The Wine Mine

5427 Telegraph Ave, Oakland
(510) 547-9463

Recent Reviews

Eli Eisen

Love this place. We have been in the wine club for years and are never disappointed

Ruth Kierans

Hands down the best wine shop in Oakland, possibly even California. The owners know their wine and I honestly don’t know how they offer at such low prices. Always a pleasure to shop there.

Nile Peacock

Remarkable staff, good selections of wines, and amazing services are offered by this wine shop. These guys are really one of the best in the area in terms of wines and service. I really had a great time with these people, and I will surely come back here to shop for more wines. Thank you so much! You guys are the best!

Ismaeel Madden

Looking for the best gift for your dad, grandpa, or uncle? This wine shop is the best place for them! Purchase their favorite wine or beer in this wine shop! They offer a cheaper price than any other wine shop in the city, and they had a wide selection of wines and beers, too. They also sell pastries here like macaroons, bread, cupcakes, and cakes! This is a must-try! They also had a dining area where you can sit and relax with their wonderful and fancy ambiance.

Bethany Conner

We like this wine shop as you can taste wines from different producers, and the way they had set up the wine tasting was very unique. The wine was wonderful! We ended up purchasing several bottles of the local wines and had them shipped at home. Also, the staff was welcoming, and we very much enjoyed our time there. I strongly recommend this place if you love wines!

Adlyn S.

Great selection! The owner is so sweet and charming I wish we could have a glass of something remarkable together! I live in SSF but if I'm passing through I'll be sure to stop by and stock up on some of my favs. Their prices are very fair as well. The only thing I would change is some music to play in the background lol.

Maryam T.

Popped in today on a whim, first time. Was in the mood for a smoky, full bodied but low acidity wine. Through that description out there to a staff member, walked out two minutes later to what I later learned may be my new favorite wine. Will def be back.

Meredith J.

This is THE BEST wine shop in Oakland! I joined their wine club during the pandemic, and I'm so glad I did. Since then, this quickly became one of the only place I go for a new bottle. Their shop has been safely open for a little while, and often I'll pop in, tell the team what I'm cooking for dinner, and they'll always recommend something great (and always at super reasonable prices). The wine club bottles are always excellent, and the club tasting notes always include a food pairing! Love these people and this shop!

B I.

I live 50 miles away but will come back! Visiting relative, went to gluten free shop next door and popped into Wine Mine. Such nice and knowledgable woman picked out the BEST wines for me. The prices were amazing. A gold mine in the Bay Area, actually!

B S.

I live 50 miles away but will come back! Visiting relative, went to gluten free shop next door and popped into Wine Mine. Such nice and knowledgable woman picked out the BEST wines for me. The prices were amazing. A gold mine in the Bay Area, actually!

Paulina T.

I stumbled upon the Wine Mine while waiting for my smoothies at The Well. The Wine Mine has a great selection of wines, at affordable prices. I had just bought the same Frank Family wine at Whole Foods the day before, for $10-15 MORE than what the Wine Mine sold it for! (Edited, thanks for flagging my error david)
The prices here are cheaper than other bigger stores, so why not save money AND support local?!

The guy working there (I didn't catch his name) was super friendly. I was being indecisive and he recommended a Cab that cost $35 that normally sells for ~$100. I also asked him for a recommendation for a Rioja and he didn't push the more expensive botttles & recommended one for around $30. If I still lived in Oakland, I'd go here for all my wine need

Sarah W.

Don't believe the "masks required." The two employees working Friday afternoon were not wearing masks - or rather the masks were hanging off their heads by one ear loop each while they talked to a customer right next to them indoors.

I used to like this place. They were where I picked up amarone for Christmas. I stopped by every time I got a pastry at Mariposa Bakery next door, but I'm not coming back.

When businesses chose not to wear masks, they are saying very clearly they don't give a damn about you. I got the message.

Cassandra Clarke

Great variety. Any wine you want they have. We did The tasting. They change it every few weeks so we got to do the 90 point plus tasting. Worth it! We'll be back for their next tasting.It wasn't too busy for a Saturday. All the seats stayed full but no one had to wait for a seat. The temp on the patio was perfect, shaded the whole time we were there.

Mila-Rose Juarez

The owner of this wine shop was amazing with his knowledge of wine and his enthusiasm and good humour. We enjoyed trying all the different wines, about 20 different samples with information about the types of grapes where they are grown and the year of the wines. It was also interesting to hear about the different countries the owner has visited and about all the different visitors to his wine shop. I strongly recommend this place!

Jasmin Noor

Best wine shop in Oakland! Super helpful and knowledgeable! Awesome sister-brother duo!!!

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