CA Bakehouse

979 Story Rd #7066, San Jose
(408) 287-9188

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Debbie Ma

In house made mooncakes :)

Gazybell Seelapasay

I was looking for another place to find angel cake and I stumbled upon CA Bakehouse. They have amazing angel cake and I also loved their green waffles and egg tarts. I would highly recommend this place as they make everything fresh!

Ann dennobuhdee

So I was catching on my yelp emails on hot and new places to check out and this place caught my attention. I have yet to find a place that has good egg tarts in the San Jose, and since I’ve been craving it, I decided to give this place a try.

Bill T.

The old Grand Century Bakery is back in a spiffy new location in Vietnam Town! The old bakery and its green pandan waffles are back for consumption! The location is a little bit smaller, but is much brighter and more inviting than before. The location has counters that showcase all of their baked goods, along with their prices. I find that their prices are quite inexpensive compared to some other places (most pastries are around $3 or less). The two things I had were the pandan waffle and the pork bun. The pork is the savory, dry pork that you see in a lot of pork buns and I personally really liked it! There's like a sweet, butter like cream in the bun that balances the flavor quite well. The pandan waffles were sweet, but not too overpowering and were really good. Overall, I would definitely come back, and not just for their waffles too.

Allie Y.

I've been seeing this place on social media and I didn't know it was at the plaza next to Grand Century! My bf and randomly stumbled across this place as we were driving so we made a stop! We got one green waffle and one mochi muffin to share. The green waffle was flavorful! It is thinner than what I remembered them to be from the original Grand Century green waffle place but still good! The mochi muffin is a must try Soft, chewy and not overly sweet either! There are other items I'd love to try like their portuguese eggtarts and swiss rolls. Everything looked really fresh and you can smell the goodness from outside the store. They are pretty quick on the green waffle as well so the wait isn't too long! Will come back for sure.

Arthur H.

Green waffles from Grand Century are BACK??? Grew up eating these! $2 per freshly baked waffles! Love the owners, they're friendly Vietnamese aunties. They are the original owners from the Grand Century bakery that closed down due to expensive leasing. The owner, Ms. Lam, told me she makes these desserts for the young folks and you could see the joy in her eyes. Definitely come support their small business! They also accept credit cards. Also, they sell their green waffle batter if you want to make it at home for a party! I'll be back to CA Bakehouse!


This place offers the original Grand century green pandan Waffles but at a very reasonable price and without any kind of line or wait! They Have a number of other collectible items including Portuguese egg tarts and custard buns as well as Custom Cakes.

Jen V.

This is a new bakery establishment selling Asian pastries. They offer a variety - from mochi muffins, waffles, savory buns, egg tarts and more! Walking past the store, you can smell the aroma of the cakes and baked goods! That means you muuust stop by. Other than Paris Baguette in the plaza, there is now CA bakehouse to get some warm and fresh bread. Their selection is small compared to other bakeries buuut - each pick was delicious and made freshly. Inside is clean/minimal deco and the customer service is friendly; the lady will advise you to try their popular items. +Cassava Mochi Muffin (crunchy on the outside, mochi-like texture inside) +Pandan Mochi Muffin (similar to cassava, but pandan! prefer this than the cassava one) +Durian Waffles (subtle in durian flavor, perfect sweetness, slightly thin waffle) get this

Christina C.

I stopped by to try their Portuguese tarts but I was not a fan of it. It was cold and the flavor was a little off. I suggest warming it up in the oven for just a little bit to get a better taste. The green waffles were delicious though and made fresh! It is said to be the original green waffles of grand century. CA Bakehouse is a cute little family shop with their cute logo on the boxes and bags.


So I was catching on my yelp emails on hot and new places to check out and this place caught my attention. I have yet to find a place that has good egg tarts in the San Jose, and since I’ve been craving it, I decided to give this place a try.

Kathy O.

Came here specifically to try their Portuguese egg tarts. They have a sign saying it was available on the weekend only, but they had it when we went on July 4th. If I didn't have milk tea prior, I would have definitely tried the Vietnamese coffee. Tried some of the green waffle which I guess is made from pandan, a type of green fruit. I don't think I've ever had pandan before, but my friends have. One felt the green waffle was just okay and that he has definitely had better. I thought it was alright, but not something I would specifically come back for. However, the Portuguese egg tarts are pretty flavorful and still warm when we got them! I just wish the bakery was closer to my house, but maybe it's a good thing it is not, to avoid over-indulging. Was somewhat curious to try some of the other pastries, but decided against ordering any at that time. If I'm in the area in the future, I would probably drop by again. However, this area is quite busy so just be aware of that (in terms of both driving and parking).

Thao L.

If you used to buy the green waffles at Century Bakery and found out the bakery closed, look no further because they moved over to the plaza next door and it's called CA Bakehouse. My hubby has been craving green waffles so I'm happy we found out this bakery just opened. It has been about a month and they sell many tasty looking items, but we just got a green waffle. I'll have to try their Portuguese egg tart next time because that looked really good. Will be back soon to try their other treats.

Paulina L.

The Portuguese egg tarts are a very hot commodity here since I came here twice. Once on Sunday 30 minutes after they opened and they were out of Portuguese egg tarts and they were cooking some more. I came here today to check to see if they had any left but I did make sure to call in case they were sold out for the day. Lucky they had a bunch and I got a couple. I also got their cassava cake muffin and their mochi muffin. Both are very delicious. The egg tart are especially yummy and reminded me of a creme brûlée. I also got their pandas waffle which was good, it didn't taste like pandan to me but more so like a type of cereal. I still enjoyed it though. The prices here very good, everything is basically less than $3 and they have a $4 tiramisu slice cake that I want to try next time as well as a pandan cake roll slice! They have a custard bun that really looks like the one from 85 degrees. The ladies working here are nice as well with great customer service.

Monique M.

Yummy baked goods with great prices! Loved the pandan waffles which they make to order and mochi muffin! Love the custard bun as well. Will be back to try more items again!

Thomas Poelman

Pandan waffles here are delicious and cheap!!

Cherylynn N.

You know what I love about Vietnam Town in Man Jose? Besides being a sausage fest, you can have a food crawl for daaaays in Vietnam Town and enjoy a bunch of regional Vietnamese items that you can't find in SF in one central location. Plus, it's hella cheap - I can have 2 meals in Vietnam Town for the price of 1 meal in SF. Aaaaannd, have money left over for the ( * ) ( * ) cafe afterwards. Before you scoff and say, Man Jose is hella far (my coworkers always say this to me)...driving from one end of SF to the other, and then trying to find street parking takes even longer. Taking Uber/lyft adds up! CA Bakehouse is the reincarnation of Century Bakery serving Chinese-Vietnamese pastries with the new wave of millennials in mind - IG friendly logo, immaculately clean (bright and airy), fantastic customer service, AND they take cc's with a $5 minimum via Square. After getting my Xoi Ap Chao (burnt sticky rice) fix around the corner at Bánh Cuon Saigon, I was on the hunt for something sweet so egg tarts sounded like the perfect mini dessert. The most popular item at CA Bakehouse is their Portuguese Egg Tart aka pastéis de nata which is only available on the weekends and major holidays (?). I came on 4th of July and was quoted 20 minutes for a fresh batch so I waited outside in their dog friendly seating (2 tables). They also have a selection of sweet and savory baos, mochi muffins, cookies, cakes, taro and durian pastries, and made to order pandan waffle for $2.25 (premade is $1.75)!!! Hella cheap. For drinks, there's Thai tea, Viet coffee, and cold brew coffee. It would be nice if they had a water station but they do have bottled water available for $1. After 20 minutes, the owner (?) looked outside the window, smiled, and gestured to me that the egg tarts were ready. She placed them in a box and told me to not close the box completely so the crust stays crisp. The egg tarts ($2 each) were good - the puff pastry crust was very flaky and not greasy which is a good thing if you're looking for a healthier version: The custard filling was smooth, subtly sweet, and very eggy (I like mines more milky). The tarts need to be filled more with custard and some were missing a scorched top. Not a big deal which I'll get into later. The owner came out while we were eating the tarts to make sure we liked them. She kept apologizing for the wait and handed me a business card. She said, to call ahead next time and they'll make sure to have a batch ready for me. Then, the head baker came out and handed me a complimentary Mochi Muffin to thank me for waiting. It's "gluten-free" she said, with a smile. Please excuse the picture but I totally forgot to take one until I was like 60% done: The Portuguese Egg Tarts may be their most popular item BUT the Mochi Muffin is where it's AT - it was BOMB! Except it's not really a mochi muffin like Third Culture's, it's more of a Hawaiian Butter Mochi cooked in a muffin tin. It's super buttery with a delicious satisfying chew. I picked off the crust to eat first because who doesn't love the taste of caramelized buttery edges? And, it's only $1.50!!! Half the price of Third Culture's which is more of a dense muffin IMO. See what I mean by you get easily get 2 meals for the price of 1 in Vietnam Town? Century Bakery was known for their brusque service (like most old skool AZN businesses) but they've turned that around and are really trying to be customer service oriented. I love that. They even have a note posted outside to let customers know they're still working out the kinks and apologizing in advance for the inconvenience. So the egg tarts not being perfect? At least there's a sign up to set customer expectations. 3.5 stars for the tarts and 4.5 stars for the mochi muffin so 4 stars...but I'm adding another star for the hella cheap p

Linda N.

The people are so sweet here! Once we came around closing time and they were still so happy to take us! Whenever we come in, we're welcomed with smiles and an amazing aroma of Vietnamese pastries! My favorite childhood treat was pandan waffle and whenever a place offers it, I get it! They make it fresh once you order!

Knicole Y.

Looove how the bakeshop looks! It looks very clean and fancy! The cashier is super friendly and approachable. Love that they give great customer service! Why two stars? Quality - I looove sweets and carbs. Compared to most that I've tried, their goods are edible but average. I have tried their flan, pandan sponge cake, and freshly made green waffles. I wasn't very pleased with them, but I was certainly pleased by the ambience and customer service!

Ann T.

So I was catching on my yelp emails on hot and new places to check out and this place caught my attention. I have yet to find a place that has good egg tarts in the San Jose, and since I've been craving it, I decided to give this place a try. Upon going in, the spot is really bright and clean. Though the egg tart was just ok for me, the mochi muffin surprised me. It was really good imo. I also got the pandan waffle and the bbq pork bun, which were also okay. Price of each item is really affordable.. I think $1.50-$2(?) each item. I'd definitely come back and get the mochi muffin again. Hopefully I would catch them when they are fresh, because I'm thinking that it would taste even better warm. Edit: turns out they are the same owners of century bakery that closed in century mall next door.

Dan T.

I have no idea what to get when I'm at the store but I still tried 3 different one. 1st: the pork bun 1/5 the meat inside smells yuck I felt like I was eating a old meat. The pastry confused me because it didn't taste like a bread or a banh bao. It's just weird and poor flavor. 2nd: mung bean 0/5 The pastry was just okay but the point is the mung bean is not a real mung bean. It's a powder that they mixed to taste like mung bean but the old woman told me that it's real mung bean. I'm a baker. Just me, I know which is real which is not. 3rd: 2/5 The green waffle was no flavor at all. It's just crispy a little bit. Don't smell good too. If you love waffle, I would like to recommend the waffle at Nuoc Mia Vien Dong better. Overall the bakery looks unprofessional. Poor items. The employees in the kitchen were talking and laughing so loud. You can see them cause the kitchen door is opened.

Winnie G.

I stopped by the day before their grand opening and they have a couple of things for sale. I started following their Instagram page since I love any place with an authentic pandan waffle. I mean the pictures are always better than the food in real life, right? I figured as much but I was excited I got to stop by before the grand opening on Saturday. Small space in a busy shopping center. Mochi Muffin: Very greasy, and I felt that the mochi was super dense in the middle of the muffin but it wasn't spread out very well. Also, it was EXTREMELY greasy and the muffin instantly deflated. Luckily, it was cheap compared to Third Culture - but not much of a taste. Padan Cake: Light and fluffy-ish, not a strong pandan flavoring and the outside crumbled when you broke. It wasn't good after a day, so somewhat sad about the short shelf life. Pork Bun: It wasn't the bbq pork I had hoped. It was almost the dried shredded pork texture and the meat was dry. Not flavorful and my mouth was drier with every bite. Carmel Flan: For $2, it was every bite of what I expected it to be. Thick and dense, and coated in a sweet syrup. Too sweet for my taste. The pandan waffle was the star of the show. It looks thinner than other pandan waffles that's sold in the same shopping area. But the batter was gooey and really thick with each bite. It had a perfect balance of pandan and coconut flavors. Great seller and luckily, their star item is nailed. I wish they had the egg tart available to try, but I probably wouldn't make a specific trip back just to try it. I think the owners weren't there and so the ladies that worked in the kitchen assisted me. She overcharged me for items and wasn't able to refund me, so I was essentially forced-told to get buy more items because there was nothing they could do. It wasn't the ladies fault, but as a business even with a soft opening, you have to be more prepared. Luckily, I didn't wait in line the next day to experience that ordeal. The best thing about this place was the panda waffle- the rest is just instagram hype and photo shop magic.

Christianne L.

This bakery just opened yesterday, so I'm honestly not surprised by my experience. I was nervous to see that coming here the day after grand opening, there wasn't a lot of people or a long line outside. We went in around the afternoon and there were only 4 other customers inside. I mainly came here for 2 things: 1) The green waffle and 2) The Portuguese Tarts. We purchased 3 of the Portuguese Tarts, 2 Green Waffles, 1 Pandan Cake, and we received a mochi muffin for free since we spent over $10 (this is their grand opening promotion). There was a guy standing behind the counter that greeted us and informed us of the Portuguese Tarts being the most popular item. We didn't wait very long for the waffles, which was impressive since most places usually have you wait at least 5 minutes. Once we tried all of our snacks, I was shocked and disappointed in the Green Waffle. They advertise themselves saying they were home of the "original green waffle", but when I tried my waffle, there was not even a hint of pandan in it. It just tasted like a vanilla waffle that was green. I'm glad I bought the Pandan Cake to compare. The Pandan Cake actually had pandan flavoring in it, but barely any. It was probably a hint of pandan, that's it. If there's anything I would come back here for, it's for the Portuguese Tarts. I'm actually not a fan of the flaky crust, but I really liked their custard! It almost reminded me of Bake Cheese Tart in San Francisco. One thing I noticed was that they don't fill the tarts up very much with the custard, which I think they should fill up more. That would be one of my suggestions for their tarts. I'm not sure how well this little bakery is going to last, since they don't sell much compared to other asian bakeries, like Sheng Kee, 85, etc. But they definitely need to work on their green waffles. Other than that, I would honestly only come back for the Portuguese Tarts, unless they improve their recipe for the Green Waffle.

Sara W.

I came in for CA Bakehouse's grand opening at their new location, and it was a great experience with some very delicious baked treats! For the grand opening, they were offering a free waffle with a $10 purchase, so we ended up getting one of almost everything they had out at the time. Here's what we had: Portuguese tarts -- their best seller, and the best thing we had. These are little egg custard tarts with a crispy crust and soft filling. Cocktail bun -- although the people serving us said this was a custard bun, it ended up being a delicious coconut treat! I was pleasantly surprised to get the wrong thing, haha. Pork bun -- I don't eat them but my partner reports, "sweet bun, savory pork, amply filled, delicious." Pandan Waffle (green waffle) -- crispy but still soft, sweet and just delightful! We got an extra one of these with our free item. Mochi Muffin -- not my favorite treat, but a hit with my partner. I felt like it tasted too eggy for me, which I know makes little sense since I loved the tart. Definitely give this place a try if you like fresh and delicious sweet

Stephanie H.

CA Bakehouse opened up in Vietnam Town today. For those familiar with Grand Century Mall, they used to own Century Bakery where they popularized Vietnamese green waffle (bánh kep) until they closed down. They've been working hard to revamp their operations and reopen for business.⁣ ⁣ Here's what I ordered:⁣ ⁣ Green waffle - tastes like a mix of pandan and vanilla. ⁣ ⁣ Egg tarts - good! Tasty and flaky. ⁣ Pancan cake - tantlizingly subtle pandan flavor⁣ ⁣ Pork bun - very little meat, but it is flavorful. And the bun is crusted with a bit sugar so it's surprisingly crispy and delicious Tips: $5 credit card minimum

Amy D.

Soft opening!! This experience was closer to 3-3.5 stars, but rounding up since they didn't have a full selection for their soft opening, and I'm sure they're still working out kinks. I stopped by on a Sunday afternoon, and they had a few items available for purchase. I loved that the items were clearly labeled, and included price information! I ended up trying: -Pandan Waffle ($1.75, I love pandan waffles, and their style is the flatter/denser style waffle. The pandan flavor was great, but I prefer my waffles chewier with more crisp on the outside. -Coconut Mochi ($1.00) & Vietnamese Mochi Muffin ($1.50) []: I was confused by the coconut mochi since I thought the sign said peanut sesame mochi, but the filling was more of a mung bean and shredded coconut, which I wasn't a fan of. The mochi was soft, with some chew, but also too dense. I wouldn't get this again. However, the mochi muffin was delicious, and my favorite out of all the items I tried. It had a caramel-ly flavor, and was nice and chewy- highly recommended! -BBQ Pork Bun ($1.75) & Custard Bun ($1.50) []: Both were a little on the dry side. The BBQ pork bun had a crunchy/sweet layer on top, but it needed to be a thicker layer and bit more sweet (like the pineapple buns!). The pork filling was also too dry- it would be great if they used some honey with the pork or use fattier pork. The custard bun was solid, but nothing special. Both buns had too much bun to filling ratio, and the bun part was also on the dry side. I probably wouldn't get either again. The staff there is really friendly and helpful. I will definitely be back when in the area to check out their full selection! There was plenty of parking on this side of Vietnam Town.

Samantha F.

Stumbled upon their bakery during their soft opening and were their first customers! Apparently they were the bakery located where PB is now, but just moved locations. CAB sells traditional Chinese buns, BBQ pork buns, shredded pork buns, mochi muffins, etc. They also offer traditional cakes, Vietnamese jello cakes and pandan waffles. They had a limited selection of buns and cakes at the time we stopped by, so we tried their pandan waffle. For $1.75, the waffles are a great price. They offer waffles on the thin and crispier side. This makes the perfect texture of a crispy outside and chewy inside. I would have preferred the pandan flavor to be stronger as it was too subtle for me. I see a lot of potential in this shop! I would love to see more flavors of waffles and can't wait to see what other bake goods they have to offer at/after their grand opening.

Yi Lam

I grew up eating green waffles from Century Bakery and now my kids are. These are the same green waffles from the owners of Century Bakery. Must try the waffles and cocktail buns!