Doke Sushi

403 Main St #9628, Murphys
(209) 890-3963

Recent Reviews

Don Matthews

We visited Murphy about 5 years ago and loved the town. This time around we discovered Doke Sushi and as a big fan of Sushi, we could not resist. How amazing the food and the service!! The single waitress did an outstanding job looking after all the patrons with a smile, and wonderful suggestions.If you are within a day's drive of Murphy you must visit Doke Sushi. For those of you that think Sushi is raw fish, think again. Lots of other things on the menu. Try it you will love it.

Terry Costa

Last night I ordered the shrimp and vegetable tempura and the Katsu chicken with rice and a salad and it was absolutely delicious. Restaurant is nice and clean and very friendly and professional service

Laura Rivera

Delicious and nice atmosphere. Very friendly staff.

Sara Jamison

I love EVERYTHING here. Went into the city recently and had sushi 3 different places and all I could think was that is doesn't compare to Doke. The spicy chili shrimp, zen, Murphy roll and pepperfin are my for sure order and then we usually pick another random. Writing this review makes me want it now.


Wonderful service and solid food. Was a happy surprise to find decent sushi out in the mountains. Definitely worth a visit!

Rocker Skaar

It was a very tasty and enjoyable spot! Got to sit right in the middle and watch the staff working behind the counter and being in good spirits throwing smiles around. You could taste it too, the Poke Crisps alone will have me coming back. I had the Big Trees Special Maki and loved it. I'll be coming back to try the entire menu, date nights too.

Danny Stegeman

This place is the best kept secret in Murphys !! Great sushi!! Lovely staff..

Con Hein

Top notch Japanese and sushi food and absolutely superb service!


you need to make a reservation here! we got lucky at 6 pm and had the ramen bowl and chef's special roll. Good service and local wine prices.

Robert Miller

Made a reservation on their website for 2. The website said if the time we reserved was not available, I would receive a call. Well, no call. We showed up at our requested time only to find out they never reserved it for us. We had just driven 30 miles to eat there. The hostess said sorry nothing I can or will do to accommodate you. Take out if you want. Very arrogant staff. Like they are doing you a favor accommodating you. I will not be going back, or should I say showing up for nothing again.

Sheri and Jason Krantz

Fantastic, great little sushi place in a crevice of the mother lode. Totally unexpected.

Anthony Davie

Service was subpar... I over tipped for sure

Marcela Parra

Great food, friendly staff, reasonable prices.

Carey Wong

Delicious sushi! Excellent service!

Caren Turner

Great service and delicious food!

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