900 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles
(310) 443-8900

Recent Reviews

Nick P.

Whatever you fill out on the DoorDash app they will just ignore it and give you what they feel like. No sauces, no requested toppings. Just plain vanilla menu item. Don't order delivery from here.

Fion H.

This Chick-fil-A is the closest thing to the UCLA campus so I find myself coming here after my classes quite often. During lunch, around 12 pm, it gets quite busy with UCLA health employees so I would definitely try to go at around 2-5 pm. My go-to order here is the Grilled Chicken Sandwich with a side of waffle fries. I'm usually not one to opt for the "healthier" options, but on a whim, I decided to change it up one visit. Now, I find myself craving the Grilled Chicken Sandwich when I'm back home with no Chick-fil-A nearby. The chicken is really juicy and never dry. Don't forget to add the Chick-fil-A sauce or the Honey Roasted BBQ sauce to the sandwich! And of course, a visit to Chick-fil-A isn't complete without their waffle fries. They're consistently super crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Once again, don't forget to pair the fries with Chick-fil-A sauce. The staff is always super friendly and I'm happy to see them still open for carryout and delivery during this shelter in place order.

Leah Natasha

Really good quality and service when I go in store. With Postmates they mess up almost every order. Luckily, they are willing to fix their mistakes which is why I give a 4 instead of a 3.

andrew manning

fast line, fast service, friendly people work there, and the food tastes great! they’ve never messed up on my order and i’ve been there maybe 20-30 times. keep up the good work.

Gary Nantz

We love hanging out. Yesterday we found this fine place which friends recommended to us. We enjoyed a beautiful experience there with fine dishes and a well-trained stuff and a distinguished cuisine. We put this restaurant in our list and we will certainly visit again very soon. We warmly recommend.

Clayton Hirayama

Chicken nuggets! Great eats! Not your kid's meal nuggets either. Real juicy and loaded with fresh flavor. Of course the dipping sauces don't hurt either. Waffle fries for life! Would have given this joint five stars if the staff put a little more sincerity in their "my pleasure" spiel Other Chick locations at least act like they care. The students and clientele here probably don't mind. Cheers!


Mmmm. Yum. My favorite thing about this place is their consistency. Their chicken tastes the exact same every single time. Delicious. What I hate most (but have to respect) is when I try to open the door and they are closed because it is Sunday.

kornaz N

Great place, My review reflects both. Service is nice and fast, problem is the homeless people all around that corner. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against them, but it is annoying Everytime they ask if you have a cigarette or a dollar. On another note, it is very close to UCLA and there is a bunch of other restaurants/bars. Overall I was satisfied (got extra ranch for fries) ??

Blaze Schaefer

This place is my number one restaurant. Of all restaurants I know I favor it most. I never miss an opportunity to go to this restaurant. Whenever I feel like having a good lunchon, this restaurant comes straightaway to my mind. fresh and food and a large list of dishes.professional team, and agreeable spirit. Not less important, the expence is reasonable. I praise this restaurant with no doubt.

Rebecca S.

This is the closest spot to our offices, so when a quick lunch is needed it is always the first considered. Since this is on campus, there is usually a line, especially around noon. Try and go on off hours to avoid this. I personally find Chick-fil-A to be one of the better fast food options out there. The employees are always very kind. My favorite is their nuggets with their ranch and buffalo sauces. Also, the new mac and cheese is surprisingly really good! In conclusion, this location is clean and well staffed for how busy it is, but again, you most likely will always have to wait in line.

Gregory W.

Haven't been to Chick-fil-A in a very long time. I decided to go tonight, and I was not disappointed. I experienced the best customer service I've ever had a Chick-fil-A because of the young lady named Alex. She was very nice and listened carefully to my complex order. And she was extremely generous . thank you Alex !

Chelsea D.

YUM!!!! Best spicy chicken sandwich i have ever had! You can tell from the taste that its fresh which is exactly what you want! Customer service is amazing too. Their milkshakes are also amazing and the mac n cheese is really good too!

Steve L.

Convenient by UCLA. Line can get long but the employees do the best they can. I like all of their breakfast options especially the taters and the healthy egg white option. Of course for rest of day I prefer their spicy chicken sandwich, nuggets and waffle fries. Waffle fries are best around. Now they have kale!!

Mariel G.

This place is amazing, everything is delicious. they have the most consistent chicken sandwich and fries. they also provide amazing service and rectify any issues that i have had. Chick-fil-a sauce is so addicting!

Jane C.

Sure, No drive Thru. But I just can't help it, this place fed me after every single OB appt during my 2 pregnancies (Lucky me skirted GD) and now has become a reliable stop after my kiddo's 2-2.5 hour appointment. Doesn't matter if it's lunch rush or not, line goes by quickly. The food served piping hot within minutes of getting seated. It's the same reliable favorite chicken sandwich, and now that I order kids Meals. Truly appreciate the Honest Apple juice, & how the fries are generously plenty enough for me to munch off of. Actually, I noticed that this location serves only large waffle fries. I never get the broken crumbles here. Hahaaa, if that's you're thing

Cee squared

FIRSTLY, I went at 10:00 am with my heart set on a Sausage biscuit only to find out breakfast was over (that's EARLY), SECONDLY, (the outer door to the Women's bathroom sticks TERRIBLY (especially not good when you REALLY have to go) after getting back to the counter, still waiting for my food, 3 or 4 people who came after me got their food & I had to ask for mine! All I ordered were waffle fries & to my amazement the ones on top were close to cold & the ones below were closer to warm! The KICKER, the parking validation I got from an employee DIDN'T work & I had to pay for parking! NOT A GOOD EXPERIENCE TO SAY THE LEAST

Richard L.

I would rarely give a fast food place only two stars because I know they can be busy at times. It definitely took a long time at lunch hour but that's not the real problem. When my sandwich came the chicken was not moist or hot. So I called the girl back who serve me if she took it back. Now you would think if someone is going to return something that they would pay more attention to the re10 minutes later I My replacement sandwich. It was a much better and the chicken was broken into two pieces. I showed the person who served it to me and was like do you want to return this one too. The bottom line is they're doing the best they can in the front or in the back they're doing a pathetic job. The owner/operator phone number is on the receipt so I called Inn to let them know what was going on. The bottom line is that the owner Mr. Kim was not available and apparently they didn't want to take my phone number for him to call me so they just took the message. The problem here is they are not a paying close attention to details and trying to put out a quality product. The location on Jefferson in Culver city does a much better job.

Mlyshia R.

Food was completely salty and cold. Although parking was convenient and validated quick. Would like a refund tho on my food couldnt even eat it

Yuting Y.

TLDR: Solid Chick-fil-A location that serves quality food for everyone in Westwood. One of the best restaurants in Westwood. Location: The restaurant is always kept clean, even throughout the day's hustle and bustle. The busiest hours are during lunch (12-2pm) so I'd recommend coming a little later to beat the rush. It's honestly the best place to sit down with a few friends and catch up over a good meal. Food: I ordered the Grilled Chicken Sandwich ($6.19). I was pleasantly surprised to find that the chicken tasted much better than it looks. It was very tender, juicy, and flavorful considering that it's just grilled chicken breast. The bun is a toasted multi-grain bun and has a sweet flavor reminiscent of King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls. Together with the lettuce, tomato, and recommended Honey Roasted BBQ Sauce, it was a delight to eat and it was gone before I knew it. Would definitely recommend everyone to give the grilled chicken a try instead of the usual deluxe!

Ethan Lassner

The other day I was waiting in the line for at least 20 minutes and when I finally arrived at the front of the store to order. I asked for a simple order of large fries. The employees were very nice but the fries were soggy. Chick Fil A has great employee but the food could be better.

Simon Lau

This location becomes quite busy during the lunch hour but service moves fast. It seemed a bit difficult getting a table as the place was packed. Lots of people tend to just grab and go from here.

Leo S.

Been to this establishment a ton of times. It's convenient location to UCLA and the relatively inexpensive prices are awesome. Decided to come here since I had a free chicken sandwich promo, then upgraded it to deluxe for a mere 77 cents. Also ordered waffle fries (you gotta get this when you go here!). My favorite thing about Chick-fil-a in general is the sauces. The original house sauce is super creamy and tasty, though it may be a little heavy for some people. Ketchup is standard heinz ketchup, nothing too out of the ordinary. I do want to recommend to people to get the deluxe chicken sandwich over the original, because having vegetables in the sandwich makes it less oily and clean. I personally also like to add american cheese, as it adds a creamy flare to the sandwich. Docked off a star because I feel like this place needs to be cleaned more frequently!

Jamie LeBlanc

Not very goof customer service. I went to this location for quick dinner while visiting a family memeber at UCLA hospital. Stood in line for 10 minutes with one cashier and several other employees walking around instead of helping customers. I would not recommend this location!!! Also the messed up on all four of our orders and gave short of food!

Aziz Rubakovic

The Mac N cheese is good. Not as good as Popeyes. Lil better than KFCs. Fun place to go sober.

Erica Topete

Service was 95 with exception of the cashier, looks like she was force to work, no smiling making faces when we take our time to order no matter if we tell her was our first time, but after that food was serve really fast and hot, other that the cashier all them give their 110 % on costumer service, one guy with the grey shirt was so helpful with a blind couple, it warm my heart, you guys go far and beyond , I know now your commercials on TV are real, passion people and the love to help, I will recomend it 1000 times and 1000 more

Witty Tech

Yummy, one darn good restaurant! Love eating there. Grew up in south and still as good as was then.

Lindsay P.

Great location! It's right by UCLA and very convenient. Also, it looks newly renovated, is clean, and had a friendly staff. Lots of room for seating. No drive-through, so keep that in mind. There can be a wait because it's pretty popular given its location.

Paul Hejja MD

All chicken goodies. Found the breading a bit salty at this venue. Otherwise always a great sandwich and cross cut fries.

Torian J.

Unfortunately this is location did not get my order correct at all. First order did not have what I ordered on it. The second didn't have the correct cheese and took longer than it should have. The thrid time I made sure to speak to felicia the store manager. She made sure to handle the situation herself. After bringing me the correct sandwich she waited until I looked at it and saw that it was the correct one. I am big on customer service and making sure orders are correct. Maybe it was the time of day or the employees not paying attention to the orders. Get the orders right the first time and this review would have never happened. Lower stars if Felicia didn't step in and make it better.

Thomas Henshall

Mobile order ahead; very busy location. They are very stingy with the honey packets. It feels like I need to pull teeth; to get some honey packets around that location.

kyle kurtz

The spicy chicken deluxe sandwiches are always crispy and juicy. Love them paired with an oreo cookie milkshake!

Gabriel Gomez

I went in for my "lunch" at 9:04 pm 11/18/2019. I was just getting a spicy chicken sandwich but I had forgot to say no pickles till after I was already rang up (sorry I forgot). The cashier not only went to the back to get my order corrected, she went and handed it to me personally. Thay was wonderful customer service and I appreciate the effort even though I was the one who made the mistake.

Rico B.

Beware! Metal tip from meat thermometer found inside chicken breast. Make sure you check every bite before consuming your sandwich. at first, i thought i bit into a piece of chicken bone. To my surprise, i was shocked to find a broken tip from a meat thermometer. the staff handled the situation professionally, took responsibility, and offered me a sincere apology.

Dan Mah

Without doubt the most positive fast food experience I've had. Staff were extremely helpful and friendly, like really nice. And that chicken with chick-fil-a sauce... Dayum.

Nile S.

Spicy, sweet and yummy. I walked in and I was in a relatively bad mood. Walked outta there with the biggest smile on my face. No joke fam

Sam C.

Absolute best customer service. Everything a chick-fil-a aspires to be. Was given an incorrect order but you know mistakes happen and they were very nice about correcting it.

Cassius D.

Brother likes their food, regardless of the condition nor cleanliness of the actual facility. This Westwood one, we came in at 6:30 a.m. right when they opened. Wanted to sit at a booth so we grab a booth and the frickin table is dirty. They had just opened! There were crumbs from supposedly the night before, old food in other words. Talk about not being "showtime ready" to begin the day. My brother orders two patties and they brought one over. Brother had to tell them that they got his order wrong, right off the bat -- their first customer of the day. There was yelling going on from the kitchen to some other employee out in the dining area -- way to establish a nice comfortable ambiance and relaxing atmosphere for your paying customers. Vagrant surveilled us for a minute before coming over and asking whether we had spare change. This Chick-fil-A blows, needs new management. Only reason it gets two stars is cuz my brother said the food was good. Otherwise, I'd give it one star -- only because you couldn't designate 0 stars.

Amanda A.

Not a fan of the service this week at all. Food takes so so long to be ready. I placed mobile orders and they still take forever! The store isn't even busy. Also, the guy who served me was not being very friendly or nice at all!

Fatima D.

My food is never hot at this location. I only go just because it's so close to my house. The chicken size on the sandwiches are always so tiny too. I like the drive through one in West Hollywood, they always gives you a big piece of chicken on the sandwiches and it's HOT. The service is also fast at that one too.

Matthew J.

The location of this CFA is great! I'm a student at UCLA, and it only took me around 15 minutes to walk here. The service here is CFA Grade A standard -- very good. It was clearly very busy when I came here during lunchtime, but everything still went smoothly. I got my food on time, I got what I ordered, etc. The chicken was drier than what I'm used to getting at my local CFA in San Diego. That's why I'm giving this review a 4 stars and not a 5. Again, great location and great environment.