Paper Plane

72 S 1st St, San Jose
(408) 713-2625

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daniel gorelik

This is my go to for taking friends from out of town. Simply great drinks! The whiskey collection is great too but that can be a bit pricey.

Laura Potter

A great cocktail bar! The cocktails are pricey, but very high end and great quality. Each drink is made beautifully and garnished. We tried the Poppies in October, Siempre Papi, and Shura No Hana. All were delicious! The menu is online and features a great graphic to help show how sweet vs bold and how classic vs adventurous each drink is. The bartenders were really friendly! Lots of tables and a great atmosphere.

Bob Lou

Fun place with interesting cocktails. They are all beautifully made and feature fun and creative combinations.

Suhas Javagal

First impression when I entered the place - wow!Next thought when I saw the menu items - that's it!????Feeling I got after I had the drinks - Meh!My opinion when I exit the door - ripped off!Covid restrictions are followed strictly. The person who briefly waited on our tables was accommodating.

Ayush Pandey

Great place to unwind with friends after a hectic day at work. Limited drink choice makes selection easier. The food is great too. The music matched the vibe. Must visit for a person visiting San Jose

Lonny Lovins

Superior bar, superior drinks, superior experience. The music is not so loud that you can't have a conversation, and they have just about every different kind of alcohol you can think of. If the drink isn't on the menu, you can almost guarantee that they can make it. You will not be disappointed here.

Kainoa N.

Neat place, limited menu. Chicken sandwich was nothing to write home about but it wasn't bad either. As a dinner spot it was okay. Probably more fun late at night bar scene either that or the bouncer to wait staff ratio is way off.

Lychelle I.

Covid-review: A group of us decided to venture out into the night and go to our first bar since the pandemic. There were 4 of us and when we got to Paper Planes we were told there was a wait list. We scanned the QR code at their podium, added our name and saw that it would be about an hour wait for 4. We really like Paper Planes and their fun twists on drinks, so we went across the street to another bar, Skewers and Brew to sip on some beers while we waited since they did not have a wait list. We timed it pretty well, because shortly after finishing our drinks there, we received a text message that our table was ready. They take your temperatures while checking your id, and you need to have a mask on when entering the bar. Once you are seated (socially distanced!) you can then remove your mask and scan another QR code for the bar menu. Once you know what you want to order, you place you order at the bar and can either wait for the drinks (if there aren't too many patrons waiting) or they will take the drinks to your table. While we were looking at the menu, a waiter came around and gave us a carafe of water and four water glasses. We only had drinks and ordered the following: 1) Maize Runner: bourbon and brandy with a nice sweet corn taste, strange but like I said, they have some cool twists on drinks here 2) Here Comes The Sun: gin and sherry with a fun floral/fruity taste 3) Thai-ranosaurus: I really ordered this one because of the name, but I also ove thai tea and was curious to see if it would have that sweet thai flavor. It doesn't really, although it looks like the drink its definitely more heavy handed with the liquor (which is not a bad thing!) 4) Magic Island: super sweet, fun, and definitely gave me tropical vibes! You can really taste the mango in this one and it was my favorite of the night. The vibe is definitely more chill and relaxed than I expected, although I realize that bars are meant for people to meet and socialize, and their current set up is meant to distance everyone safely. Maybe once things are fully reopened and much safer, but for now I actually prefer to go to the bar this way! Thanks for a great first night out Paper Plane!

Ada M.

I went to this bar on a Sunday night, and it was a great night! I liked how easy it was to order drinks, after waiting to be I.D 'ed and temperature checked. Inside I was happily surprised with how spacious the bar was. I loved the huge wall of liquor bottles all lined up to almost the top of the wall. It was very pretty. I also loved their neon art sign with their paper crane logo outside and inside of the bar. It was a very nice, trendy and artistic touch, to the ambiance of the place. Since it was a Sunday night and because of Covid it wasn't busy at all. It was super great because of that, since I was able to take my time ordering. The bartenders were very knowledgeable and helpful, in answering all my questions about their specialty cocktails. As well as suggesting cocktails for me, when I told them what my alcoholic preferences were. The drinks they serve there are expensive. One of them was $15. But it was worth it because it was yummy, and that's what you have to pay for a nice quality cocktail on a trendy nice bar. The drinks were creative and flavorful. I also ordered their guacamole and chips appetizer and it was yummy. I would order more food next time, and try some more of their specialty drinks. I also really appreciated and loved how clean the bathrooms were. They smelled good and were spotless. I would definitely come again.

Johnny L.

I'm new to SJ and came here with my gf for our first night out on the town. From the reviews We got the burger and Crunchwrap supreme. The food was mediocre, the cocktails were good. Bartenders were attentive and good. Servers were not. Food came out at a decent time, however no napkins were given. When I asked for napkins, by the time they brought them, we were already done with our food. We ended up using the small square napkin that came with our cocktails. If I were to come again, I'd most likely just get cocktails and skip the food.

Kunal M.

Went here on a trip up to the bay. Not only did i enjoy the liquor wall, the overall decor and vibe was just awesome. They had a huge variety of different liquors. But their pre-mixed cocktails are delicious. Great spot to catch up with old friends. Also i appreciate how good they were handling the covid protocols!

Fiona W.

Paper plane always offers unique and creative cocktails. I used to go a lot. Love their drinks! They were closed during Covid for a lone time and finally opened up a few weeks ago. I became a vegan during quarantine and I was so happy they have impossible burgers

Lauren H.

Only my fata$$ would review a bar for their food lol. No lie though, SP2 has the best spaghetti bolognese. Like damn! It doesn't resemble a traditional Italian pasta but it was just so savory, flavorful and slightest bit sweet. I would come here again just for the pasta tbh The venue is actually really nice and perfect for a place for casual drinks with friends/dates. Drinks are pretty decent, but the service is always a bit unfriendly.

Chris W.

It's been at least 7 years since I last visited this place - my most recent visit yesterday was incredible so I need to write this review. Our friends would frequent this bar often before the COVID lockdown and know several mixologists by name, so we decided to break our indoor dining protocol with this bar now that we're all fully vaccinated. Paper Plane does a great job ensuring distance between the tables, and have organized a line to order drinks allowing social distance spacing, and have acrylic boards by the bar. They ask you to wear your masks at all times if not seated, and ask that you pay up front for each order - drinks are made on the spot as you order before they take any other orders, quick and simple. The food comes out super fast as well! As for the cocktails, everything is beyond amazing, the "Mad World" (mezcal, absinthe, orgeat, pineapple, lime) is possibly the best cocktail I've ever had. All the other drinks we got were just as amazing - I can probably say this is my favorite cocktail place now. All the drinks are super fresh, not too sweet. Oh and sometimes they'll have off menu bourbon barrel aged cocktails, just ask. I got the "Little Italy" aged in single barrel for 238 days, like a more complex and bitter version of a Manhattan. The zero proof cocktails are also delicious, so your friends that don't drink alcohol can tag along just fine. Oh and come for the food - my buddy swears that the food is better than the drinks, which is... debatable. But get the fries, it's sooo good, great to go with cocktails. The burger my friend got is apparently out of this world, the guac we got had so much avocado and is just $8 with chips - um cheaper than Chipotle portion wise? The one down side is they changed up their menu - before they had Crack Wings that come with onions on top, this time they had another type of wings that almost looked like Crack Wings but had less flavor, and didn't have any onions. We were pretty sad about this, hopefully they'll bring back the OG wings soon. Also, if you're not comfortable dining in yet, they have plenty of seating outdoors as well. We went around 7pm on Saturday and the place was maybe a quarter to a third filled, by the time we left around 10pm 95% of the tables were taken.

Bharat Agarwal

Amazing vibe. Great bartenders. Perfect collection of all alcohol.

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