ever" No joke! I love to soooo much. I have to force myself to order something else from their yummy menu. The Host is a jolly man with an infectious personality and a happy smile. The staff are equally friendly. You will not go wrong ordering your dinner here, save time and order ahead. Thank you, thank you, thank you Kensington Circus Pub for keeping me from starving this past year.

Louis T.

Went to the circus the other night for take out and was very disappointed to see the owner walking around checking the kitchen orders and not wearing a mask. And walking up to customers to slap them on the back. I guess he also believes it's all fake . I would have thought he would be grateful that he is allowed to operate during the epidemic but I guess not! The rest of the staff was masked up but all it takes to speed this virus is one moron who thinks only about himself.

Alfonso Castillo

The Atmosphere! The Amazing Service! The Beers on tap...and OMG their Lamb burger & Fish &chips!!!!

Karen Rae

Love this place. Great food, nice staff, lots of TVs to see the games on, room for kids to play in normal times, outside seating now.

Roy A.

We haven't been here for a long time but it has always been a good meal. They set up tables out side, bring a jacket as it gets cool in the evening as you enjoy the draft beer. My fish n chips was perfect and the soup and salad was on point. Highly recommended.

Maia D.

We have been eating here for about 20 years. This is my go to place for English fish and chips. The fish has a wonderful crunchy crust and is nicely cooked. The fries are great. They are thickish cut, crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. A bit more salt is all they lack. It comes with tartar (ask for extra, it is never enough) and coleslaw. In recent years the coleslaw has an Asian influenced dressing which perplexes me. And, is not well received by us. It is better than the several years when it was served undressed. I miss the dressing from years ago. I think it had celery seed in it. Anyone else remember that? Have a recipe for it?My husband likes their chicken sandwich. They call it something like "the best chicken sandwich ever". A bit of a stretch, but still pretty good. They also have a nice selection of beers, microbrews and old school English ales. This place is an institution and a local hang out, worthy of its loyal following. It is also one of the few places that is overtly family friendly. The early dinner hours are busy with families. During covid times, they have a few tables outside for "dine-in" and takeout and delivery.

Heidi Ross

Friendly, welcoming spot, great British music, great English food.

Lee Ann Salvatore

Awesome food, drinks and vibe!

Alejandro Acosta

Pricey but great to bring your young kids

Jane T.

Ordered the fish and chips plus a side of cole slaw and extra garlic fries. The fish was great! Everything else was a soggy mess. The garlic fries were sitting in a pool of garlic butter 1/4 " deep. The cole slaw had some asian fusion dressing that did not please any of us. The container was half full if that, not that I would have wanted more. If they sell the fish a la carte, I'll be back. Otherwise, fagettaboutit.

Jay M.

So, I ordered one of their thick steaks and pork chops. Hands-down incredible. It wasn't cheap but the quality and love they put into the preparation is the best you're going to find in the East Bay. I can't recommend them enough. They have vegetarian options along with fantastic selection of beers and a basic cocktail menu. Obviously during COVID-19 they're doing takeout only but The attention to detail and food quality is amazing. Scott is incredible. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!

Amy H.

I don't get it. Went in to get some take-out the other night, and there were customers at the bar. Not distancing, no masks. What gives? Sorry, cannot support any place that isn't supporting the safety of the community right now.

Andria Maxine

Thanks for being open during this time! Im not usually one for taking fish and chips to go or take home but you have to do what you have to do. The containers were cut so the fish didn't get soggy and remained crispy. Everything was delicious! Fish, chips, slaw and even malt vinegar!Instagram @planefoodies

Myra SlkGrk

grest food nice guys cute area great service!

Toni M.

During the shelter at home time Kensington Circus Pub has become one of our most regular places for takeout. The first time we shared a hamburger and a lamburger, both w/ fries and coleslaw. We bought a salad to go w/ another dinner. We both like the fish and chips and the lamburger and the past few times have alternated, one getting one and the other getting the other. The lamburger comes w/ tsadziki, sliced onion, tomato and lettuce. Everything is so good and fresh and is packed carefully so nothing gets soggy or mushy. The burger is so thick It's hard to get my mouth around it. It requires nibbling. The fish and chips are crisper when we have them there, but eating in is not an option these days, so we're happy to have them at home. Alan generally orders online and I pick up the food. You can specify the doneness of the meat, which sides you want, salt or no salt on the fries, pretty much any variation you can imagine. Tonight their computer system wasn't working, so he called in the order. A steady line of people came and went or waited for their order. A woman sat w/ a gorgeous and well behaved dog, which looked like a pitbull, on a leash. Every time I've been in--and it's been close to once a week--everyone on staff has been friendly and helpful. Our very favorite takeout was from La Marcha for Alan's birthday dinner, but that's a special occasion place. Kensington Circus Pub comes in a very close second.

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