Mango Crazy

Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Juice Bar, Smoothies, Fruits, Veggies

3020 Floyd Ave #203, Modesto
(209) 552-2261



Reviews for Mango Crazy

For months I walked by Mango Crazy but never entered the place until a hot July 2019 day. They offer some exotic dishes with a mixture of flavors with sweets and hot sauces. They also serve ice cream in various forms. They make good use of space to provide limited seating. I ordered a large watermelon and peach Agua Fresca and it was excellent. If you order without ice you get considerably more fruit juice.

The employees are so nice always greet you and it always looks so clean and the mangonadas are sooooooooooooooo good I mean I'm not saying flea market good but you know what I mean there ice cream selections aren't bad either I like to go with my younger brothers they go crazy for the chamoy

The mangonada $5.99 was delicious. Sweet, salty, tart. Great place to beat the summer heat. They weren't very busy after a weeknight dinner, so we just stuck around and chatted while eating our treats. I like that the place is locally owned. The interior paint could be a little bit more soothing, but I guess they're going for "fun/crazy."

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