Anaviv's Table

600 Hoffman Blvd, Richmond
(415) 376-1400

Recent Reviews

Joe Wilderman

Great place with very friendly service and tasty food and drinks.

Garry Holst

Very tasty but pricey. With Covid, I don't mind spending/giving more to keep the going

Benjamin Hoffman

I like this restaurant a lot. theres a nice spirit. The cuisine is marvelous. the service is efficient and the waiters are very professional. The cost is honest. truly recommend.

R Battle

Did not make it to the "table" before COVID practices, so happy to see they figures out other ways to keep food going. Happy to find their Prefix weekly meals tasty and will definitely be a repeat visitor.

Wanda M.

How to celebrate a special birthday in the time of coronavirus? Anaviv's is the perfect answer! The food is top quality, beautifully prepared, and couldn't be more delicious. Chef Arnon was also very gracious in accommodating some dietary requests. Our menu included baby lettuce salad sprinkled with gorgeous edible flowers, grilled flat iron steak (med. rare, just how we like it!) with salsa verde, mashed potatoes, sauteed vegetables, and grilled peaches. It was delivered right on time in well organized containers with clear reheating instructions. Everything worked out perfectly -- nothing was dried out or overcooked. Everyone in our group thoroughly enjoyed the meal. Bravo!

Amy Dinh

We stumbled on them this weekend during a bike ride and are so glad we did! The wood fired margarita pizza was ready by the time we sat down; both the pizza and our salad were delicious. They have an outdoor seating area with umbrellas, so we could eat comfortably while respecting social distancing rules.

Kate G.

I got a crispy chicken bowl yesterday to take out and I was disappointed to say the least. I asked for brown rice, I got white rice. The chicken was good but nothing to write home about and the 2 small pieces of broccoli were good (no seasoning/sauce of any kind). I first took a bite of the julienned vegetable that was on top--turned out to be raw onion. Then I took a bite of the pickled onion--a little overkill w onions and the raw onion put a terrible taste in my mouth. The vegetables consisted of 2 small pieces of broccoli florets and some big hard starchy peas. The salad was in a small container and that turned out to be sliced cabbage--that's it--no dressing just raw cut up cabbage. Expensive as well--over $20 with the tip included.

Linda C.

I am obsessed with this place. The take out menú is prepared beautifully, with lots of love and care. I tried the prefix take home and their rice bowl, both excellent. Today, I will try their pizza. So happy a place like this exists in my neighborhood :)

Sarah Calderon

If you’re unsure about eating out during covid, you have to try Anaviv’s Table. We’ve had 3 dinners for special occasions delivered to our home. From salad to entree, and dessert too, everything is delicious.

Johnny D.

A small place, communal type of atmosphere, get to go to the kitchen, appetizers, salads paired with wine. miso soup. short ribs, with rice. fish is served. local trout, duck meat with polenta. cheesecake, orange spiced cake was good.

JJ Thorp

Amazing fresh food, great people!

Isaac Reynoso

Absolutely delicious food

Allen D.

Ok, not so happy. Food: Received the food soggy, and the chicken tasted like second day chicken, not really something you'd expect from a more pricy dish. Unacceptable. Service: Why would you not check the bag for sanitation before you hand it to me, no details necessary but come on guys. Would stay away by all means

Craig G.

We heard about this place opening last summer. We were curious, perplexed and even bewildered that with many Alice Waters alum having spread out into Richmond, aka Assemble and the arrival of chef Arnon Oren also spent some time at Chez Panisse; partnering with Ed Vigil to bring an elegant elevated dinner party concept to combine with catering, a teaching school with association and collaboration of local farm to table providers. What a mouthful! And I can't wait to take a nibble 2-night! As a result of the coved19 and the resulting sheltering in place, to help the hungry marina bay and point Richmond residents survive on something other than fast food, the gourmet chefs and staff of Anaviv's hunkered down and set up a pizza take away stand in the parking lot (weekends only). We had already ordered a couple of pizzas to go Saturday for Monday. Aka today! I showed up at 5:30 to pick up the to go order having added a couple of salads. The door was open but only Chef Arnon and another chef were present, finishing up the last of the orders in the fully appointed kitchen. He warmly greeted me into the abundant but empty kitchen. He commented the kitchen was built from Scratch. He said I was welcome to hang out, but I wanted to get my phone as I was expecting a work call. Upon return the second chef (sorry I couldn't make out her name on her smock) was adding caper juice from a jar full to the Caesar dressing. Hmmm I commented. "Ahhh my secret ingredient... shhhhh! " To which I commented, since I don't like anchovy's that much "I add fish sauce." She lit up quite impressed, "ah nice touch! Instead of anchovy's? "She looked concerned. "No...I don't mind anchovy's, I just don't wanna see em swimming in the lettuce." "Good because there is definitely anchovy's in there!" "I'm sure it's going to be fabulous!" I commented I came yesterday but the pizza was gone. "We sold out by 2 pm! But we are going to do it again maybe even adding BBQ. We have a smoker and several grills. You know under the circumstances, we want to help the community as much as possible." Wow that's awesome! Just then Chef Arnon came back with my credit card. He asked had I heard of the actual restaurant. Honesty we had but it's never available." "Ah you have to make reservations ahead. Maybe a special occasion." We will definitely check it out! So the wait!.... tic tic tic Had to wait for #2 son to show up from his City digs for our family sheltering in place. We started with the Caesar. Normally we don't eat the croutons in anybody's Caesar because they are mostly empty carbs and typically have no flavor. Not these! I would serve these croutons in a bowl at a party... they were that good! The dressing was perfectly creamy, briny, tart, not at all greasy Or eggy! Then the Zah! Fortunately we ordered two since #2 was sheltering with us. Both were worthy of repeat orders. The sausage one we figure out how to reheat it correctly. So the sausage was popping with flavah and crust had the quintessential burnt crust taste. Wow! Dinner at the restaurant can be a bit pricy based on the web site, definitely a special occasion kind of place. Let's face it, it's not for casual dining. However the very intimate setting coupled with the catering, the community outreach for education for several young aspiring chefs, the whole integration of local produce; Anavivs table, makes complete sense! where it is, who it serves, and how it provides a forum for development of the local community and beyond. Who would have thunk it? The new Gourmet ghetto? It's easy to get spoiled and have multiple foodie experiences all of a sudden, in Richmond! Highly recommend based on pizza and salad!!!!

Joseph Knapp

Great food in an intimate setting.

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