Taco Bell in San Jose

Taco Bell - Cantina - 19 N Market St

Rating: 4.4 - 49 Votes

19 N Market St, San Jose CA 95113

Twisted Baja blast freezes GMFU forreal! It's everything I never knew I was missing from my alcoholic lifestyle. Right next to San Pedro, this place stays poppin late nights but I'd be so down to grab lunch here even though it's Taco Bell. Just something about the kiosks, clear glass window, makes it feel...read more

Taco Bell - 170 Bernal Rd

Rating: 4.1 - 62 Votes

170 Bernal Rd, San Jose CA 95119
(408) 281-4570

Ok spot for tasty Mexican food. Normally I would have posted a pic but food looked so good I couldn't stop. Really nothing but good experiences here. The place has an awesome atmosphere. I can see why they have so many great reviews.

Taco Bell - 2284 Monterey Rd

Rating: 3.9 - 60 Votes

2284 Monterey Rd, San Jose CA 95112
(408) 289-1673

Wasn't a Taco Bell person before actually ran in there to use the restroom lol but being the consciente person that I am felt it was fair to order something, it was very clean, employees very courteous, I really liked the new toasted cheese chulupa it was made on the spot served hot, next time I crave the chulupa this is...read more

Taco Bell - 1370 Blossom Hill Rd

Rating: 3.8 - 56 Votes

1370 Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose CA 95118
(408) 267-4091

Don't lie, you love Taco Bell too. I've been a fan for years and not one bit guilty. Oh maybe when I use like 5 fire sauces on one taco, just maybe. The reason why I am giving this location 5 stars is that they recently upgraded the interior and it has a fresh new look to it. The people who work here are very nice....read more

Taco Bell - 1298 S Winchester Blvd

Rating: 3.7 - 65 Votes

1298 S Winchester Blvd, San Jose CA 95128
(408) 241-2657

We arrived at this spot for a meeting. This restaurant was recommended to us by a friend. Well, it was a winning. we were warmly welcomed by the staff and we felt good. The meal was fresh and delicious. We loved this restaurant very much and we will visit this place again. Warmly recommended.

Taco Bell - 5389 Prospect Rd

Rating: 3.5 - 63 Votes

5389 Prospect Rd, San Jose CA 95129
(408) 873-8572

I come here pretty often through the drive-thru. The service is very fast, the employees are really nice, and my order is always correct unlike McDonald's across the street from them. I do wish TacoBell still carried their nacho cheese fries but oh well.

Taco Bell - 3690 Stevens Creek Blvd

Rating: 3.5 - 57 Votes

3690 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose CA 95117
(408) 246-9349

5 star for 5 Michelin Star restaurant. Come here for excellent taco and burrito. If u come to America u must try!! Do not miss the opportunity. Shit my brain out next day but that ok, worth it

Taco Bell - 2770 Alum Rock Ave

Rating: 3.3 - 63 Votes

2770 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose CA 95127
(408) 259-3974

JUST DROVE BY HERE 5 MINUTES AGO AND IT'S SHUT DOWN! How the hell am I going to get my 5$ box now? This is crazy! No warning & on google it says they're still open. Wtf is going on?! Someone please tell me they're just going to remodel because that's the closest Taco Bell to me

Taco Bell - 2471 Berryessa Rd

Rating: 3.1 - 70 Votes

2471 Berryessa Rd, San Jose CA 95132
(408) 251-3432

One of my favorite spots for tasty Mexican food. Got there near five, it wasn't very busy. I've had nothing but great experiences here and will keep coming back. Bring your hunger - portions are filling.

Taco Bell - 250 N Bascom Ave

Rating: 3 - 64 Votes

250 N Bascom Ave, San Jose CA 95128
(408) 286-4537

I had KFC here I was craving it since this afternoon a friend was eating KFC whatever happened to the 5 dollar fill up 2 piece dark meat.its a combo now.the food is always good here.workers come and go I guess I see new faces.keep up the good work thumbs up

Taco Bell - 720 Story Rd

Rating: 3 - 72 Votes

720 Story Rd, San Jose CA 95122
(408) 279-1963

Don't judge.... my stars are not for the food but for the memories that I have for Taco Bell.... I'm Chicana and grew up going to Taco Bell for special occasions on the weekend. My parents loved it, we didn't have much $ and going there was like a treat. What's funny is I grew up with a mom that made the...read more

Taco Bell - 5538 Monterey Rd

Rating: 2.9 - 63 Votes

5538 Monterey Rd, San Jose CA 95138
(408) 363-8428

The rails on the side of the toilets are very firm and well planted. In previous experiences while taking a massive doo doo i held on to the rails a bit to strongly and feel on my butt. A nice firm railing always helped me after eating harmful food for my digestive system here as the doo doo cuts and shreds my bum i hold...read more

Taco Bell - 2779 Aborn Rd

Rating: 2.8 - 64 Votes

2779 Aborn Rd, San Jose CA 95121
(408) 270-2960

My go-to Taco Bell! Not sure what the low ratings are about ... I've had nothing but great experiences, but it's probably because I strictly go through the drive-thru. Drive-thru typically goes quickly and even faster with mobile online orders (wink wink). My online orders through the app are made quickly, never...read more

Taco Bell - 5431 Camden Ave

Rating: 2.7 - 66 Votes

5431 Camden Ave, San Jose CA 95124
(408) 266-1533

They were understaffed, training a new hire, and receiving a high volume of large order, and my meal was still out and correct in under 10 minutes. Staff was polite and cheerful despite other customers being rude and unfair to the workers. They're only human, and they performed wonderfully under the circumstances.

Taco Bell - 840 S Bascom Ave

Rating: 2.7 - 68 Votes

840 S Bascom Ave, San Jose CA 95128
(408) 297-3042

Normal experience. Ordered 3 quesadillas and beefy fritos. The beefy fritos is basically just a tortilla with a teensy bit of meat and fritos crunch inside. Remember to ask for sauce and napkins.

Taco Bell - Capitol Expy

Rating: 2.6 - 81 Votes

535 W, Capitol Expy, San Jose CA 95136
(408) 723-0921

Review is based on CUSTOMER SERVICE. Went in today and Yolanda the cashier greeted me with a nice friendly smile. She took my order and repeated it back to make sure she got everything. She even apologized because she had to do each taco custom individually. It didn't take long at all to take my order. My order was...read more

Taco Bell - 2415 S King Rd

Rating: 2.6 - 66 Votes

2415 S King Rd, San Jose CA 95122
(408) 274-4053

It might not be real Mexican food, but it's okay. The food isn't the worst I have eaten and it also isn't the best. I would have given it a 3.5, but there is no option here.

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