Mingle's Mango

5278 Monterey Rd D, San Jose
(408) 368-0680

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Amazing experiences !! Highly recommended

Heidi Christine

The food was so Devine it made me literally cry. Thank you for an experience I will never forget

Craig Morris

Awesome food. If you are near here you need to try it.

Ingrid T.

When this location was still in San Jose, I went as often as I could. I loved the ambiance and the food. As a testament to my adoration for their food, it was the last meal I had before I had my wisdom teeth removed. Seriously! Their Spicy Beef Noodle Soup is my go-to and is served in a rather large portion, so I would suggest spitting it with a friend. Another favorite was their dumplings, their Dragonball XLB being a standout. Overall, a great place to eat that's delicious and well priced with good portion size. Will definitely be making my way up to their Fremont location!

Inotiram Leunam-Saniraf

Great food and quick service.

Ann N.

To start off, Google Maps took us to the back of this place and it was pretty hard to find it for us (we don't know the area very well). It's a small store from the outside but the inside was pretty decent in my opinion. The store inside was very colorful and full of drawings on the walls. There was a large screen on the very end of the dining hall showing an anime. The food came out fairly fast however, for some odd reason, it looked very lacking. Most of the time I don't ever judge food based on looks (The best foods doesn't always look decent to the eye) however, in this case it looked very mediocre to my eyes. When it came down to the noodles and dumplings all I can saw was it's alright, it's not the best but not bad. It's the reason I'm giving it 3 stars.

Yuan Yu K.

I used to love this place super much. Been coming here many times since the store opened. Last visit went down the hill. Told all the people I brought with me how great it was, but when we got the food, it was really bad. Nothing like the first time I had it. (One of the many plates of dragon ball we ordered was uncooked. The meat was still really pink, it was obviously still raw). I still love the design of the interior of this place, but I hope that the food will be better next time.

Julia H.

This restaurant is located in a very rough area. I parked in the back where the liquor store is located. As I was turning the corner to enter the restaurant I needed to go around two homeless men fighting. I'm not sure if this is a regular day occurrence, but I recommend holding your little ones hands if you are planning on giving them a visit. I also do not recommend you go after dark. The restaurant has about eight tables. It's a small restaurant, so the tables are very crowded and close to each other. As another yelper mentioned, it could use a deep cleaning. The drawings on the wall were of Japanese anime characters, they were amazing and almost looks store bought. There is also a screen on a curtain playing anime. I'm not sure what's behind the curtain, but there is something back there. We arrived right when they opened at 11:00 A.M. They had three employees in the front of which a young man helped us. He brought out the menus and a bottle of water and cups with ice in them. It was our first time here, so we would have liked a little help. Luckily, I had yelp to guide me! Thank you yelp!!! We ordered the dragon ball, Capricorn, handpulled noodle, and green onion pancake. The green onion pancake was very crispy and oily, if you like oily and crispy, this is a great dish for you. I wish they would have made sure the pancake was cut all the way. I needed to ask for a scissor to make the cuts. It wasn't too bad. The dragon ball was tasty except it was just a little raw. We usually don't mind raw with beef, but I never ever do raw pork. I'm thinking this doesn't normally happen and it was a single occurrence. I posted a picture of the raw pork. The Capricorn was very tasty, and the consensus was we liked it. So, the hand pulled noodle was not one of my favorites. For some strange reason, it had a soapy taste. I know everyone's tastebuds are different, so it may just be me, but I had a hard time eating it. I added a bunch of spicy chili and soy sauce to cancel the taste out. So, from my review so far, it sounds more like a three star restaurant, but my reason for bringing it down to two stars is because the server pretty much only came to bring us the water in the beginning and the food. He did not come back to check if we needed more water, which we needed. Also, as I mentioned above, if I didn't have yelp to help me I wouldn't know what to order and probably would have walked out. In turn, my husband only tipped $2. He usually tips a lot, but he believes tip should be a representation of service, hence $2. Like another yelper mentioned, my feelings are mixed, and I'm a little hesitant to go back.

Tina O.

Don't be deceived by the janky sign, this place is a gem. We ordered so much food and everything was so delicious. My boyfriend and I eat a lot of Asian food, I've never seen him finish a bowl of noodles until we came here. Vibe is casual but super cool and different. Great hole in the wall. My favorite foods we tried were the golden gyoza, hand pulled noodles, and soup dumplings. Will definitely come back and continue trying different things on the menu.

Anne J.

Wonderfully authentic experience. We welcomed the change from the usual Americanized Chinese restaurant. It will take another visit or two to understand their menu (for a non-native). We'll try different dishes, though the soup dumplings will always be in our order. Will not order original Chow Mein again. It was basically a big pile of noodles, no egg and not enough veggies. The braised beef noodle soup was garlicy and salty. The one fruit-containing dessert (mango roll) was not available. The black sesame rice balls were intriguing. On our next visit we'll ask that more vegetables be included in our dishes.

Stephen Rose

I almost want to keep this place a secret it's so great. The restaurant is all about the food and it shows. Thanks as always to Mingle.

Rich Liu

Don't let the spray painted sign fool you. This place is amazing. Must try the hand pulled beef noodles and Xiao long bao if nothing else. Nothing here is frozen...all freshly made on site.

Michelle Wang

The appetizer beancurd is very very salty and as hard as stone:(,while the other two dishes are ok to eat.

Lau Waitung Philip

Nice service

Lau P.

Nice service Clean dining room with cartoonishly pictures Good n tasteful dishes Highly Recommend dishes: XLB, Pancakes, Fried dumplings .... Hand pulled noodles The soup is little too salty for me, n the noodles a little too soft To walk to The rest room have to go through the kitchen and I see a lady preparing, wrapping the dumplings with pork... So you can be sure they're fresh, not from fridge to microwave or wok .... Will come to try more

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