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329 N Capitol Ave, San Jose
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Reviews for Burger King

The current manager Olga does not have any good customer service towards BK customers nor does she have any business etiquette, and (she probably doesn't know what either one is). She's basically incompetent and should not be in a managerial position. There was a simple misunderstanding with a coupon that we used for our order, and when we talked with her about re-doing our order (basically making another order) she said " just keep your first order, because if you make another...read full review

The food was good but the services is horrible. I asked for extra pickles nothing. No acknowledgement. Asked again nothing. So than when he gave me my charge I asked did you hear me ask for extra pickles he said yes. So I say you could have said something. Stone face. I avoid this place because of the way they treat me. Major problem. And the drink area was nasty. Needed to be whipped down.

I come here in the mornings for breakfast before I drop my kids off for school. The service is great(in the morning). Came in to grab some lunch. I did the survey on the receipt. The FRONT of the receipt says "do the survey, get a free Whopper/chicken sandwich". IT'S A CON! You must BUY A FULL WHOPPER MEAL(with fries & drink) BEFORE GETTING THE FREE WHOPPER/CHICKEN SANDWICH. Then, when I told them I did not want the meal and I would like my money back, THEY DIDN'T WANT TO GIVE...read full review

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About Burger King

It's the Home of the Whopper, and it's a great day to stop at Burger King to get one of their flame-grilled burgers. Other places only give you fries, but at Burger King, you can choose onion rings to shake things up a little. And speaking of shakes, an Oreo shake will totally hit the spot so get one of those too. You can have it your way because every sandwich is made to order, making it a hot, fresh and fast meal night or day!