Mediterranean Cuisine

7010 University Ave, La Mesa
(619) 461-1985

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SCHWARMA! They got beef schwarma, chicken schwarma, gyros, kabobs, seafood, and all sorts of wonderful Mediterranean dishes at very affordable prices, most plates cost $11-14. These plates come with a side salad, pita, yellow rice, and the creamiest hummus in San Diego. There's also a variety of tasty meat pies available for $2. 12 inch pizzas are only $7 with two toppings, pretty average, but unique and interesting when you add a meat schwarma as a topping. The Harisa cakes are heavenly moist in a sweet rose water...try a piece for $2, once you're hooked you'll want to buy by the pound for $8 which gets you 10-12 amazing deal!

Tony margott

Mexican pizza easy sauce easy meat extra cheese absolutely delicious

Jesse Fleischman

I had better luck there, including heartburn, than I did with the T mobile-metro pcs next door. Needless to say, I'm in the market for a different cell phone carrier.

nene kay

The best food on the universe

Adam Gouga

Good food

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