5200 Grand Del Mar Way, San Diego
(858) 314-1900

Recent Reviews

Fred Gonzales

This is simply one of the most amazing dining experiences I have ever had. I was blown away by the dishes, the description of the ingredients, the level of service, and the ability to go beyond my expectations. The atmosphere is so inviting, relaxed, and yet feels so luxurious. This is a very special place. Highly recommended!

Ramona Garrett

We have had breakfast here many times in recent years, and they continue to knock it out of the park. Today we sat out on the shaded patio and felt like we were having a private dining experience. Alexa, our server is very friendly and attentive. Also, the food was fresh and delicious! We will surely come back soon and recommend the restaurant to all of my colleagues.

Lynn Hayes

I always look forward to breakfast here. The food is great and the wait staff always friendly and prompt with service. Someday I'll actually make it for lunch, which I hear is just as good. Good Job!

Carmen Tafoya

Everyone was polite and very professional. The five course meal was excellent and beautifully presented.

Hirsch Hyslop

So I want to start out by saying that we are seasoned diners. Daniel, chef’s table at Brooklyn Fare, and Le Bernardin are what I am comparing this restaurant to. Most importantly, I want to point out that the service here is beyond amazing. The overall experience is a 10/10. There are very few places that provide this level of personal attention. The staff is choreographed to a tee but not pretentious, and still engaging and funny. We went to the Addison to celebrate our anniversary. We chose the 10 course option and ordered two bottles of wine with the help of the sommelier. The wine recommendations were lovely, and paired nicely with the food. Now the food.

Maddox Handley

We had the pleasure of dining at Ferraro’s Kitchen twice during our week’s stay in Miami. Though it looks unassuming from the outside, the interior is elegant, warm and spare, with lovely tables and chairs and a wall of wine and books. The service is caring and polished.

Candace Lane

We chose it from the strongly positive reviews on several listings. It earned every one of the five point rating. Clean, attractive and smelling of good things in the kitchen, we were warmly welcomed.

Clinton Robinson

I need 7 stars. A unique exceptional meal! Service was impeccable.

Carolyn Roberts

Appetizer was very good - wings spicy but not too spicy and the potato skins were excellent. Courtney our server was excellent and friendly, knowledgeable.

Ryan Glass

Addison is absolutely serving some of the most delicious and refined food in the country. The service is some of my favorite I’ve experienced as well. Favorite wine pairing ever, hands down. Bottle list is also very good, as there are some rare finds found at price. *** 2020 ?


One of the best restaurant in southern California. Service here is once in life time experience and will never be match. Food here is unique and great with taste that can not be describe. As always is expensive but if it can be affordable I would do it again to enjoy the atmosphere and service.

Peter Catella

I can't imagine adding something about the experience of dining at the Addison that hasn't been mentioned already. The food, the service and the atmosphere are all exceptional. It was an experience I'll remember always. My daughter and I partook of the 10 course tasting menu with wine pairing. Now I'm a "meat and potatoes" guy, so I needed to go into this with an open mind. I'm glad I did. If the opportunity presents itself, go for it -- even if it's something you know you'll only do once in your life.

George Tharp

Amazing. Simply amazing. Best food I’ve ever had.

Kimberly Blake

Fantastic food and wonderful service!!!

Shane Braynt

The food is nice but not amazing for the price you pay for a meal. ADDISON RESTAURANT is really awesome!

eric fitzgerald

Quality Meals, yeah, super satisfying. Everyone at our table was enjoying everything. I've had nothing but great experiences here and will keep coming back. It has a nice atmosphere.

Beverly F

Quality Meals and the setting here is great. Definitely one of the best places in the area. The service here is outstanding. It has a nice atmosphere. Food is similar to a cafe in Portland I loved.

sonia fischer

Quality Meals, mmm, super yummy. Arrived at five, it wasn't busy. I've had nothing but pleasant experiences here and plan to keep coming back. The place has a good feel to it. Food is similar to a cafe in Portland I loved.

King A

A preferred place for delicious quality meals. Great place to chill, get away, eat some good food. The staff was very helpful and observant. It has a good interior.

Brielle Salas

quality meals and the setting at this place is super good. Everyone at our table was glad to be there. This place has a cool feel to it. Feels similar to a restaurant in Philadelphia that I enjoyed visiting.

raven ewing

quality meals and the feeling here is excellent. Nothing but pleasant experiences here. The place has a cool atmosphere.

Andre Huang

quality meals, mmm, quality stuff. nice place to relax, people watch, eat good, etc. the service here is attentive. it has a nice interior. i can see why they have so many great reviews.

Brady George

Good spot for quality quality meals. one of the best spots in the area. the service was very helpful and observant.

Ivy Barnett

A top place for quality Quality Meals. I love this place, excellent food & service. The staff was very friendly and kind. I can see why they have a lot of great reviews.

Taylor Holder

Good location for delicious quality meals. Went there on a Saturday. Definitely worth going back to. Feels like a cafe in Phoenix that I enjoyed visiting.

Karen M.

The Michelin Guide has finally come to the Southland. Its lone recipient finds a fitting host in this elegant, Del Mar situated Fairmont Hotel eatery, boasting fresh ingredients with Asian influenced dishes and service fit for royalty. The Wagyu upgrade may have been worth it. Prepare to spend the rent and form some of the greatest culinary memories San Diego can provide.

Scott Bertone

Really fancy and great service, but food was meh...

Michael G.

I dont feel like writing a lengthy review, but after an amazing experience last year, they fell far short this year. It is very sad that the Michelin star seemed to be the worst curse for them. I'd highly recommend you save your time and money and go somewhere else. Things were so disappointing on many levels within the first 30 minutes of being there, that we left and already gave up before we even ordered. Nothing like the year before. Pass...

Alexandrea Mikhailov

Very nice. romantic, we had a enjoyable time

Jay J.

This is Bar only review.. First Impression Went there without reservation ,read the FAQ that said reservations are required for dining room but bar and terrace are open (this usually means food is served at bar too, not the case here only small plates are available at bar) Felt little bit of cold welcome (probably I was not dressed for location, I just wanted some good food and willing to pay for it) Recommendation : dress upscale if you want to blend in. (I wore a shirt and that's upscale for me ) Second Impression : Knowledgeable staff, Fromagier provided correct impressions and taste of chesses Recommendation: If you love floral notes please try Alp blossom (best complexity is in the rind) Drinks: Presentation : absolutely elegant. 1. Brandy cocktail - Brandy + luxardo + ... Luxardo was too overpowering for my taste. 2. Kaki Fume - Mezcal based Really loved flavour profile, complex (like a good music) : sour , sweet and lots of other notes.. 3 . Corpse Reviver XIII - $$$$$ (it's expensive , but considering its components I would say justifiable) Remmy Martin Louis XIII + Calvados rarete+ gold + ... Tasted like a Beethoven symphony (noting down individual components would be a shame to it). Is this review price biased , I think not but intrinsic human nature should not be ignored.

Papacito Rey

First question you get even at chain restaurants: “any allergies?” But not here. Here you get the chef’s “playful course” and if any of the dishes contain something you are allergic to, well, you are not having that replaced. Food is ok, a bit on the over creamy side. Wine pairing not worth it, you are better off getting a bottle of wine from the wine list.

Will F.

My experience with Addison was not good - and it's a shame because it could have been easily handled. I arrived early when it opened without a reservation (my fault) and was told to sit at the bar/lounge until the maitre d' could seat me. Beautiful place. I had a drink, waited, and waited. then eventually paid for it figuring a table would be available. The bartender was great...still no one came. The place was empty- weird. I walked out to the front to see what was going on and was told the maitre d' was still busy after 10-15 minutes of waiting. Weird. 3 people out front no one came to speak to me. I believe his name was Shawn. He finally came out and told me nothing was available. I asked him why he couldn't have told me that 15 min before and he said he thought I was just having a clearly they either didn't tell him or he forgot. No ownership of the mistake - and so easy to just say sorry for the misunderstanding. I would have been fine. No apology...just a calm smile on his face. He offered to make a reservation for another night, but I'm only in town a short time so I declined and walked outside. When I called an Uber it said 12 minutes so I went back into the bar. He greeted me again and I told him I had some time to kill so I would have another drink - which I did and eventually left. An average restaurant would have said sorry. A great one would have picked up the 2nd cocktail. So easy. Oh well.

Alfred Pedroza

Excellent service, excellent food. Had reservations for our wedding anniversary. We had the 5 course tasting: canapes, Alaskan king crab, artichoke au gratin, caramelized cod, and barbequed pigeon. We also had dessert, le grande finale. Everything looked too good to eat, and tasted even better. What a great dining experience!

Karen Mann

Super Bougie and literally cost the rent to eat here but worth it! Nowhere else like it in the San Diego area, prepare to be wowed!

Joshua Miao

Amazing 1 Michelin starred French restaurant! Chef William Bradley has an amazing thing going here. He's a part of Relais & Chăteaux as well. Very formal looking place. They offer a 5 and 10 course set menu. I had to try the 10 course menu. The courses are pretty small but they pace it out and add in a whole bunch of other dishes. I came in really hungry but by the 4th course I was really starting to feel full. The service was amazing. I noticed with the other tables, they moved with precise timing when serving the food and picking up the plates at the end. Definitely hope to come back in the future and hope to see Chef Bradley pick up a 2nd or 3rd star in the near future.

Checko-Wing S.

I went to Addison to celebrate my 20th Anniversary. Let's start with the good - Beautifully choreographed service and presentation. I also had some delicious "bites" of food. The bad - way too expensive for what you get. Addison is my fifth tasting menu and by far the smallest portions. We went with the Five Course Menu because 10 + courses is usually too much food and time. The wine tasting menu cost the same as the food menu. I've never seen that before. It's usually half the price of the food. 5 courses with wine tasting cost $330 a person. The UGLY!! - Server says, "Do you want the duck or the Wagyu for the final meal?" I said, "Let the chef decide." He says, "you have to pick one." Then he says, "why don't I bring you one of each and you guys can share." I said, "perfect'. The bill comes out and the Wagyu was an $80 upcharge!!!!! 50% premium to the overall meal!!! The meat was the size of quarters (see pic). I know that it is a high end restaurant, but that's bad business. Final bill = $846 without gratuity for 2 people eating the 5 course food/wine tasting menu. If it wasn't for the loaf of bread we would've needed to go out to dinner afterwards. Final notes: We went on a Friday night and the restaurant was practically empty. Maybe four tables. That gave me a little bit of warning. Most high end restaurants have long waiting lists. At least a couple days. You can say, "it's San Diego." I say, "It's Addison." I wont be going back.

Anne Santos

It truly was an experience! Food being served is like watching a synchronized ballet unfolding right in front of you. It did not disappoint! The Addison truly deserves that Michelin star!

Charles Wise

Was the most impressive dinner I have ever had. Be sure to order the 10 course option it is a true culinary journey

Henry Deshawn

Great dinning experience between friends or companion. Food is amazingly tasty and gorgeously presented & some good wine pairing...very attentionnés & profesional service

Mohit Bhushan

Addison is a Michelin star rated restaurant located in the Grand Del Mar hotel. In 2 words, the dining experience at Addison can be summed up as "dinner theater". The entry way is posh. Beyond the hospitality desk is a grandiose sitting room with plush seats and also an outdoor patio with comfortable chairs. One can sit in this area and enjoy the view of golf course while waiting for all dinner participants to arrive. Valet parking is provided free of charge, but tips are always welcome.