Barrel & Board

1027 University Ave, San Diego
(619) 902-4646

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Be prepared- if you order the cheese board, it's a full meal! Absolutely delicious with fresh bread and fruit. I halved the burger with a friend, and it was outstanding as well. The cocktails are amazing and beautiful to look at. The service was fantastic. Highly, highly recommend! Would done again

Greg K

I went there for a birthday party and love me the vibe. They had a great chucudaxre board that was tasty and heavy drinks. I can’t wait to go back.


My boyfriend and I were so thrilled for our first experience in this beautiful restaurant and bar! The food was delicious and the back patio adorable. After dinner, we had a drink in the bar/speakeasy and LOVED that space.


Great ambiance, friendly wait staff, fun drink menu - particularly impressed with the number of yummy mocktails. Chefs charcuterie board is A+ in terms of presentation, taste, and share-ability.

I had an experience almost identical to another recent reviewer which is quite concerning. Service was excellent. Mixed drinks and charcuterie were really good. Ambiance was ok. The rest...bad. Pad Thai tasted like cheese, nothing Thai about it. The burger was really bad. The patty was half the size of the bun, charred on the outside. I had emphasized “anything but well done” and sure enough, was well done. The burger was cold by the time it was served and had no flavor. The fries was cold and soggy. Took only a couple of bites. Couldn't eat the food. Left hungry. Overall, would not recommend.


So overall server/bartender was very nice and drinks were good. The cheese board was VERY disappointing. Not great cheese at all. It was a standard brie, a wine cheddar (both of which I could just get at the grocery store), the worst part was that they tried to pass off the third piece of a parmesan-like (forgot the name) piece of cheese that was mostly the rind. When we brought it to the attention of the server, she agreed and said she would change out the piece. Well, then she became busy and forgot. That's fine. After reminding her, she came back informing us that it was indeed the last piece and that is why it was so small, and offered an alternative. All fine. The frustrating part is that the chefs or whomever, decided it was ok to put that on the plate for a $32 cheese plate, hoping no one would say anything? Just poor form and unfortunately between the quality of the cheese and this incident, we won't be back for food. Probably could see going back for cocktails only however.

Anon Reviews

It’s a shame to experience such poorly managed restaurant. I am a big supporter of local businesses so it pains me to post a review like this.The restaurant was not packed. The restaurant was understaffed and had not presence of leadership. To top off a bad experience, our party had an automatic tip applied which i am completely offended byeFood arrival took more than an hour and 3 our guests never got their food. There was no additional courtesy extended to our party of 12 during the lengthy wait. Heck bread and butter would have been the bare minimum to take the edge off from being hungry.When the food did arrive, it was mediocre. Someone actually ordered a bigger medium well. When the burger was served it was medium rare. The guest was told that her medium rare burger was consider medium well and that if she really wanted medium well, she needed to order a well-done burger. Someone needs to go to a cooking school.Drinks were also mediocre and I should have just ordered wine as ‘you can’t mess that up.’The ambiance is the ONLY thing Barrel and Board has going for them.BIG ZONK!!!

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 2

Service: 1


The service from our waitress was absolutely excellent and she did a great job, but was the only server, and was acting as the bartender and making drinks. The board we received took a significant amount of time, and the extra amount for the meat on the board was not commensurate with the cost. The burger we received was small and was burnt on the outside, and the fries were cold, but I think they were cold because our waitress was the only one running tables. It was a great space for a bar, but not dinner.

We enjoyed a fabulous evening at Barrel and Board, beginning with a cocktail in the Board Room, followed by a delicious meal in the front dining area. We shared the fish tacos board. So good! We ended up back in the Board Room for another signature cocktail. It was the chchchcherry bomb!!!


Always an amazing experience at Barrel and Board. The staff is so friendly and accommodating, the food and drinks are always incredible. We love coming here anytime we're in San diego.


The service was great. The food was delicious and the whole vibe/ambiance is beautiful. We will definitely be back! We chose chose a cheese board and the Mediterranean board and both were beautiful and delicious.

Very nice ambiance. Definitely good drinks and excellent boards. However, the food menu is definitely on the pricier side for the quality and flavor. Overall, a wonderful place for what they're well-known for.


Not my first time here, and not my last. This is always fun to come and munch. Whether you are 2 or 6, their boards are adaptable in size and "stuff" and their fun and delicious drinks make any gathering a celebration. This is one of my go-to places for birthdays :)


The food was mediocre, the drinks were tiny for the price, and the service was awful.

Atmosphere: 3

Food: 3

Service: 1

Shelly Allen

Great cocktails and beautiful

Atmosphere: 5

Service: 5

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