El Pollo Loco

5386 Cherry Ave, Long Beach
(562) 422-5050

Recent Reviews

Joe McCracken

Always good chicken drive thru was quick

Guillermo Martinez

I don't know I didn't really like this one that much still can't comment too much on it. Okay after the owner got a hold of me and I'll text I decided to give him another track are we back to this El Pollo Loco's ordered a couple of dinners actually me and my kids and I actually liked it didn't get heartburn the environment was friendly the waiter waitress to help they're all friendly good environment for safe also so you have to give him all the five-star ready they were all very decent people once again thanks to the owner reaching out and texted me I didn't think anybody read these days


Friendly service, good food. Fair prices

Holly Owens

Service was slow and not friendly, food was blah. I was excited to try the holiday tamale bowls, but threw half of it in the garbage!

Cassandra Withers

It's a good place to meet with your sponsor


Moist and delicious chicken. Possibly the best chain fast food restaurant.

Meli Prieto

Good chicken good customer service.

Jerome Ivey

The inside atmosphere was decent. The service was good. The floor and tables were dirty. I ordered the $5 pollo bowl. It was good. Lots of parking.

P.J Simpson

Always qualified fresh chicken. Never old n dry pieces. Good staff.

Chelsea M.

Went through the drive-thru the other day with my family and recieved my order in under 7 minutes. Nice guy named Michael had no problem getting us more salsa and my food was delicious. Nice to know there are still great workers out there. A+!!

Ashley B.

Second time in a row that I have come to this location 20-30 minutes before closing time and the drive through gives me the automated message that they are closed. This time I even called before and asked what time they closed and a lady told me 11 pm. When I showed up at 10:40 there was the speaker again telling me they're closed. As I pulled up to the window to ask why they said 11 to me on the phone the employees ignored me and walked to the back. Terrible terrible location. There's one down the street that's always much better, don't waste your time going here.

Stacy B.

I drove through this afternoon to use a coupon for the Double Chicken under 500 calories salad. There were about 4 cars ahead of me but the line moved quickly and smoothly. I had special requests, the salad was excellent and made exactly how I ordered it. The person who took my order was polite and knew what coupon I had, the guy who gave me my order was also polite and efficient. This isn't my first time here and I have never had a problem, it has always been good.

Hannah S.

if i can choose no stars, i would! customer service was horrible! to genesis in the drive thru, who was very rude and did not bother to apologize for messing up on our order multiple times and to the poor packaging of the food, just thrown in the bag. i work in food and i feel so disrespected. do you know what customer service is? aren't you supposed to know your menu before you speak to a customer? aren't you supposed to speak with some kindness? you definitely do not get that here!

Nisha Dyonne

Recently I went to this El Pollo Loco located and attempted to get a family meal. I was told that it would take at least 30 minutes, because they only had wings and breast. So I decided not to wait and order a 10 piece of wings and breast with a side salad. The chicken was hard, and extremely dried out like it had been sitting for far to long. This is the 2nd time I have been to this location, which the 1st time was not a very pleasant experience either however I felt like maybe they were just having an off day (as we all do). I know El Pollo Loco is a probably billion dollar company that serve millions daily so it could careless but this will definitely be the last time I will be visiting this location. They are definitely falling apart just from the other locations I have visited in the past as well. Sad

Cierra A.

Went to this El Pollo loco today about 15 mins ago Through the drive threw ordered a double chicken avocado salad tostada and i got barley any chicken and on top of that it's burnt and there's no avocado on it and they took forever. I am very saddened and angered by the staffs performance! I had to get home to open my meal to eat and this is what i get its disappointing we should get what we pay for and this is defiantly not what i paid for i want my money back!!!!

Hey Mulligan Man

Fast accurate service plus a Senior discount.The $5 tacos Al carbon w/ drink is a good deal

J L.

I with it really had no stars. So I tried to give it a second chance. I went threw the drive threw , it was packed. The person taking the order must be knew because she seem like she can't multitask, she has blond hair with glasses a little heavy set. So any who i waiting in that long ass drive threw line for about 10 -15mins to get to the window and they tell me the ebt machine wasn't working. There was not a sign and no one said that till I got up to the window. So I asked well do you have a voucher for something? I have a 1yr old in the car and I'm pregnant waiting for our food and a small rude older Mexican lady with glasses I think she was like manager said no we don't do stuff like that! So I wasted my gas and time

Juanita Gibson

Just had some El Pollo the other day

Judy Reyes

Is it just me or are the meals getting smaller and costing more? Their nachos are back but in a smaller size. On my nachos were 2 dice sized pieces of chicken. Thats it!! Wont be back.

Robert Jennette

The service and the sides were good good but the chicken leg and thigh were so small and partially dry with little meat on them

Danny Franco

The chicken, corn, and macaroni are fabulous. But everytime I go, there is a huge line that takes 40 minutes when they say that the wait is only 15.

Cinthya Martinez

They take their time to even take your order in the lobby ..drive thru lines always take a while ..they could atleast work on their friendlyness if theyre gonna take 20 min to get your order ready

Charlie C.

As much as I try to give people/business the benefit of the doubt and after several attempts, this place seriously needs help. I have been here at least 3 times and every time I came, they are busy, which you would think is a wonderful thing, except, the lack of help. Management seriously needs to hire some people because the wait is simply ridiculous.

Mike D.

Nice friendly staff BUT i took 20 minutes for a 12 piece dinner with Quesadillo's and when it finally came it was dine in when I ordered it to go and when I finally got home I found that they didn't pack the gravy and perhaps forgot to add the cheese in the Quesadillo or very little cheese, it appears at the time I went they lacked any kind of leadership, 2 girls were in the back talking for maybe 10 minutes and appeared the others were struggling with the orders, only the cashier noticed I've been standing there waiting for awhile, inside wasn't to crowded not sure about drive through......8/25/19 5:00pm

Chris Cross

food tastes ok, sometimes the chicken pieces are tiny and have barely any meat. Staff is fine. My biggest concern is for health because I saw them use plastic bags INSIDE the warming dishes, ie the food is being heated up and served in plastic baggies, and the chemicals from those can leak and seep into the food being served. I've never seen that before and I think it's unsafe and possibly health code violation. I hope they weren't just being lazy avoiding having to wash dishes & container and just putting the food in the plastic bag directly on the heaters. I haven't seen this anywhere else and wont be eating there anymore.

suzanne amezcua

good food but their chicken tortilla soup is the best.

Patricia Mitchell

Consistently good chicken. Friendly service.

John D.

Got a two piece last night for supper. They should change their name to, El Paloma Loco. It was also incredibly overcooked and dry. Probably should have been thrown out 45 minutes before they gave it to me.

Lorena Ramirez

Good grilled chicken no fat a little high priced tho


Good food good service must try it to be appreciated

Grace Miranda

My go to food lol it never dissapoints

Valisha A.

I wish I could give 0 stars!! This is regarding the horrible service I received. I went through the drive way and I had a coupon on my el pollo loco app. Let me start off by saying at one time I was a huge fan of el pollo loco. Unfortunately not anymore. I cannot believe there's people that work and represent you is so horrible and disgusting. I was attempting to use my coupon that expired that day. I was dreading to go because of the last experience I had but my cousin insisted. I told the associate that I had a coupon for buy one entree get one free. I asked for the street corn tostadas bowl. She didn't take our order and asked me to pull to the window. It was a young Hispanic girl. She asked to see the coupon so I handed her my phone with the coupon displayed. She then called over someone else as she explained was the manager. The lady then proceeded to tell me that it's a $7 minimum when the coupon clearly says 7 dollar maximum. So I asked her to turn it into an combo and I'll pay the difference. Then she said that it doesn't include the promotional items. I asked was there any thing she could do and why don't the coupon specify that. She was like it just don't and said bye and walked away obviously annoyed and agitated.My cousin and I was stunned that she really just dismissed us . The other associate even laugh. When I asked for the so called manager name the associate act like she didn't know it. So the so called manager came back and told us her name was jasmine and start saying bye bye bye and the other associate just laughed. Never have I've felt so disrespected in my life. I was not being rude to her. Her behavior is unexceptable and disgusting. Oh and because she scanned the coupon it was considered redeemed so I couldn't go to another restaurant to use the coupon

Em Es

Only giving 2 stars because the food was very fresh and delicious. The customer service was very poor and the facility looked so dirty. Very disappointed since this location is my go-to.

Tina Marie

I am the El Pollo loco Queen I love your chicken that has grill the fresh tortillas and salsa all of this excellent now this is a great place to do with kids and without

Librada Turcios

Their food is delicious especially their street tostada my favorite.

Armando B.

El pollo Loco is a chain restaurant but this one deserves a good review I stopped and got the pollo bowl combo, simple but things that are simple usually not made great. But in this location my chicken was not dry it was moist and juicy the rice was cooked and beans were not dry. I've been to many El Pollo Loco's and problems but not here if I am ever back in the area I'll be back!!!

Ramiro G.

The reviews dont lie. Stood in line for 10 minutes and the cashier serving as well. Which is awful with cross contamination with money and food. Be aware coming here. Food was okay 3/10. Salsa taste like water. Oh well last time here for me.

Jon Calonzo

Went to this location about 2 weeks before today and went thru the drive thru and was told that they only accept cash. Understandable since it was my first time being to this location not a problem. Going there again today and they still only accept cash, I and to go inside to use my card. Going inside dining area was not clean floor was greasy and was very slippery. I almost fell twice and no signs stating floor was slippery. Not a good experience.

Kimberly Jankans

Fast service, they listened to how to make my order vegiterian no mistakes. Thx

Futuristic Bridgette

It was great but they messed up on my order