Panda Express

4371 University Ave #100, San Diego
(619) 528-9089

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Angel Zermeno

Uncomfortable seating.Food is served on paper plates.Good service is sacrificed for a cheap profit.Food: 1/5


Poor service from yaritza the cashier me la chz chow mein had a strong burned smell to itFood: 2/5

Katrina P.

I order this on DoorDash way too many times. Now it's about the same quality you'll get at any Panda Express - Asian fast food - but it's a dependable meal. Sometimes the chow mein is kinda old but their mushroom and orange chicken are usually okay. Their beyond orange chicken is a bit heavy handed on the chili flakes. I will commend them for their very quick turn around. But overall don't expect anything fancy

JV Music

Rude customer service from the three people that helped me out. Bathrooms are not available for paying customers and they will not give you more than a couple packets of hot sauce.

Cristina B.

Ordered this late last night after a long day out and about. I got a bowl with fried rice and string bean chicken, and my bowl was 90% fried rice! Thankfully nothing was old/stale, but I was looking forward to more protein in my bowl. Not sure if it was because I ordered closer to their cut off time, but the smaller portion of my entree equates to the 3-star rank.

Pouya R.

They stop making entrees as soon as there is a small gap in between customers coming in, which results in customers waiting 10+ minutes for that entree to get prepared while everything else on the plate gets pretty much cold. Aside from that, portions have gotten much smaller.

Eddie G.

Worst panda I've been to. It's the closest one to home so I frequent here but every time it's a disappointment. They gave me raw rangoons. They were soft and chewy and not like warm. Last time I asked for fried rice with out the veggies just plain and they gave me regular rice with everything. The cashiers seem to hate their job and have bad attitudes and especially the Mexican lady with the bad BBl. I wish they just got a whole new crew or shit it down

Kristi Larimer

I visit several panda locations usually with great experiences. But I have found that this location does not want to sell me food when they have 25 minutes left in the evening.Even though they are open til 10:30pm, they are frequently out of anything but meat based options and will not make anything else. The cut off for making something else is 10:00pm, apparently. This seems like an informal "rule" they made up so they don't have to serve you.

Lance W.

40 minutes before the close they had nothing left and wouldn't make it. Won't be coming back to this shit

Jesus San Miguel

Made a stop to gwt chinesse food, they were quick, good service overall.

Bradford B.

one time, I accidentally ate dog food and it was actually better than this. I'm not sure who owns this place but I've eaten McDonald's cheeseburgers the taste more like Chinese food

Christopher Kleppe

Tried to visit this store @10pm and they said that "The food is what we have and the Kitchen is closed" which is fine and all but all there was was just the spicy chicken , rice , and noodles?? not very happy right now!!

Lucky Y.

Bad Customer Service,They Are So Eager To Close At 9:30 And Closed Bathrooms No Orange Chicken Or Terikayki And Honey Walnut Rather Go To Asia Wok At This Point.

Michael Kearney

Pretty standard fast American style Chinese food. Decent price for the portions, and consistent quality in line with their other locations. Usually pretty quick unless there are big orders in front of you, and the employees are always friendly.

Lacey JS

Incredibly unhelpful and incompetent staff. Missed the same item on two different orders in a row and did nothing to help correct the issue. Couldn't even acknowledge the issue occurred and didn't have the correct details for an online order. The Dasher and DoorDash saved the day but the employees at this location need to be trained properly in numerous ways. Food was great, of course. But proper customer service is important.

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