La Viga Seafood & Cocina Mexicana

1772 Broadway, Redwood City
(650) 679-8141

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Pasha T

Great food, amazing cocktails, super friendly staff.

Samantha R.

Food is decent but takes way too long to get it. Service is very slow. For the price and wait it's not worth it.

MaryGayle T

The cochinita pibil was delish ?

Robert Frazier

Great food, great service.

k q

La Viga has plenty of great seafood options. The sea bass was excellent although you have to be careful with all the bones. The churros were also great. Indoor and outdoor seating is available and they take reservations. Service is a little slow, but the food is worth it. finding parking in the are can be a little difficult.

Mary Kay Mitchell

Great service and tasty seafood! La Viga stayed the course throughout the pandemic, kept their staff employed making some if the best Mexican fusion cuisine around. Highly recommend their 3 taco platters, coconut shrimp and killer Margaritas!

Andy W.

With elevated ingredients--the street tacos are fabulous. I ordered a set of three: pork, fish and shrimp. So good, had to order an additional two fish tacos. My friend had the chicken enchiladas and finished every bit, leaving little for the dishwasher to clean off. Prices are a bit high (street tacos $5), but worth every bite and every dollar.

Irit E.

We had a lovely experience eating here. First off, they have one awesome tapas califlor picante, which basically means fried cauliflower yet there's nothing basic about this dish. I'll be back here just for that! We than ordered two types of tacos : 1) Prosecco Taco - which has a lovely fried fish with some veggies in it. The taco was surprisingly good, albeit the fact that the fish was fried (they really seem to like frying stuff here). It was definitely superbly fried and the sauce was complimentary. I give it 4/5 cause the next one was absolutely amazing...!!!! 2) Salmon Taco - who would have thought a taco could this good. If you come to eat here and you love salmon, you're likely going to savor over this one as much as I did. Literally wished I ordered two of these instead. Oh well... live an learn, right?! Bottom line, the service was great, everything was fresh, the place is super neat. Highly recommending a visit!

Salvador G.

This little place in Redwood City is an incredible finding. The services are quite enjoyable and very friendly. In hopes of pleasing you they have made the ambience very tropical with outdoor and indoor dining. Now the food is incredibly delicious with great proportions you will not leave hungry. The specialties that they serve her incredibly delicious and worth coming back. I personally enjoyed the seafood and pasta platter which was excellent. The tacos that I posted are incredibly delightful and even the tostada was more like a taco salad with fresh meat either beef or chicken or fish if you wish. I had a chance to congratulate the cooks and they were very pleased and honored to know that we were delighted with the meals. Come and enjoy this place it's worth walking just a few blocks from Kaiser Permanente in Redwood City or from downtown Redwood City's main Broadway entrance.

Paco Ríos

On of the best micheladas and ceviche I have tried so far. The broccolinni was awesome!!!

Jay Sandler

Tacos were among the best I've had. Salmon, Pescado, and Rajas. Outdoor patio seating and virtual menu as nice.

Quyen H.

Amazing food. Great ambiance. Delicious drinks. What a great place for a dinner night out! They do take reservations so I suggest you use it. It wasn't too crowded on a Friday evening though. Highly recommend the fish tacos, ceviche, and fried cauliflower. The fish was super flakey and crispy. Top if off with their salsa for a spicy kick. Also tried the enchiladas and that was very yummy. I would go back here and try the paella! Street parking only. One bathroom. Workers wear face masks. They also did a great job with their service. Cleaning the table as we go and refilling our waters. Super awesome service!

Ally W.

La Viga is like a higher end Mexican restaurant in a casual atmosphere. They introduced me to some novel Mexican flavors that one typically does not get at a neighborhood Mexican restaurant. I enjoyed the following: * Ceviche de Camaron: shrimp, pico de gallo, avocado, cucumber, cilantro-lime cucumber puree * Ceviche Dorado: cured in lime fish fillet, mango, red onions, sweet mango habanero sauce, achiote sauce * Pulpos Salteados: sauteed octopus & calamari, baby potatoes, rocoto chile, fennel, garlic & saffron butter sauce * Tacos (any kind) The alcoholic drinks are fun too, although I do wish they had more aqua fresca options. When I was there, they only had one flavor (1 star off). I guess I will have to settle with more alcoholic than non-alcoholic drink options...

L J Hughes

The various sauces/salsas here are so well made, they both are and aren't like any other Mexican restaurant. They have all the traditional requires notes, but are elevated in ways you can't imagine yet makes perfect sense. The red (orange?) salsa is flavorful and piquante with a touch of fruity sweetness and is hard to stop eating. We tried all the cocktails and it was a tie between Doña Cazuela and Caminos de Michoacan. Great coconut shrimp, great ceviche. The only thing I'd change is the guac, it has something added that makes the texture smoother, maybe mayo(?), Anyway, it is not as successful as everything else we ordered. I'll go back and back and back.

James H.

Like others have said, not sure where all the good reviews are coming from. Indoor and outdoor seating available. The restaurant itself is small but plenty of seating. Lot of small plates to choose from. The tacos sounded good. The fish, shrimp and pork tacos were ok. They were a bit tiny for the price but not bad. Service was good though and everything came out quickly.

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La Viga Seafood & Cocina Mexicana

1772 Broadway, Redwood City, CA 94063
(650) 679-8141