Taco Bell

10937 Weyburn Ave, Los Angeles
(310) 208-4808

Recent Reviews

John Nichols

Good location for late night fast food tacos. The food was typical Taco Bell. It is a small location, but serves the purpose for to go food. The service was good. Food was ready quickly.

i 3

Depending on staff some staff are friendly and helpful and others are not friendly and welcoming at all, but the food is fair.

Lawrence kimbee

Very Hot no air conditioning but food service was good

Harjant Brar

Good food reasonable price

John R.

The staff at this location is always great. I feel sorry for them for all the abuse they get from the homeless that I have witnessed on several occasions and that their air conditioning has been broken for a while now. I'm not sure what the owners are waiting on to fix it.


Taco Bell for the most part doesn't disappoint, but the location here requires a quick in/out as it's better to get food to go. A good choice for a quick take out lunch. Try the Crunchwrap Supreme or the Chicken Quesadilla which has a great sauce.

mary robinson

The chulupo $5 deal was awesome. The tacos and chulupo tasted great. Better than restaurant meals we had and no tipping was needed.

Jennifer Rivas-Davis

The workers are friendly, but they do not have enough staff on for the lunch crowds. With the mobile order option, they are working at full speed and the orders come out super slow. I waited 25 mins for my order

lauren de la paz

they don't have the freezes and and its been almost 4 weeks since its been broken

Brittany D.

This Taco Bell is unbearably hot. I frequent this location as I go to school next to it. The staff is always polite and professional. I feel terribly for them. It is 90 degrees outside and today their internal thermostat read 90 as well. I posted a photo already, but I wanted to post this review as well. This is a consistent problem in this location. I find myself worrying like crazy for the employees here. This temperature is not safe for working conditions. They are working with hot ovens and grills in an already hot building. My classmate has contacted corporate and I have contacted OSHA. It is unacceptable that the owner has yet to get the air fixed for them.

Alice W.

Ordered carry out and got home to find a PIECE OF PLASTIC in one of my taco supremes. Luckily it was visibly on top and I didn't choke to death. The restaurant phone number is disconnected and not available online via google, maps, or yelp.


Great place for a quick bite. The staff is very helpful.

Joe Z.

It's a small place. Probably not the nicest Taco Bell, but I wanted to write this review cause the workers are really nice even though they seem busy! I just feel like they have good service especially for a fast food place like Taco Bell, which isn't known for good customer service. Thank you!

Andrew R.

The soda machine didn't have any ice in it and I wasn't even told before buying a soft drink. The sodas themselves were not cold so the whole experience was unpleasant.

Tom Brendon

you guys the best wow good please

Sonia Bravo

The service was horrible and I paid for extra cheese and they got mad because I asked them for it. They only had scorching hot sauce there and no other kind.

Faizan Siddiqui

Great place for a quick bite. The staff is very helpful.

yec yac

This Taco Bell has great preparers. Best one for Cheesy Gordita Crunches.

Robert Corpeno

Loaded w meat not other taco bells that skimp you on meat

Laura G.

I went in today and the cashier taking my order was extremely rude when I asked her about drink prices; she rolled her eyes at me and didn't even want to answer the question. It also took almost 30 minutes to get my order in. Would not recommend.

Rendy S.

Just a typical taco bell chain. Located next to the famous Bruin Theatre on Westwood. However I don't feel place buying food and eating there. Kinda dirty place, smelly and many random people just seat outside the store even they don't eat there.

Richard M.

This is the worst Taco Bell in existence. The workers don't give a crap works slow as hell. The managers are rude, and it's always seriously horrible experience ordering food here. Management needs to do something about this!

Johnny Boy

It's Taco bell. Fast, friendly good for a quick bite, if you want a 5 star restaurant then go PAY for it.. customers are for the most part expect more but don't want to pay more. Today I saw this rude ð??  Armenian lady complaining she's been waiting for half an hour, and that she ordered two quesadillas,.. lies..all lies..then she's screaming at the cashier.. oh Lord.. someone help this crazy lady.. the cashier was nice, and honestly I don't know why she apologized, the cashier did nothing wrong,the customer didn't even know what she ordered, the customer was in the wrong,. Period.. thumbs up for the cashier keeping her cool. If this was anywhere else that crazy lady would have been escorted Outside specially with that nasty negative behavior.


Surprised they had breakfast. Not too bad, either

MnG Reynacorn

Came here and ordered a Steak Nacho Box with chicken and only cheese and meat, but came back with everything on it. We get it back, but this time they added shredded chicken instead of regular chicken. Also the shredded chicken mini quesadilla was burnt and the cheese was everywhere. This wasn't a great experience.

Chandler K.

I ordered a 7 layer burrito (which is vegetarian) and after taking a bite, was chock full of some sort of meat. I checked one of my other burritos and realized there had been meat in that as well, and I had already had half without noticing. Been a pesketarian for 20 years so it caused me to throw up and have extreme pain for a while after. Don't recommend this location.

Kate J.

I saw Taco Bell in the distance and immediately ran to it. It CALLED me, in the midst of the night. And, it was worth every dollar I spent -- all one of them. The cheesy rollup is the best late night snack ever made, and I will fight anyone on that. Thank you, Taco Bell.

Nisha V.

the best food ever full stop. their cinnabon delights are truly delightful and i haven't gotten my cheesy rollup yet but i'm certain it'll be sublime (edit: the service is so quick it arrived as i was typing this!) this is the best night ever. the cheesy rollup was a dairy-filled pillow of love. the cinnabon delight was a hot icing bomb that coated my tongue with its sweetness entirely. i love taco bell.

Easy Food

Nothing wrong with thus taco bell. The food came fast the taste was great. The burrito i got was too little meat too much beans on it. The taco was okay. My favorite was the fries with the nacho cheese it was so good. I got the box for 6 bucks they have Gatorade which is a plus

Chrissy TW

Everyone is extremely nice and helpful including the customers!

The No Self Help Junkie

Nothing wrong with thus taco bell. The food came fast the taste was great. The burrito i got was too little meat too much beans on it. The taco was okay. My favorite was the fries with the nacho cheese it was so good. I got the box for 6 bucks they have Gatorade which is a plus

Rave F.

There is an older man working the register who is beyond rude, unpleasant, and unable to speak English. He was constantly interrupting my order by yelling in Spanish at the other people working. He was rude to the point of being hostile. I asked him for someone else to help me place my order and he refused! I like Taco Bell, but I will not be ordering from this place again if I see this guy on register. Don't fire him, just keep him away from register! PS. Whoever came in smoking weed while I was ordering THANK YOU for the second hand smoke hit so I could deal with the TACO GOBLIN!

Alex K.

This is by far one of the best Taco Bell's in the world! My friends and I came in at midnight. They were closing up, but instead of telling my friend that they didn't have any food. The manager gave him 2 churro snacks for free. By far best people out there. Highly recommend coming for amazing customer service.

Higher Consious Millennial

Nothing wrong with thus taco bell. The food came fast the taste was great. The burrito i got was too little meat too much beans on it. The taco was okay. My favorite was the fries with the nacho cheese it was so good. I got the box for 6 bucks they have Gatorade which is a plus

Isiah Moore

Ima have to come back for the professional service and lovely worker by the name of Angie.took my order which was a large one but handled it like a boss.

Michael Sizemore

Foods fine, this specific restaurant though is a little shady when it comes to mobile orders.

D Juan White

Quick and not expensive

Goodstuff G.

i blame tmobile tuesday for trying out how bad a taco from here is. just awful taste and what it does to your body you can imagine. yeah its cheap, but so is buying 1 pound of carrots for the same price of a taco, which will do better things for you. anyway, hard shell tacos arent real tacos anyway. might as well find a taco truck for something better if you are craving tacos.

George Vreeland Hill

Friendly staff, good food, but small and sometimes there are homeless people nearby.

nicole boyance

Good for a fast food. As a Mexican person, this is not Mexican food at all but it is tasty fast food. Eat it as soon as you get it, if you wait 10 min it goes soggy.