7 W Haley St, Santa Barbara
(805) 689-5679

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Rafael Rojas

I eat here a lot since I work nearby. I like how the customer service is always great and they keep the spot well organized all the time. Prices are affordable and they serve large portions.

Julia Jones

Excellent!!! The gluten free was wonderful! We got take out because the wait can be long.This pizza was so delicious and place smells amazing! Wish they had gluten free desserts.

Evan P.

Booked a table for Valentine's Day. Showed up on time and guess what? Restaurant is closed. Sign up saying they aren't open tonight, but they didn't update their reservation partners? A special night and we were looking forward to a special dinner, as were the other couples we bumped into also trying to get into a dark, empty Italian spot. Pretty bummed about our night, pretty pissed about their lack of either planning or care for their customers. Not going back, that's for sure!!

Hannah J.

We made a dinner reservation here for a Saturday night at 5pm and received a confirmation email from OpenTable. We show up and there's a sign that said "Closed, apologies!" Not sure what happened, but it was pretty annoying.

Roger G.

Don't come hungry and don't come in a rush. This is a great hole in the wall off State Street in Santa Barbara that renders art, good wine, and great tapas & pasta. Very chill... not your typical 15-min meal. I really love this place and hope to keep coming when in Santa Barbara. They got the carbonara exactly like it's supposed to be. Best of all, this is the best spot after work for a good glass of wine and some charcuterie. Well done Alejandra!

Andrea Ruhge

So far, everything on the menu has been so good, the wine selections are great, they have awesome live music on certain days, and the staff is super friendly and entertaining. I just started going there a couple months ago and have been back five times since. It’s become one of my new favorite places fir my friends and I.

Heidi K.

Good Italian food. My Star ranking breakdown: five stars means superior food and atmosphere, four stars means great,and then three- well...good Had beet salad with goat cheese, ahi tuna, and gnocchi. Service was friendly and efficient. Tuna not as fresh as it could've been and had better gnocchi. Decent Italian restaurant if you are good with good.

Natale H.

Wonderful wine bar and vegan friendly spot! Great music, comfortable space. The portablella with the vegan Brie was amazing! Must try! We will definitely be back.

Kari Pennington

Very filling. I will be bringing family next time. Prices are appropriate for the quality. Food is similar to a place in San Francisco I liked.

Annie H.

I did not even know about this place until my friend was in town the other night and suggested going there for dinner. I love that it's an actual tapas place--the only other one I know of in town is Milk and Honey. We got two cheese/meat boards (one cheese, one meat), the burrata, crostone mushroom, the squash burger, and the eggplant burger. I also got the orange twist spritzer to drink. The boards were beautifully arranged, and the burrata of course was absolutely delicious (I mean come on, it's burrata). The crostone mushroom was a little disappointing for me, because I absolutely love mushrooms, but I wasn't that impressed by the flavor. The burgers were good though, and the eggplant burger had a nice spicy kick which was surprising. I would love to go back and try more of the tapas. I have a feeling that I will like a lot of their other tapas dishes--it's just hard to judge since I only got a little bit of each one (we were all sharing) and the boards were really the stars of the show.

Paula S.

Great for a happy hour only thing that I didn't care for as much was the volume of the live music..way too loud for such a small place could not have a conversation.

Christina C.

Wow, thus little place is fabulous. Atmosphere, wine, food, music, service all spot on. We drank some of the best Spanish wine I've ever had in my life, and every dish was incredibly delicious. Could not have been happier. We ordered the Burrata and Bresaola appetizers and while the Bresaola may have been a bit plain on its own, they were magic together. We also ordered the eggplant burger, portobello burger and the pasta Carbonara. We thought we'd still be hungry after the burgers because they're fairly small but we were actually full. That didn't stop us from devouring the delicious pasta though! ;) Overall would highly recommend!

Jordan Mash

Their food had never disappointed me. Great European tapas bar vibe. An excellent date night choice with friendly service and tasty drinks.

Jose S.

Great tapas and wine place in SB. A

Michael M.

It's a cute restaurant but when we arrived on Friday no one was there. No one came in either. The food was okay except they were out of the octopus (first thing we tried to order) and the tuna tartar was more like a tuna and mayonnaise and quite disappointing. However it was the only dish we didn't finish and everything else was pretty good. Friendly service.

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