Baskin-Robbins - 5020 Foothills Blvd

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5020 Foothills Blvd, Roseville
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Reviews for Baskin Robbins

The owner of this store is an idiot. I've been there three times after nine o'clock and they are closed even though their website says they are open till 10:00. The sign on the door says they are open till 10:00. The last time I was there the employee told me the owner was on vacation. The owner does not care about his/her business. Dunkin needs to pull this franchise from this idiot owner.

How was Baskin Robins? That is kinda a silly question... who doesn't like ice cream? Seriously though The staff here is always friendly and they sure work their tails off when the heat arrives. The place can get pretty packed at times. Only thing i would suggest is on those hot summer nights is to have a # system to help with the confusion of who is next.

I love the service we have received from the team at the BR at Foothills Blvd! I love,love the Grasshopper pie, I've ordered it from there 3 times and all have been amazing! When I have bought them at other BR to awful results. So thank you so much, for being great, and consistently offering great prouducts! I'll be back!

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