900 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles
(310) 443-8900

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Paul A.

My two nieces and I were touring the UCLA campus and we worked up quite an appetite. Being frequent patrons of Chick-fil-A my nieces' had seemed to have already had one mapped out for the second we finished the tour. So onward we went, I was pleasantly surprised, it was my first time at a Chick-fil-A. It was clean and the staffed were very friendly and efficient. The food came out in a very reasonable amount of time and everything was great. I am not a fast-food person, however, from the ones that I have been to this is one seems to be of the best.Our visit was in early March.

Stephen Watson

Originally I thought it's just another chicken place. Which at the end of the day, it is. Their Mac and cheese is a must try but they sell out a lot so get there sooner rather than later. The sandwich has great flavor and they have a different level of spice for everyone. Also, don't miss out on the check in offer.

Michael Robinson

This place clearly knows how to satisfy their customers. Always with a very nice mindset. The food is affordably priced, regularly fresh and clean.

Caroline Roy

My husband and I love Chick-fil-A. This location is the best out of all the ones we've been too. They are extremely helpful and have great customer service no matter the hour.

Jane Harris

Just purchased a Beef Shawarma bowl from the super friendly staff at Seasoning Alley. Great taste and incredible value! This is my third lunch order from these amazing people. Absolutely recommend eating here and I will be returning!

Nancy Jones

Nice little brunch spot we discovered, when we were in town. Good food and coffee. Minus 1 star because they charge $1 for coffee refills. However, we will definitely be back

Stephanie Ross

Best chicken kabob in the area! Really good! All the sides are delicious too! I felt safe picking up during Covid too.

Jenna K.

Ordered curbside on a Saturday morning. Waited in my car for 20 minutes until going inside to see my food just sitting on the counter. Guess curbside isn't a real thing anymore.

Hossein Gholami

Great customer service and my food was prepared quickly even though there was a big line

David Gutierrez

The menu is phenomenal but the pulled pork french fries oh my God the pork would be proud !!!

Rick S.

I love the grilled chicken sandwich,because they bathe it in herbs & spices, yet juicy. The chicken noodle soup, could use some work. The broth is near tasteless water & the noodles are spiral shaped. The prices could be lower. More under $10 meal deal (overall,not just for college kids) are needed here. Customer service was decent & the place was very clean (especially during the COVID era.)

Alax Jacob

I've been to House of Joy several times. The service is always excellent. The food is really good, but I have yet to find the dish that is my favorite. I keep ordering different things in hopes to find the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Nicole K.

The Westwood Chick-fil-A makes the most INCREDIBLE chocolate chip cookies. They are unlike any other Chick-fil-A chain in the baking department. They are absolutely perfectly each and every time. They are gooey, warm and melt in your mouth. They have mastered it. Other Chick-fil-A chains can learn from the Westwood one. They are also super speedy and even if there's a long line you will get through quickly--superb efficiency. 5 stars all day every day!!!

Charles V.

Travis gave Great Customer service, Enoch has no ideal how to talk to when women customers. Other then that everything else was Good.

Ruby G.

The food is great, but there service is just awful. It seems that they can't follow directions. The first time, they forgot my hazelnut. The second time, it took them over 30 mins to give me my order (and it was not during busy hours). The third time they made my order with a muffin and not a biscuit when I specifically asked for biscuit. And finally, today (7.17.2020) I clearly asked for no cheese because I am allergic to it, and they gave me fucking cheese. Is there like a refund I can get. I couldn't go back to complain, because I was already running late for work, so I had to toss it out.

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