CA Bakehouse

979 Story Rd #7066, San Jose
(408) 287-9188

Recent Reviews

Mylynh N.

This bakery is AMAZING. Due to coronavirus, they only open on Saturdays and Sundays until 4pm. They also do deliveries during this time-- which I am extremely grateful for. I bought a gift card so I couldn't order delivery through the app, so I called in seeing if there was another possible way. They were so kind to deliver it themselves! I was extremely grateful because I was super craving these (from Instagram posts) and I'm immunocompromised, so I'm even more grateful for their generosity. I bought: Custard buns 5/5 Pork buns 3/5 - they weren't very meaty like other buns I've had Shredded pork buns 5/5 great! Kaya choux 5/5 Black sesame choux 4/5 Banana mochi cake 5/5 super friggin good Durian tarts 10/5 Portuguese egg tarts 5/5 Pandan waffle Honey cake They're really, really good! I loved the durian tarts the most-- they tasted amazing. The crust was flaky and crispy and the durian custard was so tender and creamy and not overly sweet-- just right! All the filling for the pastries were just right in sweetness! I don't usually eat gluten or sweet things (I'm more of a salty savoury person). But after not being allowed gluten in forever, because of my condition, I decided to splurge one day to eat really good pastries and to suffer the consequences later. From the taste of these, they were worth the pain! Thank you so much CA Bakehouse!!!

Janet N.

This little bakery located in Vietnam Towne is open during the shelter in place! Offering take-out for those missing baked goods and wanting to support a family-owned business. From what I know, CA Bakehouse is the same family known for its famous Green Waffles inside of Grand Century Mall which has since moved. Decided to do a little sampler of what they had to offer and to support small and local business. Here's what I ordered: Portuguese Egg Tarts - nice creamy and eggy custard with a buttery crust, somewhat flakey but rich and more substantial than the typical Egg Tart Mochi Muffins - the texture for their mochi muffins were amazing, slightly crisp exterior, and a fun, chewy, moist interior. Perfectly sweet and I liked the tops sprinkled with a few sesame seeds. Durian Choux - I personally don't like Durian, so I got these for my family members that do and they seemed to like it. Kaya Choux - I'm a huge fan of pandan, but have never had Kaya before. I was expecting the Choux to be a lot bigger so it was a bit of a bummer that they were so small, about the size of a ping pong ball. The Kaya cream filling was delicious and sweet. The choux was light, airy and held the cream filling well, but found the crumble topping to be extremely fragile, so a lot of it was lost while eating. I would say to definitely try the mochi muffins here and the egg tarts! I had a few of these treats the next day and they tasted just as good. Price is affordable and I hope to try some of their other items in the future.

Sarah N.

I love the mochi muffins here! They are so good and I actually prefer this over the traditional Banh khoai mi which ruffles my moms feathers a lil bit. The texture of the mochi muffins is what really sells it for me. The inside is the effect consistency of not too firm but still soft. My sister ordered the red beans mochi muffins last time and I did not like them as they were left as whole beans. I definitely think it would have been better as a red bean paste. Definitely would get the mochi muffins here!!!

Shirley Lau

Can’t believe I only discovered this place during shelter-in-place! Had my first delivery last Saturday with a bunch of items and I can’t wait to order more this weekend again. Especially loved the egg tarts, original mochi cake, cocktail bun, black sesame choux, and pandan cake!

Christi C.

I just want to say, this is the best family owned small business bakery! Not only is their pastries and desserts delicious (I'm seriously addicted to their mochi cakes! As in I dream about them 25/8!), they have the best customer service! Before quarantine, my auntie bought 5 or so dozen of their mochi cakes and egg tarts for my Grandma's 90th birthday! It's heaven and basically I died because it was so good. The texture, the mild sweetness and just the flavor makes you want to keep eating. So buttery and light, but rich at the same time. And especially during COVID19 quarantine, I wanted to send my auntie a dozen mochi cakes, dozen tarts, and a small cake. The family couldn't even come celebrate it (we live in the Central Valley, and Auntie lives in SJ) because of high risks individuals etc. BUT CA BAKEHOUSE was super sweet. They came in clutch.. and PERSONALLY DELIVERED IT to her! And even gave extras! I'm so grateful for their attention to detail, their level of quality service. They really put their customers' family first. I RECOMMEND IF YOU ARE TRYING TO HAVE AN DESSERT TABLE OR SMALL GET TOGETHER. THEY REALLY GO ABOVE AND BEYOND. They treated me as if I was family too and I don't even know them.

Lisa N.

Cute little family-owned bakery shop located in SJ Vietnam Town. Cash and card accepted. Plenty of parking. Good variety of unique Asian influenced pastries (mochi cakes, pandan or durian waffles, choux, egg tarts, muffins, etc...) Reasonable priced goods ~$2-$3 each. Friendly staff and fresh pastries. Choux flavors: Kaya Pandan, Black sesame, and Durian. The choux were smaller than what I had expected.. wish it could be a little bigger and more consistent filling. The durian one had lots of filling, whereas, my black sesame choux didn't have enough filling (I noticed when I cut it in half). Out of the 3, I liked the Kaya Pandan one the most! It had a hint of pandan was very pleasant! My mom approves of the durian one (she is a huge durian fan)! The Portuguese egg tarts was definitely my fave! I'm assuming due to COVID-19, they didn't make too many egg tarts b/c of overproduction so they said it would be ~15 minute wait for the Portuguese egg tarts. It was soo worth the wait because it came out warm and fresh! Love the egg custard to crust ratio. The crust was not thick like other places and the egg custard was creamy, eggy and delicious! Probably the best Portuguese egg tart I've ever had. Sorry 85 degrees, you've been replaced. They even have durian egg tart which my mom seemed to love. Would recommend. I'll be back :)

Kim T.

They are open during this CoronaVirus outbreak which only open on Saturday and Sunday from 12PM to 4PM. I came here on Sunday on Easter right when it open. No line! Everything is about $2-$3 each. They are known for their green waffle but I did not tried it as I was interested on the durian, pandan and black sesame choux as well as the mochi cake. For the price, I found it too expensive since it was a two bite piece. The filling for all three flavor was good especially the pandan as I recommended it. The custard was fresh and not too sweet which was good! I think they should sell it at $1-$1.50 each because of the size! The filling was good but the outside of the cream puff was dry and cold to the touch which indicated this was from yesterday! The mochi cake was too buttery for me as I found it to be not enough flavor of the mochi texture but more like Vietnamese banh bo. I would try once and skip this! Overall, the filling of the pandan was very good but the price is too expensive for the size comparison!

Wen C.

Stopped by for the first time in amidst CODVID-19. Got a regular mochi muffin, banana mochi much, couple of cassava cakes, and pandan puffs to share. Although my cream puff was freshly piped and hand delivered to my box without gloves, I am trusting the worker had the cleanest hands Everything was delicious, my favorites was the banana nut mochi muffins and pandan cream puff. Service was good, the bakery was clean, and relaxing to sit in. Def coming back to try their egg tarts and devour more mochi muffins and cream puffs!

Christina Schmitz-Vazquez

Amazing baked goods! My favorite mochi muffins and pandan waffles

Hardy Fulgham

Whatever I just ate was amazing! :)

Owie N.

Afternoon craving for bakery sweet so I decided to check this place out. I ordered: Mochi muffin ($2)= dry, not as moist. Banana mochi muffin ($2)= much better than the regular mochi. The banana made it more moist. Cassava muffin ($2)= subtle taste and texture. Wish they could have warm/toast it up. Pork bun ($2)= decent, but I think 85 degree and other bakery make it better. Kaya choux ($2)= the pastry is soggy due to the filling. I had better choux elsewhere. Was disappointed because I like pandan filling and it was not as tasty. Portuguese tart ($3)= very similar to an egg tart with less sweetness. As their best selling item, I was expecting this to be good. It was mediocre at most. Cute bakery concept, but need some improvement with the service and friendlier staff. Wish they gave the option to warm the pastry instead of serving it cold on the table.

Anna N.

The OG green waffles can be found here at CA Bakehouse. The green waffles are delicious. There are other pastries here, such as egg tarts, cassava cake, mochi muffin. I like the mochi muffin here more than I like the ones from Third Culture. It's pretty moist! Each time I come here, there's a new item on the menu. Today, there was a pandan coconut bread. I definitely bought it to try it out. I also tried the banana mochi muffin - definitely a different take from the norm. I love banana, so I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Danny Chung

love their mochi cakes and durian egg tarts!!

Michelle N.

PANDAN CREAM PUFF. Do I need to say more??? CA Bakehouse is located within a Plaza/Shopping Mall with tons of other businesses, so there's plenty of parking available for you to swing by this gem of a place. The interior has a simple set-up with glass wall displays filled with all the pastries and goodies you can buy. When we visited, there was a Yelp Check-In for a discounted Thai Tea!! Kaya Choux / Pandan Custard Cream Puff ($2.00): MUST TRY!!! I was looking at photos online and this caught my attention immediately, and boy did it deliver! The Choux pastry wasn't too soft or too hard, and the Pandan Custard Cream filling was absolutely d e v i n e. If I didn't have boba right before this, and if I wasn't lactose intolerant, I would be downing these left and right. $2 for this heavenly goodie? Hold me back. Pandan Waffle ($2.00): Note that you have to order the waffle before they make it, which may take some time if multiple people ordered it in front of you! Good thing is you know they're fresh since they make it right then and there! Really great flavor that doesn't get lost after being made. Also $2??? ANOTHER STEAL. Portuguese Egg Tart ($3.00): A classic bakery item, and tasted just like one too. A little more gooey/raw than the Egg Tarts I've had before, but still super good. Mochi Cake ($2.00): The least of my favorites in our dessert run, but still decent. I just felt like there wasn't much flavor in this, but if you're into less sweet desserts, this might be up your alley. I do think they had the texture down to a T! I would absolutely come back and get more of everything, and hopefully try more since there's so much to choose from!!!


Okay bakery... great pricing. Egg tart was 2.50. Taro was 2 dollars. Waffle was okay... too thin. I think I was just expecting the traditional thick pandan waffle like everywhere

Garcia Vero

Bought 1 of everything so far have liked the 3 that I've tried

Joseph L.

This place used to a cornerstone of the Grand Century experience. I'd always get a green waffle from here! They've since moved next door to Vietnam town but the bakery is nicer and the baked goods and waffles are as good as ever! The green waffle is of course a must but if you like durian, the durian waffle is also delicious. They make the waffles fresh for you right in front of you. They also have other baked goods like egg tarts (try the powdered sugar and cinnamon on it), cakes, and cream puffs (choux). The Kaya (pandan) choux was so good!

Claire H.

Finally had a chance to stop by this weekend and it was worth the drive! The shop was so cute and clean, the staff was nice and friendly, and all the desserts were delicious. We went mainly to try their egg tarts and we were blown away: they were fresh hot out of the oven and were extremely flavorful, along with the crispy crust and soft center. I've tried many egg tarts in my lifetime, and these are definitely on the top of my list. CA Bakehouse is a must try, you won't be disappointed!

Angelo B.

They get five stars for the food, the store (super clean), the store again (super cute), the employees (very friendly), and the food (so good I had to mention it twice). I personally recommend the pandan waffles and the Portuguese egg tarts. The waffles are made to order so you'll be able to see the employees cook them right in front of you. Their choux (cream puffs) are also a good choice. I seriously don't know where else I'd be able to score choux with pandan filling. That shit is BOMBBB. If you're lucky, you'll catch a whiff of some stuff fresh out the oven. You can literally see the kitchen from the counter. CA Bakehouse is a delightful store in Little Saigon and I'd definitely come again. Its founders have truly blessed humanity.

Nick S.

All i have heard from my friend is about how delicious the Pan Dan is. Well today i tried it for my first time ...WOW ...yummy !!!

Josephine D.

We arrived around 1:45 PM on Super Bowl Sunday and there was only a couple other parties there. It was our first time, so we bought several different items to try. We got their durian egg tart, regular egg tart, pandan cream puff, pandan Banh bo, pandan swirl cake, crispy pandan waffle, regular pandan waffle, and durian waffle. I'm usually not a fan of egg tarts or durian pastries, but oh my gosh, their durian egg tart was soooooooo good. It was warm, flakey, creamy goodness. The pandan cream puff was also very delicious, even a couple hours later. The filling was fragrant and had a good amount of pandan flavor, not too sweet. The outside was still soft and crispy. Both of their waffles were good, a lot of pandan and durian flavor. I wasn't a fan of their crispy pandan waffle. It was good at first, but definitely had a burnt after taste. Their pandan swirl cake was also too dense and kinda dry, possibly precut and sitting there for too long? I definitely need to come back to try more of their cream puffs and egg tarts. I'm already craving those pandan cream puffs as I write this review.

Ming-Chi Kuo

Best egg tart in town and reasonable priced at $2. The pandan and durian flavors are unique offerings but I prefer the original. Also don't leave without trying the black sesame choux(cream puffs), and mochi muffins.

Dana L.

I was walking around when I came across this cute bakery. I was very curious, so I went in and was met by a lot of fresh smelling baked goods. Everything looked absolutely delicious. I wanted to try the egg tarts, but the lady before me had bought out the entire tray. Instead I ordered a pandan waffle, pandan cream puff, Mochi muffin, and pandan cake. Everything was super tasty. The waffle was freshly made, the cream puff was crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, Mochi muffin is similar to Third Culture Bakery muffins, and pandan cake was super fluffy. The pricing was reasonable- 2 to 3 bucks a piece. I would definitely come back here to try out their other items. Great find!

Sherluna V.

Two words: simply amazing. I was in town for Tet and thought I'd check out this place with my boyfriend's family. We got recommendations to try the choux bun but they were out around 7pm. We ended up trying their mochi donut and the Portuguese egg tart fresh from the oven! We also got to meet the owner when she came out to talk to her customers. She is in her 70's I believe and learned the recipes on google and perfected it herself. A really great story and a true embodiment of a mom and pop shop. The mochi donut is unique and delicious. If you've ever had Third Culture Bakery which is also known for their mochi donuts, the textures of the two are not comparable. These mochi donuts are very chewy, and have a firmer texture almost like bo nuong but not quite. The price at the time was $2 but I can see it getting hire up to $3-4 if this place gets more popular. The Portuguese egg tart was piping hot from the oven. They were still churning them out in the late evening, and recommend we wait 10 minutes to eat them. We didn't listen and went for it, but I really would let it cool down. To me it tastes the best after it sit for a while. I also thought this was good but it didn't beat 85 degrees to me. Everyone should check out this place. People look in and pass it without realizing this shop is truly a gem.

Jason Cheung

This place was so good! Pandan Waffles!!! Enoigh said.

Vanesa D.

This is a cozy little bakery in Vietnam Town. Google maps always puts me close to the place, but not necessarily right in front of it, so it might get a little confusing if you're using GPS to get there since it's easy to miss. I love the pandan choux that they make, and the pandan rolls, and the pandan waffles, and the pandan mooncakes. Basically, everything pandan is my favorite and I appreciate that they bake with pandan. The staff have been pretty friendly to me every time that I go. They sometimes are a little pushy in getting me to try other pastries, but they haven't steered me wrong yet, so I can't really complain. Sometimes when they just made fresh pastries, they'll let me know too so that's nice. I scored some fresh egg tarts the other day and I definitely enjoyed that they were just out of the oven. If you like pandan and durian flavoring, this is definitely the bakery for you. Try the pandan choux, you won't regret it.

Duffmaster 888

This place was so good! Pandan Waffles!!! Enoigh said.

Cindy Lam

Found this cute little bakery in vietnam town after eating lunch. The owners are nice and welcoming. Just want to talk about the EGG TARTS. LIFE CHANGING. Literally the best ones I've ever tasted and I usually don't like egg tarts as it's always been 'meh' to me. You just honestly have to get one. or some!! The first time I got these, I brought it home and my family ate it all. Since it was so good so I went back for more, but learned that these usually run out fast (because its so freak'n good!!) so hope you swing by on a good day or simply just ask ahead. Its always a plus when you come at the right time and day and the egg tarts are fresh out of the oven. HONESTLY CRAVING IT AS I TYPE THIS. The Mochi muffins are good as well! Haven't tried a lot of the other items, but I will definitely be back to try!

Tina L.

I'm so excited that this cute little bakery finally opened in Vietnam Town! They carry a bunch of yummy desserts, such as their famous green pandan waffles. I haven't had a chance to try these yet, but I definitely will the next time I visit. I've tried the mochi muffins and egg tarts. The mochi muffins are delicious - they have this amazing chewy texture similar to mochi and aren't too sweet. Although they aren't as crisp and well-formed as the Third Culture mochi muffins, these ones were still pretty yummy! I'm not much of a fan of egg tarts, but these ones had lots of layers and were a lot tastier than other egg tarts I've had. Overall, I am dying to try other items at this little bakery, especially the pandan waffles and cake. The mochi muffins and egg tarts are pretty solid items to try if it's your first time here, however!

Cam Loan N.

We found them!!!! When the famous pandan waffle place closed down in the grand century mall, I was slightly devastated. Fortunately, they re-opened in the newer plaza right next to the mall. Solid 5/5 for their pandan waffles! I had to settle for other waffles before I could find them again, but kid you not, this is the place to go. The texture is perfect and they make it fresh so it's hot and yummy when they hand it to you. Parking can be a bit hectic cause it's typically busy here (mostly on the weekends). However there's plenty of parking spots, you just might have to drive around a bit or park far and walk over. Definitely worth it though! Enjoy! -Sushiwhisperer

Wayland Li

The only place for pandan waffles. Would not go anywhere else other than the original. A MUST try for anyone and everyone.

William On

Their baked goods are all pretty great. Come once a month and its always a treat.


Pandas custard so good

yi lam

I love this mom and pop bakery shop located in VN town. My favorites are the mochi muffins, kaya puffs, tiramisu cakes and of course the original pandan waffles! Totally recommend this place!

Jasmine Quach

You can’t beat the OG pandan waffles and now they’re here at CA bakehouse. I was so sad when I found out it was closing down at grand century but so excited when I found out they’re reopening here. CA bakehouse is also cleaner and has such a nice atmosphere as well as having so many other delicious baked goodies. My favorite and the mochi muffins, egg tarts, and Kaya creme puffs! All are baked to perfection and the egg tarts are actually a mix of Chinese and Portuguese egg tarts making them the ultimate egg tarts! They even make durian egg tarts and Kaya egg tarts! They also serve amazing cold brew here. 10/10 would recommend!!

Justina Lau

The bakehouse is small and family-owned which means they dedicate to relationships and work on building their community, something that is rare in many of other bakeries. Their mochi cake, pandan, and portuguese tart are my favorites. The tarts crust is flakey and the pandan cakes has a moist sponge feel. Theyre next to pho hanoi so my favorite routine is to eat at pho hanoi and then walk over to ca bakehouse for dessert to go. :) ♥️ also, bonus points for trying to have sustainable packaging - paper instead of plastic. Also home to the OG pandan waffflesss

Lana T.

I have been f*cking up my whole life not coming here earlier. The mochi muffins are F*CKING FIRE. The profanity is necessary. And, they're only $1.75- with credit card! Like, what is this insanity and why did I not know about this earlier? I later tried the "original" mochi muffins from you-know-where and it's no contest, CA Bakehouse is way better and basically 1/4 of the price. I think if I had tried mochi muffins from said establishment first, I wouldn't have been interested in trying them again. All their pastries are pretty good. The pandan waffle is good although not the best I've ever had. The pandan cream puff, though... another WTF moment. How did I go so wrong missing out on this for so long? LASTLY, free Thai tea with Yelp check in. Just another reason to love both Yelp and Viet Town.

Nancy H.

I grew up eating the OG green waffles from Grand Century Bakery, so I was bummed out when they closed. Turns out they're back in action and have moved to CA Bakehouse! The shop layout is more open than their old location, and everyone working was friendly. Prices are very reasonable for what you get. Pandas waffle: I've tried pandan waffles at a lot of places, but this place still has the best one I wish the pandan was a little stronger, but there's a reason why this place is still the OG place for green waffles. Mochi muffin: Chewy, bouncy, and buttery and just pure deliciousness. If cassava cake and butter mochi had a baby, then this is what I would imagine it to taste like. My only regret is that I only bought one. 10/10 recommend stopping by this mom and pop bakery.

Claire W.

Oh no! Whenever I find a new bakery that I like, I have no self control. CA Bakehouse may be my new spot. CA Bakehouse is the new location to the former Century Bakery. I walked in planning on getting two things, but walked out with 6 pastries. The combination of Mrs. Lam's (owner) sweet energy and the sweet smell of freshly baked goods inside her bakery is what got me. We spent a few minutes chatting after I picked out my pastries since the shop was empty and it was close to closing. She told me a bit about herself and her children and I just love the positive energy she emits and you can tell she just loves life, and loves to bake. I really like Portuguese egg tarts and it is so hard to find good ones in the bay area. I got two of them, and the tart had lots of fluffy layers with the perfect amount of crisp. Very tasty and slightly sweet, way better than a regular egg tart. I also got the pandan and and sesame choux and a mochi cake. The pandan choux is my fave. Perfect combo of slightly crunchy on the outside with a liquid pandan filling, and slightly sweetened. The mochi cake was something I wasn't really interested in getting but Mrs. Lam convinced me to try one. I am obsessed! It was so good. The only way I can describe it is it reminds me of Fogo de Chaos cheesy bread, but a sweet version. And I LOVE their cheesy bread. So you know this is good. Mrs. Lam told me that they are known for their pandan waffles and that at their old location, they would have very long lines waiting for them to be freshly made. I'll definitely have to stop by again another time to try out their specialty. This spot also accepts credit cards for purchases over $5. It's not hard to exceed that amount given each pastry I purchased was $2.

Kiki C.

5 stars!!! If I could give more stars I would!! My husband and I come here every week because their stuff is SO GOOD. You will not be disappointed. The ladies that own the bakery are also the nicest people on the planet and I look forward to chitchattin with them every time we visit. Our faves: Portuguese Egg Tarts, Custard Buns, Choux Pastries (Black Sesame and Pandan), Pandan Cake Roll, Pandan Cake....but really everything we have tried is so tasty! Love the owners, they're kind, talented and so smart - they speak so many languages including Cantonese and Vietnamese.