Carl's Jr.

1670 W Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach
(562) 983-7827

Recent Reviews

Maria Gutierrez

Great customer service that goes above & beyond job description

Edy Noguera

Good Service, all the time...

Arturo Rizo

Great customer service, even through these times, everyone has a positive attitude.

Miranda R.

So today I went to this exact Carl jr's about 20 minutes ago I would just like to say that I found a Bobby pin in my daughters fries PERIOD!!!!!!

J Smith A.

You would think that with the current Covid pandemic that these people would have the common decency to wear masks while preparing your food but nope, not these jokers. Not only are they not wearing masks but they are having great conversation while hovering over your sandwich. I wonder how much spittle is landing in your sandwich. Fail.

Christin Josley

Old burger meat, they basically toss it in the microwave and wrap it up. Disgusting also got food poisoning.

Isaiah white tha truth

Always nice eating here.!**

Raiesha Burris

No complaints and for year's never had to complain about

Jerry Akingba

Quick and efficient, good customer service.

Mario Giron

I have been going to this carl,s jr for more than 10 years and last week the manager told the guard to question me for a coffe and a fruit bag that i already had paid i felt really bad even others costumers that saw what was going on. did not like this .becouse if the manager was worry that i did not pay. The first thing he should it done was to check camaras than to tell the security on service that night to question me.just be carefull when going to this place save your prove of payment.

khiry taylor

Dis food made my toes curl up.. big hefty burritos with sour face staff..

Johnny shadiid

They always cook the food before you get there so when you get there it's cold

Anne S.

Stopped by Carl's for breakfast and lunch today! Breakfast was great. A flaky warm sausage biscuit and great cup of coffee. Served in under a minute through the drive thru. Then on the way home I ran in for a Famous Star. BEST CARL's Jr in town. Can you say food served in under 3 minutes!!!!! And really hot and fresh!!! Love the staff and service!!!!

Sandy Ok

Cin' the g and his baby girl.gardena laundry mat.

david adams

Best tasting burgers off all the fast foods major chains nothing beats in and out

Desi A.

Food was made how I asked for it. Delicious!

Arlton Campbell IV

Inside busy truck stop. Small seating area. Good service. Clean.

Jeremy Fulmer

Very polite staff. Fast service.

John Pierre Trent

Never an issue with this location and they're open for walk in throughout the night since the truck drivers are constantly stopping here for gas and their trucks wont fit in a drive thru.

Paul G.

Staff at this Carl's so nice. Was in area. I couldn't believe how helpful and pleasant they were. Manager sat next to me while he was eating his lunch. Such a nice guy. If you're in mood for Carl's. Go to this one.

Richard Romero

I ordered a superstar with no cheese and no onion and I wanted extra pickle. They gave me cheese on my hamburger. Then they made me another superstar without cheese but forgot to add the extra pickles.


I dont remember anything special carls is good.

Gabriela Castillo

Good image of the place but the burrito that I ate was not good. the meat was cut into large pieces, it was very chewy without flavor or seasoning. It looked like real or fresh meat. beans ok

W. C.

Another fast food chain my kids like this place for whatever reason all of it is unhealthy. They like to order the $5 box which comes with chicken tenders fries and a drink. I forget if they still throw a cookie in with that box special for desert. Either way fast food chains suck. Well all but In N Out. I kinda have a weakness for that spot. ‍♀️

henry medina

Fast great for my 10 PM lunch a lot of traffic so you know the food is fresh .

loris may

I love Carl's jr. But this particular location was very dirty and it took a long time to get my food

LadyB Radio Tybee, INC

Place is fast paced but ok customer service

Gra C.

Got gas at 7pm on a Sunday while the sun was still out. I had to go inside to pay for gas on my card. The cashier (I think her name was Alexis) was super super nice.

Marque M.

Drive thru is so rude ! They didn't talk to us at all! Just handed the food and drinks shit the window . That little white bitch with the bun

Adam Garcia

I love this place for a quick meal. Staff is great, food is great...the only reason it didnt get 5 stars is because it is connected to a gas station. Tons of port truckers go here and they have foul language and smell really bad. If it wasn't for those 2 things this place would be near perfect. I don't recommend it if you are coming through with a family. Not a famy atmosphere at all.

Randall King

Great Food; always open—always busy but always acceptable service time, and Great 🍔s

Junior V.

The food comes out fast and hot but never overcooked. The service is ALWAYS good in the drive through.

Helena anderson

A young lady named Chaning took my order and she had great customer service and smile.😁


French toast dips are worth stopping by with a cup of coffee oh hell noooo!!

Thomas G.

Love this place & the cheap coffee refills. Only thing is the older lady that works every night is really rude. You can't even ask her a question without her giving you attitude. Don't know why anyone would hire her.

Mari** BEL*

The service is ok..a lil slow in taking orders...

Maurice Weiner

The food wasn't good and my tacos had pisce on it I asked for no hot sauce.

Norris Reber

The deals they have are great :)

maggie cohuo

The staff are very pleasant and food is fresh and on time!!

Rumil L.

This place gets the job done. The 24 hour drive is all a man needs sometimes.