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When this location was still in San Jose, I went as often as I could. I loved the ambiance and the food. As a testament to my adoration for their food, it was the last meal I had before I had my wisdom teeth removed. Seriously! Their Spicy Beef Noodle Soup is my go-to and is served in a rather large portion, so I would suggest spitting it with a friend. Another favorite was their dumplings, their Dragonball XLB being a standout. Overall, a great place to eat that's delicious...read full review
To start off, Google Maps took us to the back of this place and it was pretty hard to find it for us (we don't know the area very well). It's a small store from the outside but the inside was pretty decent in my opinion. The store inside was very colorful and full of drawings on the walls. There was a large screen on the very end of the dining hall showing an anime. The food came out fairly fast however, for some odd reason, it looked very lacking. Most of the time I...read full review
I used to love this place super much. Been coming here many times since the store opened. Last visit went down the hill. Told all the people I brought with me how great it was, but when we got the food, it was really bad. Nothing like the first time I had it. (One of the many plates of dragon ball we ordered was uncooked. The meat was still really pink, it was obviously still raw). I still love the design of the interior of this place, but I hope that the food will be better...read full review

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5278 Monterey Rd D, San Jose, CA 95111
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