Koffee Pot

2532 Telegraph Ave, Oakland
(510) 452-2755

Recent Reviews

Kent Smith

Great little breakfast/lunch spot. And I do mean LITTLE. A few small tables inside to compliment the maybe 7 or 8 counter stools, plus a couple of tables outside. A favorite breakfast spot among the locals.

Zaheer E.

Great place for casual breakfast. Genmaicha Tea was really good here and appreciate effort in the steeping process. Only recommendation for the ownership would be to buy a La Marzocco espresso maker and add espresso drinks to your coffee list. Will help a ton :-)

Christy C.

Cool vibes and great service! Got the French toast and loco moco! Best loco moco on this side of the bay. The sirloin hamburger patty was a bit dry, but great flavor and the gravy was on point. Portions were also very generous! Also love that they serve fresh loose leaf tea! Will definitely be coming back!!

Jasmine M.

Found this little cute hole in the wall and will definitely be coming back. Their French toast plate was amazing and I loved their Sencha tea. The service was also great.

Melanie Cashdan

Cozy spot to grab a coffee and some delicious breakfast.

Briana Bell

Amazing food. It’s like they know exactly how I like my breakfast prepared down to the quality of the coffee. Really impressed! I’ll be back!

Ethan M.

Delicious food and fantastic service. The spicy Loco Moco was easily one of the best meals I've ever had. If you're in Oakland, don't miss this spot!

Huii C.

Love ittttttt! Especially the spicy loco moco and their french toast! They were so good! And the wait staff are so friendly and nice!

Christopher Hooper

One of our favorite breakfast spots. They have the breakfast staples, but I particularly like Q's dishes. Q draws on korean cuisine, leading to dishes like eggs and bulgolgi with a choice between hash browns and rice. My favorite is the Qs benedict, which twists the classic eggs (always perfectly soft poached) benedict with a spicy sauce that you'll want to spread all over your hash browns.

Mikey Sar

Amazing what they've done with a small space. Food and service are both excellent!!

Dan M.

So I have been on a mission to explore more and more bay area eats as I realized I have gotten pretty comfortable with my standard "go tos". I realized that I have my normal brunch spots but not one that is much "Asian fusion" which is where Koffee pot which steps in the latest edition of brunch eats. The plus of this joint is that it happened to be open at an early time on a Saturday which was a huge plus where the market is mostly open at 9 AM earliest. When I made my way over to this spot, I was surprised because I had literally passed it a million times as it is right on the way to koreana plaza. This place is a cozy fit with a few counter sits, a few tables, and then a few outside tables. It is located literally on the main "busy area" of Kono. Parking is on the street and can be plenty especially at this time. The menu has a fusion flare but also some of the good ole classics like eggs (any style), French toast, etc. The service is quick, friendly and perfect for the low key AM. For this meal, we went for the Q's benedict and the spicy loco moco. Both dishes did not take long to come out and was easy to wait with a cup of good coffee. The Benedict is your classic rendition but with a spicy flair tot eh hollandaise sauce. The potato on the side is crisped deliciously and solid version. The spicy loco hit the exact spot I was looking for. It came with sausage, eggs, and spam topped off with basil (which was on top of the benedict too). The gravy was just a tad watery but it was a solid rendition of the dish. I loved the basil as it added some fun for the scent and taste. This is a solid local spot that I definitely recommend and will check out myself. As another data point, I drove back to this area a few hours later and this place was popping with lines for it so its definitely catching press.

Teresa D.

Oh man, this place is fantastic! So tiny, but a real workhorse that turns out delicious food every time. This time, I had the tender Belgian waffle, pleasingly redolent of cinnamon, with perfectly scrambled eggs and three small but mighty-in-flavor pork sausage links. BF had an omelet that was bulging with spicy beef bulgogi omelet.

Victoria S.

Great food, great service. It looks like a hole in the wall, and it is super small inside (definitely don't bring a large group), but everything else is awesome. We ordered a chipotle shrimp omelette (came with avocado, peppers, onions, mushrooms, cheese & chipotle sauce) with a side of rice (topped with furikake and sesame seeds!), a loco moco with spam, and waffle to share. Everything was awesome, it came out quickly, and we left satisfied and surprised. Yay!

Carlo M.

Jazz and spicy moco loco. I really dig this spot for its size, Asian inspired menu and the music. Let me get back to the Spicy Moco Loco. The confluence of basil, gravy, spam, sausage and eggs is perfection first thing in the morning. Koffee Pot is mos def an Oakland classic. Check it out!

Justine S.

A really delicious meal, great coffee, and excellent customer service. Can't wait to come back again and try out other items on the menu! Only thing to note if you have a baby, space is realllly tight indoors so leave the stroller behind and baby will probably have to sit on your lap.

Grant A.

Great find! Highly recommend this place. Not a lot of seating but worth the wait. Next time I'm getting the loco moco - dude next to me was eating it and it looked awesome

Tatum Tsu

Found this little gem after getting off work! The bulgogi omelette is amazing! Definitely getting it the next time I’m getting off work! Very small place opens from Monday to Saturday 7 am- 2 pm! Love the food, waffle is good as well

Kyle Terry

Q's Benedict! So

Georgy M.

Cool spot with great food but very unreliable -- tends to close down early at random times and rarely picks up their phone if you want to verify if they're open. Go there with a back up plan in order to avoid disappointments.

Tina Park

I had the loco moco and it was phenomenal. I also love the hole-in-the-wall concept, which makes the dining experience more intimate. All the workers seemed like they work very hard and act fast on each order.

Michael Mills

The food is an amazing blend of traditional American fare with Korean highlights. Only seats 10 inside and 8 outside when the weather is nice, so get there early!

I'yuana P.

I live across the street. I LOVE coming here! I really hope they stay around through all of the gentrification and be able to keep the prices where they are at. It's truly tragic what's happening to Oakland and I really hope this place continues to stay and thrive through all the changes. I can't afford $20 mix salads. KOFFEE POT FOR THE CULTURE AND WIN!

Dookie B.

This is a very busy place. The customers come from all walks of life all for one thing. The food and service. It is clear that this is a family run restaurant and that they care about the customers. They have a great menu and a wide selection of sauces to choose from. Go there and I guarantee that is worth the wait.

Linda N.

Wanna see a magic trick? Take me to a delicious brunch place disguised as a hole in the wall coffee shop, order me their popular dish, and watch me make it disappear. Loco Moco - Beautifully plated, huge amount of yummies, and great flavors. I must admit, ordering this heavy dish in the early hours was probably a good idea for my taste buds but i was mentally preparing myself for a nice cup of joe and not food coma. This is thee spot on the block for your brunch needs

Anh-Dao T.

I totally lost count of how many hot sauce bottles they have on their counter. It ran across the entire perimeter of the counter. SO COOL. (I am a sauce fiend, if ya didn't know.) I forget why I bookmarked this place, but I'm sure glad I did. I must have driven by a dozen time but would never have expected this little shop on the corner to have some of the best food and service in the area. It was a two-man/woman show when I was there for breakfast last week. They were doing steady business for a weekday, which I was surprised to see. Our host/server extraordinaire took care of the entire front of house AND looked to be the single dishwasher as well. One friendly guy in the back took care of all the cooking. Such hardworkers and they did not skip a beat, which I give them props for. It's not easy servicing a full cafe with just two people. Their menu consists of all the usual breakfast foods, as well as french toast and waffles. They also offer Korean fare (bulgogi, spicy pork) and Hawaiian classics (loco moco). There were a lot of people stopping in for a breakfast sandwich too and for around $6, it's hard not to see why. The food was delicious and fresh. I would definitely return.

Chris Liu

A Korean fusion gem. Diverse brunch & spice bar. Small outdoor seating, perfect for parties of 2-4.

Anthony Lockhart

This chef is so humble and young, but so incredibly fantastic. The place is very small an original hole in the wall, but the food is so good.

Audrey S.

I quite like this place for a low key breakfast. A simple menu, a small space, and reasonable prices. There are no frills but there's also nothing missing by way of filling you up with a delicious meal. The menu is mostly American breakfast staples like omlets, waffles, etc. They also have some Korean-inspired dishes incorporating items like bulgogi. All of the Korean dishes seemed to have red meat on them, so unfortunately didn't get to try them out. I had a waffle with eggs and bacon/sausage but subbed in a side of hash browns for the meat ($0.50 extra). The hash browns could have been a little crispier but the waffle was lovely. Nice and fluffy with a generous pat of butter on top. I left full and happy and my meal was only $10 pre-tax and tip. Seating is quite limited. They had a counter and a few tables inside plus two tables outside. We opted for outside but they're right on telegraph so there was lots of traffic. Even so, I like this spot. If I find myself hungry for a simple but delicious breakfast on a Saturday again, I would totally come back.

Brian Strauss

Outstanding! Everything looks terrific and I can’t wait to comeback. The Spicy Pork Bulgogi Omelette is a unique and delicious breakfast concoction.

Tjay D.

The service was super fast, the server was really good as well. And the food was really good as well, the seating area inside was small so the outside area came in handy. All around great place

Takiyah Smith

Very small and cozy restaurant, there was a 15 minute wait. As I waited I noticed that every plate was empty, No left overs. The food was delicious.

Reese Butler

Great breakfast, small and nicely crafted interior, sidewalk dining if you'd prefer and endless coffee refills. Perfect execution of a modern but classic breakfast diner

Aaron W.

Teeny-tiny little breakfast spot with a kitchen that punches waay above its weight class and efficient, friendly staff that seem to never stop moving. There are a couple tables inside, a few outside, and a smattering of stools at a counter. It's not hard for this place to go from empty to overflowing with several tables in a few minutes. But the staff really hustles to get everyone fed and they're super nice while they do it. Coffee was good and kept flowing, the menu is creative, and the food was on point! Strongly recommended.

Priscilla L.

This place is suuuuper small! I came here with my sister and her husband last Saturday around 7:30am. There was another person there still few tables and seats left. We all sat the the "bar" (is this what they call it?), immediately we noticed all the sauces available for us to try. The waiter gave us the menus and I felt like this place is like fused with some Korean like/ Hawaiian like dishes. The food was delicious. It wasn't salty at all and the portions were big. Not sure if there's a bathroom here...I didn't see one. Lol

Ruby F.

When you can taste every bit of effort that was put into preparing a simple meal, you know you have found a gem. We ordered the two eggs breakfast, one with bacon and one with the bulgogi. Every single bite was delicious. The coffee that went with the meal was not bad. The place was small and good for party of two or one. We arrived at 10:50am on Saturday and was able to get indoor seating right away. However, between 11 and 12pm the place became more crowded and you might have to wait 10-20 minutes for a seat.

alex n.

Cute little place with a couple sidewalk tables, a breakfast bar, and a few two-person inside tables. They won't be able to accommodate groups of more than four inside. Friendly neighborhood vibe, reasonable prices. Qs Benedict crazy good!

Travis Byram

Delicious food in an ecleptic environment. It it's definitely a "cozy" restaurant has a small size, but small scale furniture makes it fit well. Staff is friendly, place was clean. A good place to eat. I would definitely consider eating there again if I happened to be in the area again.

Justin Barker

I keep forgetting about this cute little place. Which is a shame because the food is amazing. Diner fare with high flavor Korean punches. It appears family run so the space is very small and service is polite but not hurried. You always wanted bulgogi in your omelet didn't you?!

kim v

Amazing food. Great service. I had their oyakodon and it was sooo good, really made my day. The portions are ridiculous..would say it's too much for one person.. if it wasnt so delicious 🍛😅 will definitely be right back!

Alan L.

This is a tiny Breakfast spot that looks like it's in the hood of Oakland..lol(probably used to be) I think it got turned into Korean town, As for the little hole in the wall, there was two tables and three patio tables and a mini bar, It's a simple little restaurant, with a efficient and quick server, American breakfast with a Korean twist, pretty good flavors, the Waffles are not that good though, And I didn't like the fact they didn't have fresh OJ, which in my opinion, every legit breakfast spot should have... The spicy scrambler with grits was pretty good, although not spicy at all, The waffle was missing more waffle mix. Overall first time experience was pretty good, wouldn't mind going back if I was in the area.