Mississippi Catfish

12440 San Pablo Ave, Richmond
(510) 215-2526

Recent Reviews

Steven Benker Ritchey

Really tasty! Great service. Psyched to go back and try more of the menu.

Carmen Irving

God Bless The Black Owned Businesses that continue to strive and serve their local communities with dignity and grace. GREAT FOOD, GREAT SERVICE, GREAT PEOPLE. MUCH LOVE

Amy D.

We picked up takeout yesterday. It was easy to call in, didn't have to wait long, and the food was really good! Since this was out first visit, we wanted to try a little of everything so we got an order of fries chicken wings and Raya's 3 and 3 (fried prawns and catfish). Everything was tasty, nice crunch to the wings and prawns, and for everything being fried, nothing was overly greasy. Potato salad was really good!

Renee Davis

Fish was dry. Not as good as it could be.

James K.

I got some delivery from here the other day because I wanted to try something I don't eat regularly: fried food. I'll say that most likely it would've been even better if I ate it hot on the spot. The fish fillet tasted good with the tarter sauce and I enjoyed the crunch on the chicken batter. The two sides I got were coleslaw and potato salad, both tasted pretty good. The 4th star is for the hush puppies, they were full of flavor and scrumptious, and I could eat them all day.

Krish Abbott

This restaurant gives first-rate service as well as tasty meals. One of the best restaurant ever. The drinks and food served quick and the rates were inexpensive. I recommend this place.

Kenya W.

Wow. In my short time living in Richmond, this place has exceeded my expectations. It reminds me of the quality found from southern seafood spots that used to exist in the Inner East Bay like Berkeley's Big Daddies, which was also on San Pablo Avenue. The Catfish and Shrimp/Prawns were fresh, with the right amount of spice and had none of the odd aftertaste or heavy greasiness that other restaurants leave you with. A bonus is all entrees include Hushpuppies, a quintessential side that most California soul food places either don't provide at all or serve as an expensive up-charged side. Also, the homemade cobbler was great. A bit pricey for the size, but it's enough for two to share or to cover one person for a couple of days. Try it if it is available. The hours are limited right now during the pandemic, but this establishment is worth adding to your rotation.

MissJay Califinest

This place is fire! You won't regret ordering here. For those who like bland food I gotta say the food is really flavorful...made with love! The chicken is so good! Really crunchy with lots of flavor! The fish can be a bit more crunchy and thicker...but overall flavor is ?. Now them hush puppies.....its soooo. ??...

Jeanna Mielcarek

Checked out this place last week & since then the food has been on my mind constantly! The flavor and texture of the breading and hush puppies is ?. I felt like I was eating seafood in the gulf again. Don't miss any opportunity to eat here, it's a must

kirby koepke

The best fried fish around. Get the hushpuppies, you won't regret it!

Craig Stevens

This place is friendly fun and very very clean, the food is perfect, not over seasoned at all.

Shon M.

BEWARE: HARASSMENT! The. Guy. That. Works. The. Front. Is. A. RUDE. SOB! I echo the experiences of everyone else that has said the same thing. smh I have visited this establishment and have brought other people here, but all that ENDS TODAY! Why. WHYYY?? Would you treat people that patronize your business SO HORRIBLY??!! I almost ran out of gas, so I had to stop and get some and got caught in traffic. He harassed me from the time I stepped into the building saying "YOU ARE 35 MINUTES LATE!!" and claims I had an attitude. I was preoccupied with at LEAST THREE other things that I was just not engaging with him or paying him any attention. Apparently if you want to eat here, you are FORCED to entertain his foolishness! He kept harassing me, going ON AND ON about nothing, and finally (Thankfully) said I'm going to leave it alone. Well that did not last long. When I got my food, he started picking at me AGAINNNN and tell me "If you come back leave the attitude at home." Again, what attitude?? I told him, don't worry I won't be back. And he responds, "FINE! WE DON'T NEED YOU!!" I told him I will tell everyone else about this encounter and he screamed "FINE!" as I stormed out so here were are. He also overcharged me $15 for the 10pc wing. For the sake of not arguing, I paid it and was hoping to just leave quietly but he couldn't leave well enough alone. SMH I don't understand why he acts like this... it's not worth it for the price of the food, what you get at that price, and the harassment and rude comments that come with it. I've had not so good experiences with this guy before (rude, slamming phone in face, cash only inconveniences) but I kept coming back for the chicken but at this point I'm done. The disrespect is just too much and it's not worth it. Plus, every time I come here it's not busy. I think other people have caught on. I support black owned businesses, but this guy makes it hard for the argument to support our people. If you want good chicken, make it at home. MY chicken is better than theirs, and if you want a good recipe hit me up I will give mine away FOR FREE! For starters, use Louisiana Chicken fry for the batter. You can get it from Safeway, Grimaldis, Berkeley Bowl, or maybe Walmart. Season with Tony's or Slap Ya Mama. If you soak the chicken in buttermilk with a few drops of Louisiana Hot Sauce and cajun/creole seasoning it will add to the flavor. Whatever you do from there will be better than what he's serving. And you can get ORGANIC chicken that's grass fed and doesn't have brittle bones like what this place offers for a good price at Berkeley Bowl. Make it at home, it's cheaper, you get more for your money, and I just gave you a GREAT recipe to start with that will leave everyone FULL and happy. Little Star has good chicken too, although it's roasted, but it's ORGANIC and IT COMES WITH RANCH OR BLEU CHEESE. YOU'RE WELCOME!

Gina M.

Environment be damned, this is damn good food. Fish is lightly breaded and shrimp is great. I don't care for hush puppies but these were great.

Ken J.

This is the best catfish in the bay area not only that is farm raised catfish for Mississippi but the owner is from Mississippi so he knows his catfish. You have to try the shrimp Po boy it is absolutely heavenly.

Yancarlo E.

I usually stick to my favorites when it comes to my Friday lunches. However, a few coworkers had been raving about how good this place was. Since I wasn't sure where to go I decided to come here. Don't let the location put you off! The service was quick, easy, and best of all super friendly. I ended up ordering the catfish and prawns combo and it was absolutely delicious. Even though I had to drive back to work, the fish and prawns stayed hot, crispy, and delicious. Definitely worth the price and it was enough to feed two people! I will definitely be going there again when I am craving for some good Cajun style fish.

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