900 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles
(310) 443-8900

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Evan M.

The great Chick-fil-A ...what can I say about the most tantalizing chicken spot in the known universe? Well this time was a little different for me. I was down in Westwood and stumbled across this place when I was really hungry. I ordered like usual, however this time my food took a little longer than expected. I didn't even think it was that long and before I knew it a worker approached me and apologized for the inconvenience, gave me 5 free items for the future, and brought my food to me. Words can't express the level of professionalism, class, and kindness I was met with. I wish this place was closer to my residence. I can't wait to go back. Also, the place is clean but can get a little busy in the evening.

Maria F.

The best chick-Fil-A I've been to. Staff is super friendly, consistent, and food quality is always there.

Chris R.

I've been to many chick-fil-As in California. As an EMT my job takes me all over. This is the first to not give a discount while in uniform. The food was not the best however the inside was fairy dirty and unkept. Staff were not rude but not greeting or warming. 2.5 stars if I could

Kev C

Nice take out or dine in place to go to for a chicken sandwich. The spicy chicken sandwich combo was delicious. The Ice cream or rather ice milk was delicious as well. The staff was friendly and courteous. And the dining area was clean. UCLA is right across the street.

Mike March

Busy lunch time rush, and still got our big order right and out fast!! Keep up the great work chikin!

Geoffrey Holtsclaw

Love this Chick-fil-A. It's always packed, but they do a great job of getting people through the line and fed. The food is always hot, fresh (as fast food goes), and delicious. Luckily this one is just far enough away from my work that I'm deterred from going every day for lunch.

Divinity Entertainment and Promotions

Fast Friendly service in a busy area. Close to UCLA. Good customer service.

Glen Heppner

Girl who took my order obviously doesn't like her job. When I mentioned that I heard the food was good, she just shrugged and said 'I guess so'. She was right. It was not nice.

Anthony S.

Service was horrible. One of the employees messed up my entire order and was rude as well.

James Mahoney

A preferred place for Cheap food. super tasty. really nothing but enjoyable experiences here, i'll be back. the bill was appropriate for the quality.

Jasmin Villarreal

cheap food... yummy. Visited Fri evening I think. Certainly worth going back to.

Bryan B.

Wish it was easier to find parking or else I'd give 5 stars. Love this place. One of my go to spots in Westwood

Perrier 1.

Don't postmates from here. They will forget all your sauces / granolas. Doesn't matter if you specify in the orders. This place lacks attention to detail.

Randall R.

Don't know what it is about this place but it's so addicting. I do the Spicy Deluxe Meal and it is filling. I add nuggets once in a while w/ sauce or do a combo of both. Fast food that is consistent and delicious. I love Chik Fila

Rendy S.

Location is strategically located at the heart of Westwood. Free refills of the drinks also nice

Marty J.

BAD service and bad attitude. I ordered just fries and a drink. She told me my total was over $12. WHAT??? I had to find the mistake for her. "Oh, my bad" but no apology. She laughed about it with the supervisor. I had to ask could I please have some ketchup. "Oh...yeah." And THEN worst of all she had to make a sarcastic comment about the young man I was with. "Is he with YOU???" as though that couldn't be possible. And the fries were cold. Never going back.

Shinay W.

Best location, fast, never chewy chicken and clean play area. Maybe it's summer but ive only had a ball coming to this location lately.

Mary Smith

The service for starters should be a standard model for all fast food restaurants. I had the spicy chicken sandwich on wheat and it was fresh and delicious. I'll definitely visit again because a coworker mentioned that the chicken nuggets and or salad are as equally delicious.

Elyse C.

I've been to this CFA over 30 times. As a student, they used to have weekly promotions, but have since changed that due to management changes. Overall, I've never had a problem with the food, except one time asking for well done fries and not receiving them well done. One time I had a bad service, but I let management know and they responded very quickly to me. Service is always fast despite it getting VERY busy sometimes. A great CFA (as they all are)! Parking is a bit difficult because they don't have a lot but I always park in the ralph's lot (shhh) and get it validated at ralph's.

Kevin G.

Great customer service. The lady who took my order was amazing, great customer service skills. I believe she is a new employee because I have never seen her until now and I eat here often. She may not be as fast as the other employees​ but she does give a great conversation. She even walked my food over to my table for me. Her name is Cheyenne I believe​, I may be wrong. But great job!



900 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024