PV'S Fresh Grill and Tequila - San Bernardino, CA

1250 S E St, San Bernardino
(909) 381-1050

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David Allen

Service was fast and good. The was hot and tasted great. Definitely will be returning to try some other items on the menu.Food: 5/5

Kim Papez

Really good food, and great atmosphere. El Javi, our server was a lot of fun. Enjoyed our time dining there.Food: 5/5

Jennifer Robl3s

This manager!! The one that is wearing glassesHe’s a horrible guy ! Hope corporate sees this and could contact me !! ASAP!! this restaurant should get a better manager ? this guy doesn’t know what he’s doingHe needs to do better !! Or gets fired !! Simple !How are you gonna be manger? And get payedIf you aren’t gonna do the job right !!?Like make it make sense !!

Eman L.

Burrito de asada Era puro arroz La carne puro pellejo No regreso Su guacamole sabia a limon podrido El baso de agua Era puro hielo

Eva Rivera

We really wanted a margarita and saw this was a go to spot. We were not disappointed, it was one of my top 3 favorite margaritas. So much so er bought a bottle of it to go! We also ordered guacamole that is made table side, it was fresh and a great experience. I will definitely be visiting again whenever I head to the casino!

Megan “SpUnKy” Collier

This place is extremely clean and serves very fresh food.The atmosphere is better as the night goes on. The temperature is cool and not hot like.most open kitchens.The aesthetic is a bit industrial with traditional Mexican decor dispursed lightly throughout the restraint. They have a large banquet room that looks beautiful from The dining area. I got their taquitos... I usually order from the appetizer menu...the only bad thing I have to say is I feel like for the amount paid for the dish... I should've definitely got more food. It seemed to be 3 taquitos cut in halves to form a star around some guacamole. The tortillas were super fresh and the salsa was spot on... not spicy but flavorful as hell.

Maeia Z.

perfect for a fancy feast at a cheap price. we ate everything on that sizzling steak plate and cant wait until karaoke night

edgar quintero

I ordered pollo a la plancha chicken was dry, customer service was terrible I asked for chips when we ran out. took my Waiter for ever to bring chips. Then I asked waiter for some water he forgot had to ask different waiter then my waiter finally brought my water. Sad thing is they were not even busy. This used to be my go to spot but think I'll go somewhere else from now on.

Fern P.

Great food and great service. Waiter was very kind and very attentive. Great bar area aswell.

Robert Jones

This place seem nice at first. But staff never checked on us they were all standing around. It took 15 minutes to even get a drink. I ordered a shrimp cocktail with a little spice. They gave me my cocktail filled with half Serrano chili peppers. And I asked them if this could be fixed the waiter said you wanted a little spice you got it. So I picked at what I could eat. The waitresses were talking to the waiter while they all stared at me and were talking even the manager was just standing around talking. Horrible service I'm not sure if it was color thing or what but I felt not wanted in this place of business. Shame on you...

Angie Daniels

The waitress was very friendly, the food was horrible! My husband and I did not eat our food and the waitress tried to get us a discount but the manager said no, the waitress even went out of her way to take the plates to the manager to show him we did not eat and he still said no we paid full price, for fajitas that were burned! We will never return to this place and do not recommend it at all

Sandy W.

This was my first time to this restaurant. We sat in the front where you can see the cook making the food. I ordered fajitas ($25). This is where it gets disappointing. The cook finishes the food puts the fajitas in a bowl and lays it on the counter for the waitress to grab. She then grabs the hot fajita skillet, grabs a bottle of "dark" sauce and saturates all the meats and veges in the bowl and then throws it onto the hot skillet. Upon tasting the food, it was not good. I asked her if it was soy sauce that she saturated it with, she said yes!!! Soy sauce, really!!! Not only did it kill any flavors of the beef, chicken and shrimp.. but it increased the salt level way tooo much!!!! Also, the shrimp are small. I really feel that they need to tell the customers that they add this. I have never had soy sauce with fajitas, and would not try again!

TooPinkTuTu S

Best customer service.. there was flies literally everywhere and it was empty which should have been the 1st red flag but still gave them the benefit until I received my meal the meat was spoiled, my daughter ordered nachos and for $11 they where microwaved and stale. The only thing that was good there was the salsa with chips and the cup of water. I won't be back ever GROSS.

Cayetano Urias

I went with my godson after a graduation on a recommendation from someone. I have to tell you the service is top-notch. The servers are extremely attentive and always ensure that you have your drinks. Your chips and anything else you may want. The food was tasty and good. I was pleasantly surprised. Have a very good selection of tequila. Unfortunately, I was not able to partake in the spirits that day.

Amanda Nesbit

Pretty good food. The service was okay for lunch. If you have a strict lunch time, I would not recommend coming here. The chips and salsa are super tasty and the staff were very nice and helpful.

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PV'S Fresh Grill and Tequila - San Bernardino, CA

1250 S E St, San Bernardino, CA 92408
(909) 381-1050