Tambayan Filipino Eatery

600 Larkfield Center, Larkfield-Wikiup
(707) 843-3824

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Me and my friends were looking for a nice Filipino spot to eat at while we were in town. We all loved the authentic Filipino dishes. The restaraunt was very clean. And the staff had to be the most friendliest people. I enjoyed every moment being there. Would definitely come back again.

Karen Ellis

I decided to purchase a wide variety of dishes to give the restaurant a fair trial of what they have to offer. So, I brought home the various dishes. My boyfriend was served the food. He thought it was terrible. I whole heartedly, agreed. I honestly was hoping this place was a winner. I WANT the small businesses to succeed, but NOT ONE of the dishes that we ordered was good. We will DEFINITELY NOT be back. Sooooo disappointing. Too bad.That was 50 some bucks down the toilet.

Mace Gjerman

The owners are wonderful, welcoming, and the food is delicious. Our new favorite restaurant. It feels like coming home to have a meal. Highly recommend this place!! Will make this our new go to eatery! Love the relaxed atmosphere.

Camron Carpenter

Awesome place to grab something when in a hurry. The service is rapid, prices are reasonable, great mood. Would recommend to others

Krista Anthony

I feel like I got catfished after I read such great reviews for this place. When we got out food it looked good. Then I bit into the meat and holy moly, I could have gotten better quality meat at smart and final. I was shocked at how inedible the meat was. I tried to power through it but ended up spitting most of it out. At the price point they are charging, I expected more. 2 stars for pretty good tasting lumpia. Next time I would just order that.

Antonio R Rambonga Jr

Haven't had a good home cooked Filipino dish until I heard of this Filipino Eatery in the Larkfield Center. Everything is made from Scratch, fresh daily ingredients!! If you Like Your Adobo, Lumpia and Pancit. This is the place to go.

Amie Siegenthaler

This is 100 percent authentic Filipino food. We had the pork lumpia, pork adobo, garlic rice, pancit, and Halo halo. Omg folks!! This food is amazing! I meet the owner and found out she owns Litas in Santa Rosa too. So I went there for breakfast yesterday. I will review that soon. I can't wait to try the fried milk fish. ?

Dev Sodagar

This has become one of my favourite places to pick up lunch. The lumpia is excellent, the tocino and longanisa are also must trys. I was a little disappointed with the Lechon Kawali which was a bit over fried. The garlic rice that comes with most dishes is delicious and the Silog (breakfast) dishes in general get plus marks for fried egg. The staff are friendly as well and you can even pick up some Filipino goods here.

Jane B.

Sisig was awful, didn't taste good. Turon was burnt. I'm sorry, the restaurant needs to work on serving better food quality. And oh the sapin-sapin was not appetizing either. Overall, disappointing, waste of time and money.

Ted Miles

Delicious basic filipino food it was so delicious it made my taste buds explode and I really enjoy the lompia and u should try it and it is very rare to find a great restaurant like this I recommend u come here sometime.

Dee L.

Only Pinoy restaurant in the area. We are visiting wine country and wanted some home cooked food - they did not disappoint. The food hit the spot. Husband love their "silog" and adobo. My beef steak yummy. Sisig plate is ok. The only thing we didn't like is their halo halo - it's pre-made so the ice is stuck together, hard to "halo" it and the fillings are just ordinary. They have work to do on it. Easy to fix it. We liked them that we visited them twice during our 5 days stay in the area. If we live in the area we would probably visit them multiple times a month because they have good food and service to offer.

Kikien B.

Please think twice! This is not for everyone. Low quality meet that taste gamey. Not refined. Staff is friendly.

Lee Prince

Looking for lumpia so I googled lumpia near me... and I found a gem !Only 8 miles from home.I was greeted greeted by a lovely lady both on the phone and in person that took the time to try to figure out what the heck I was talking about.The lumpia was fantastic and her recommendation was spot on.I look forward to trying the rest of the menu.

Reg A.

Freshly cooked Filipino food. Very good and fresh makes all the difference. Lumpia was outstanding and my wife enjoyed her bangus. Nice little hidden gem. Owner was super friendly and might have talked us into relocating.

Kason G.

Delicious food. I have had the Sisig, another pork plate and the dessert. All were very good.

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