Taco Bell in San Jose

Taco Bell - 2415 S King Rd

Rating: 4.3

2415 S King Rd, San Jose CA 95122
(408) 274-4053

nice place to get some cheap food. make sure you order with the app pass the line when you get there :-)

Taco Bell - 1370 Blossom Hill Rd

Rating: 4.3

1370 Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose CA 95118
(408) 267-4091

Friendly staff and the place is clean! It has that old school Taco Bell look is sweet!!

Taco Bell - 2770 Alum Rock Ave

Rating: 4

2770 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose CA 95127
(408) 259-3974

Love this place, ordered food for the whole family and they got it everything correct and fast

Taco Bell - 535 W

Rating: 4

535 W, Capitol Expy, San Jose CA 95136
(408) 723-0921

I’ve given many bad reviews of this place over the years. But they are making positive changes to staff and the store. The food and service has gotten so much better.

Taco Bell - 170 Bernal Rd

Rating: 3.9

170 Bernal Rd, San Jose CA 95119
(408) 281-4570

This is probably one of the best Taco Bell stores around. Most other Taco Bell stores I would rate at 2.5 to 3.

Taco Bell - 720 Story Rd

Rating: 3.8

720 Story Rd, San Jose CA 95122
(408) 279-1963

i only gave them 5 stars because the sweetest guy there who takes your order is albert, he's so funny and makes ordering your food, surprisingly fun! ask for him!

Taco Bell - 840 S Bascom Ave

Rating: 3.8

840 S Bascom Ave, San Jose CA 95128
(408) 297-3042

This evening was an unusual exception because the A/C unit was on and it was after 6pm, with temps outside in the mid 40s°F. I'm already sick, so having the A/C on was really annoying! The food was exactly as ordered. Though it took a little longer than usual to prepare, since there were barely any customers tonight, I...read more

Taco Bell - 2284 Monterey Rd

Rating: 3.8

2284 Monterey Rd, San Jose CA 95112
(408) 289-1673

Place was clean, the food fast. I would go back again.

Taco Bell - 1298 Winchester Blvd

Rating: 3.6

1298 Winchester Blvd, San Jose CA 95128
(408) 241-2657

Now has three self order machines on top of the new online order app. No lines at all. Always enough parking just not a lot of it. The staff are perfect. Making sure you're order is correct and always looking out for you. I like friendly they always are. The food is always well made and tasty. Can't go wrong with...read more

Taco Bell - 2471 Berryessa Rd

Rating: 3.5

2471 Berryessa Rd, San Jose CA 95132
(408) 251-3432

Super quick making our order & everything was correct! Also, I was very surprised to find that their bathrooms were very clean. Nice staff.

Taco Bell - 2779 Aborn Rd

Rating: 3.5

2779 Aborn Rd, San Jose CA 95121
(408) 270-2960

Customers Service at this location, extremely good compare to other Taco Bell locations. The staff are friendly and the food is made quickly. However they could keep the restaurant little more clean and then they would have a strong five star rating.

Taco Bell - 5431 Camden Ave

Rating: 3.5

5431 Camden Ave, San Jose CA 95124
(408) 266-1533

Pretty cool drive through spot took me a minute to see it

Taco Bell - 5538 Monterey Rd

Rating: 3.4

5538 Monterey Rd, San Jose CA 95138
(408) 363-8428

The rails on the side of the toilets are very firm and well planted. In previous experiences while taking a massive doo doo i held on to the rails a bit to strongly and feel on my butt. A nice firm railing always helped me after eating harmful food for my digestive system here as the doo doo cuts and shreds my bum i hold...read more

Taco Bell - 5389 Prospect Rd

Rating: 3.4

5389 Prospect Rd, San Jose CA 95129
(408) 873-8572

Taco bell with a drive through. Always very fast serving you and very convenient location. I come here way too often. Keep it up guys.

Taco Bell - 250 N Bascom Ave

Rating: 3.3

250 N Bascom Ave, San Jose CA 95128
(408) 286-4537

A little slow in paying attention to my order. Otherwise, food was good.

Taco Bell - 3690 Stevens Creek Blvd

Rating: 3.2

3690 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose CA 95117
(408) 246-9349

Always good. Never had complaints about their food!

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