Burger King

329 N Capitol Ave, San Jose
(408) 923-8000

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james jean

Nice BK, cleaner then most... Food served nice and hot. Lady at window nice and informative...

Ian C

Outstanding spot for delicious Cheap food. the bill won't break you.

Super Jabroni

This Burger King is usually busy, but they are quick through the drive-thru. Food is always quick. Special orders make the orders a little slower, but guarantee that the order is really fresh!

Archibald Harper

I have infrequently visited this Burger King for many years. The food has always been on par with other Burger King locations. The inside is on the cleaner side of the Burger King range of cleanliness, which isn't anything spectacular. My major issue with this location is their inability to get orders correct. The breakfast always seems to be the right order but no other time during the day can I assume what is in the bag is what I've ordered. Numerous times I've received a Whopper even though I ordered a fish sandwich or a chicken sandwich... Last order on the app was incorrect. So either plan to inspect each item, opening the wrapper to insure the correct item, or just accept that you are getting a mystery bag. I have kind of accepted the mystery bag, one time I actually got an extra Whopper. They sure like making Whoppers over there. But I don't dislike any of their food so I'm easy. If you do have some specific dietary issue, you probably shouldn't be ordering at Burger King anyway, make sure to fully inspect your order. I recommend parents double check their order, nothing like having a POed child because he got a Whopper with a handful of ketchup packets instead of a 10-piece chicken nugget with sweet and sour sauce and ranch.

Casey S.

Where do i start! This Burger King is the most unprofessional place I've ever been. Rude employees that try to make racist comments in Spanish but much to their dismay my wife speaks fluent Spanish and they got caught and after that all hell broke loose. Flipping me off telling me fuck you and calling me racial slurs while my daughter was in the back seat. The manager watched the whole thing and didn't do anything about it. I have contacted corporate and hopefully these employees loose their job. After all these we recieved our food cold and unedible. Unacceptable and very unprofessional. Would give 0 stars if I could. I will not be going back to this location and if you're smart you won't either!

Kristy Speer

Order was wrong had to go back through drive through and ordered 2 orders of chicken fries and 4 10pc chicken nuggets and got one BBQ sauce the second time through. And then they don't want to answer the phone and doors are closed. Guess I'll be contacting corporate for a full refund tomorrow.

Trish Amber

They messed up order no sauce asked for. Had to go thru AGAIN to get 1 sauce for over 40 nuggets. Only went because have multiple kids who wanted this. Worst service possible. Never going back. Do not recommend here. Save money go elsewhere.

Tuong Nguyen

Decent place for fast food crave

Marie P.

Went over today. The cashier was very nice, and his mask was on appropriately. The other lady was talking and laughing really loudly and had her mask pulled down to her chin. I thought about it for a moment, and threw out the food. I called customer service and they're sending me a free whopper coupon instead of refunding my order. I don't think the response was appropriate. So here's the review. I don't think I'll come by again since they're lax on hygiene rules.

Tezcacoatl lopez

Quick and very good service

Ter L.

Haven't had Burger King for YEARS and since my family was in need of dinner ideas, I jumped at my sister's offer of BK. The drive thru moved along pretty well and with only one car ahead of me I made my way to the window in no time. The ordering process was a bit of a headache because the employee had a hard time hearing me through the intercom. I continuously had to repeat the same order over and over but the person I dealt with was very courteous. Fast Forward: Our order came out as requested and the infamous flame broiled taste was just how I remembered it!! Food was a bit sloppy but the biggest letdown was the fries they tasted stale and the spicy nuggets that were dry af [see picture posted]. 2 stars. I spent over $40 and was provided half a**ed food. I would have been so much more satisfied with In N Out.

Your Name

Awesome service and dedicated to staff- the gentlemen was able to assist me quickly and accurately in a professional manner. Thank you again for making my experience great. Keep up the great work and See you soon!

Angel P.

This is the Burger King that I've always been to ever since I was a child. I've never had a bad experience here! My order was always correct and the customer service were always quick to respond. The food also tastes great and I hope I get to come here again soon.

Silvano Rojas

The food is not great They take a lot of time I love Burger King but it’s just not good and they mess up orders

Linda Chou

Good Whopper. Accept EBT payment.

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