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1 star because I had to give something to review it and a 2nd star because there is the rare enthusiastic worker that is trying. For the most part though, the crew here is the worst I've seen at a Starbucks. The majority of time they are socializing with each other to no end, looking bothered that you asked for your order. Occasionally one will claim that they have orders ahead, but there will be only a few people there already having their order, 1 to 2 cars in the drive through, full review

The place itself is fine, parking is very limited. I parked on the side street, didn't want to drive around or wait for someone to leave, I was meeting someone for work and didn't want to be late. Love the ice coffee this time of the year. There is parking by the Del Taco, it was easier and same distance where I parked on the side street.

JULY 11, 2019 Minus zero stars! Went in to try the new tye die frapp that just came out yesterday and what I got was a mess! I was kinda afriad to order this drink due to all the bad press I read. The press said that the workers were not happy about this drink and they really did not like making them? They jay take longer to make due to the colors that need to be whirled inside they should be blue, yellow and pink. So my happy little self goes in and says I would like a full review

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